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9 years



University of California, Berkeley



Ph.D. in English Literature



Associate Professor in English

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Essay writing, Research papers

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I’m Elowen Rose, a passionate woman with a deep love for English Literature. I proudly hold a Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley, specializing in English Literature. With a robust 9-year journey in the field, I wear the hats of both an English Literature scholar and a dedicated blog writer.

Finding joy in sharing my knowledge and skills, I’ve connected with students as a departmental assistant. Now, I’m thrilled to join Do Write My Essay as a blog writer, eager to broaden my horizons and provide valuable advice to a wider online audience.

Having experienced the challenges of being a student, I empathize with the stress of deadlines and the frustration of dealing with plagiarism.

As a committed individual, I always strive to convey my opinions in a simple and out-of-the-box manner, drawing on scholarly insights and keeping my sources up to date. As a self-professed perfectionist, I aim for the best results for others, evolving from simple advising to crafting step-by-step guides. I’ve cultivated critical thinking in my students and contributed to various research programs, offering constructive feedback and enhancing papers. Let’s embark on this writing journey together!