How to Write an Argumentative Essay: A Comprehensive Guide

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April 11, 2024
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May 20, 2024
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Argumentative essay

An argumentative essay is like taking a side on a topic and showing why you think your side is right. You do this by giving proof, like facts, numbers, and good reasons. The goal is to make the people reading your essay agree with you. Sometimes you also talk about the other side’s arguments to show why yours is better.

Do you want to be really good at making your point in an argumentative essay? Then you should work on being persuasive! Our detailed guide will teach you everything you need to know about writing an argumentative essay and what important things to put in it. Plus, we’ll give you some great argumentative essay examples to help you get even better at writing. If you’re looking for professional help, you can always choose to buy an argumentative essay and learn from the experts. Let’s get started and learn all the ins and outs!

What is an argumentative essay?

An argumentative essay is a type of writing where you look into a topic and decide what you think about it. Then, you try to prove your point by giving reasons and evidence. Instead of just giving information, you try to persuade people to agree with your side of the story. Good argumentative writing is when you have a clear opinion, back it up with good reasons, and organize your thoughts well after doing a lot of research. It’s important to pick an interesting topic for argumentative essay.

Types of Argumentative Essays 

Picking what type of argumentative essay you wish to compose is the first thing you must to do. There are four primary types of arguments essays:

Types of Argumentative Essays

Types of Argumentative Essays


Persuasive writing is all about making the reader agree with the author’s point of view. It is not required to consider opposing viewpoints.


Research essays, unlike persuasive essays, aim to be more fair and balanced. They look at both sides of an argument and use academic sources to support each side.


An analysis paper is when someone picks an argumentative essay that’s already been written, breaks it down, and looks at the different parts of it. Usually, the person writing the analysis paper disagrees with some of the ideas in the original essay.


This kind of essay doesn’t depend on outside sources to build its points. Instead, it is based on the feelings of writer as well as personal experiences. For example, you may compose an essay about why you think New York is the best city in the world and only explain about your own experiences there, without stating things like crime rates, healthcare, schooling, as well as cost of living.

Strategies to Writing an Argumentative Essay 

When it comes to composing argument essays, there are two basic ways people do it: the Toulmin model and the Rogerian model.

In the Toulmin model, authors begin by discussing about their subject, then they say what they think (that is known as the thesis statement), and finally, they provide logics to support their belief.

On the other hand, with the Rogerian model, writers look at multiple viewpoints that might have unique conclusions. Then, they determine which ones are the powerful and make their own conclusion based on that.

The Toulmin method is generally used in academic writing and goes like this:

  • Begin by expressing your key idea.
  • Present logics why you think your idea is correct.
  • Employ evidence to support your reasons.
  • Describe the connection between your main idea and your reasons.
  • Accept other views and any weaknesses in your reasons, then provide a rebuttal in an argumentative essay to strengthen your position.

On the other hand, the Rogerian method, while not as common in academics, is still a good way to make an argument in an essay:

  • Start by talking about one side of the argument.
  • Discuss the good as well as bad aspects of that side.
  • Then, talk about the other side.
  • Finally, come up with a conclusion that takes a little from both sides.

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Argumentative Essay Outline

The argumentative essay structure usually doesn’t change much. It has three main parts: the introduction, the body paragraphs, and the conclusion. Let’s take a closer look at how to structure an argumentative essay.

The introduction needs to grab the reader’s attention right away and make them engage to keep reading. At the end of this paragraph, you should briefly mention what you believe and the main points you’ll be discussing.

After your essay introduction, you’ll have three body paragraphs. Every body paragraph must emphasize on a different side of your subject. Moreover, these paragraphs dive deeper into your key points and provide proofs to support them. In a typical essay with five paragraphs, each body paragraph must include a different idea or point.

Now, let us wrap it up with a conclusion. A strong conclusion of your argumentative essay recaps the reader of your actual point and brings all together each idea you have discussed about in the body paragraphs. Also, it is a good idea to consider about how you want your reader to feel or think after reading your argumentative essay. Furthermore, your argumentative essay conclusion should leave them with a new understanding of the subject.

What makes a good argumentative essay

Here is what you require to aim for to write a really good argumentative essay:

  • Ensure that your essay topic is approved by your instructor.
  • You should use things like outlines as well as graphic organizers before you begin writing your essay.
  • Your essay must have a strong main idea.
  • Make use of credible evidence to back up your primary argument.
  • Continue following the standard format for argumentative essays.
  • Moreover, always make sure your essay does not have any grammar or spelling mistakes.

If you are still not sure about what you need to do, just ask your teacher or consult this list for assistance.

How to write an argumentative essay

Read the task carefully before you start writing your essay. Make sure you know what the teacher wants and why you are writing the paper.

Pay attention to the task: Did your teacher give you a topic? Do you have to pick it yourself? Be sure you have a thought that will help you write a great essay.

Pick the approach you’re going to use: What kind of argumentative essay style you use will depend on how you write your paper. Think about the problem that will come up and choose the best way to solve it. Which model is it? The classical one, the Toulmin one, or the Rogerian one?

After that, you can begin writing your persuasive essay. Check out what’s coming next. We’re going to give you a lot of useful information!

How to write an argumentative essay

How to write an argumentative essay

Research the topic

Before you start writing an argumentative essay, you need to do a lot of research on the subject. To back up your argumentative essay claims, you need to use reliable sources. Use good sources in your essay to make it look more professional.

Follow these steps to do research like a pro:

Use only sources you can trust. 

You may look at books, study papers, materials from school databases, or Google Scholar. Websites with extensions, as well as well-known news sites like the New York Times, BBC, and CNBC, are also thought to be suitable.

Blog posts, old information, and other data from places you can’t trust should not be used. If you get information from random sources, it might not be correct, and you could get into a lot of trouble.

Consider the date of publication. 

You might have to use sources that came out no more than five years ago. However, this isn’t always the case, especially when it comes to old papers. So, check your steps again for the sources you were told to use.

Don’t forget about your subject.

Just think about what you’re writing and pick sources that are related to that. Don’t get your information from sites that are too broad; instead, look for ones that are more specific. If your idea is the economic effects of World War II, reading a history book from ancient times to now is not the best choice.

Improve your skills. 

Spend enough time researching the subject you’re writing about. Read many articles and look at how the scientists’ views differ and overlap. Show your reader that you can be trusted and that you chose the best sources.

Make an essay outline 

A lot of students don’t realize how useful an outline can be. Do not do this! An outline for an argumentative essay can help you plan, organize, and write your paper.

To begin, a well-thought-out plan helps the writer arrange their ideas in the right way. If the student plans the essay before writing it, they won’t forget any of the important points.

Second, it helps the writer figure out which pieces of proof best support which points of view. Write a rough draft of your article first. Put facts, examples, and other things in the right places in the text. After that, write the whole thing.

Third, an outline is a great way to change parts of an essay without having to start over with the whole thing. Are you not sure about certain details? That’s fine. You can change them in the outline without changing the text.

There are important things that your plan should have.


What is the best way to start writing an argumentative essay? First, make sure that your plan includes an introduction to an argumentative essay.

People should be interested in this part from the very beginning. So, spend enough time writing an interesting story. What could it be? Is this an impressive statistic or a compelling fact? Come up with your own ideas and choose! But make sure the start of your essay is interesting.

After the hook, give some background on your subject. Show the readers why your issue is important, and then slowly get to your thesis statement.


People in developed and underdeveloped countries are interested in studying abroad. Learning abroad is a terrific approach for students worldwide to broaden their worldview. Students could benefit from meeting new people and learning about various countries. This is because it helps them learn new things and see the world in a new way. However, while it may offer great chances for personal growth, it may also present some difficulties.

Thesis statement

Argumentative essays require a thesis. Do you know how to write a thesis for an argumentative essay? It should clearly convey your viewpoint on the matter. Use particular language and avoid generalizations. The thesis statement should guide readers through the paper’s essential topics.
Positioning the thesis for an argumentative essay is vital. It belongs in the last sentence of the introduction.


Even though learning abroad can be challenging, like being alone, it is worth it because it helps students become more independent and opens their minds to new ideas, people, and cultures.

Body paragraphs 

In the body of your paper, you should explain your point of view and back it up with good proof and examples. There can only be one idea in each line. This is what will make sure that your argumentative essay makes sense.

There should be a topic sentence at the beginning of a body paragraph and an end with concluding sentence. This kind of frame around each part will help your readers stay on track with your ideas and find out what you think.

Topic sentence: What the passage is about is in the first line. It should show what the point is and match the thesis statement.


There are many benefits to studying abroad, some of the most important ones are learning new things, making friends with people who think differently than you, and experiencing new countries.

Concluding sentence: The last line is supposed to sum up what the author has said. So, make sure the last line of a paragraph says something important.


When people return from student exchange programs, they are often more motivated and eager to help their home country and themselves grow.

Each body paragraph should have a case (or a counterargument) and evidence to back it up. Make sure that the proof you use comes from reliable sources and directly supports your point.


A conclusion is very important to understand the whole paper. It sums up the body and makes the last impression. Also, it might make people want to learn more about the problem.
You can’t just restate the points at the end of your argumentative essay and call it a day. It needs to bring all of your thoughts together and show how they fit together. To put it another way, you should recap and think about your points.
A conclusion also talks about the thesis statement. That being said, restating the main idea is not the best way to end your paper. You should try to build it up to show why you wrote the previous lines.


Studying abroad helps people grow and see the world differently. It lets participants travel, meet new people, learn, and grow. Students overseas may experience homesickness, loneliness, and difficulty adapting. If a kid is flexible and motivated to become independent, they can easily overcome them.


The core component of any argumentative essay is the list of sources used. It should have all the sources the author uses in the essay.

Before organizing the references in your argumentative essay, verify the format. Would you say it’s in MLA, APA, or another style? How many sources does your teacher want you to use? What kinds of sites do you need to use?

Once you know these things, you can move on to the style’s format standards for your paper. Most people use the APA (7th edition), MLA, or Chicago (author-date) style.

Check and fix mistakes

Editing and revising is the last thing you should do after writing. Even though it doesn’t take a lot of time or effort, it is still very important to the success of the work.

  • Plan your time well while you’re writing your persuasive paper. This will give you a chance to make your writing better before you turn it in. Also, look at our list, which you should always use to make your works better.
  • DO NOT use first and second person. Only write in the third person in your persuasive paper. It’s something that all kinds of school papers need to do.
  • DO NOT use slang. The words you use are an important part of writing an essay. Make sure you only use professional words and phrases and stay away from jargon, slang, and other informal language.
  • Leave no word unchecked. Words can sometimes make people wonder and cause confusion. If you’re not sure if the word is being used correctly, look it up again or use a different word instead.
  • DO NOT plagiarize. Make sure that when you proofread your work, all of your sources are either properly paraphrased or put in quotation marks. To avoid copying, you can change the way the sentences are put together.
  • NO small mistakes. Correct grammar, spelling, and capitalization are very important. Do you want your paper to look good? Then, make sure it doesn’t have any small mistakes.

Best argumentative essay tips 

Here are some tips that will help you to write good argumentative essay.

  • Ensure that your essay does not contain any logical errors. Your credibility as an author could be at risk if you use information from a source you can’t trust, make quick generalizations, or come to the wrong conclusion. Make sure that all the information you put in your essay is correct. Also, make sure that every claim you make is well-thought-out and backed up by solid proof.
  • Check the framework of your argumentative essay. All of the reasons should be connected to the thesis statement and put together in a way that makes sense. The supporting evidence and argumentative essay examples need to be put into the text in a way that makes sense based on the points.
  • Do not forget to look at the sources. It’s very hard to do references and in-text sources. Always make sure that every detail fits the style of your essay. If you’re not sure about certain things, look at a citation guide. Also, make sure there are no formatting errors in your work.
  • Make sure that your persuasive essay makes sense. A lot of the time, the paper’s material only seems raw because it is put together in a way that doesn’t make sense.
    Put transitions between paragraphs and linked words inside them to make sure the ideas flow smoothly from one to the next. Moreover, add them to the text to make the points fit together. That way, your essay will make sense and the arguments will run naturally.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q1: What number of paragraphs must an argumentative essay have? 

Ans. It is up to you to choose how many pieces your essay should have. The five-paragraph format, on the other hand, works best for an argumentative paper. So, write three body paragraphs, an opening, and an end.

Q2: What makes an argumentative essay a strong hook? (H3)

Ans. An attention-getting sentence or phrase is called a hook. So, you could begin your essay with a fun fact about the subject. Another way to make a catchy hook is to show how your topic is relevant to their lives. Showing how important your problem is will make people want to read more of your essay.

Q3: Could you use a query to begin an argumentative essay?

Ans. Yes you can use a question or query to start an argumentative essay. A question can change into an interesting hook statement. Moreover, simply make sure it is deep, makes you think, and is short. People will be puzzled if the question is too general or difficult to understand.

Q4: How do I come up with a good topic for an argumentative essay?

Ans. The title of an essay is very important because it makes the first impression. Moreover, the following factors must be thought about when deciding a topic:
1. The title of essay should be interesting.
2. It should not be too long (5–12 words).
3. The heading must reveal what the essay is about.
4. It should not be too complex to understand; the easier it is, the better.


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