How to Write a Strong Thesis For Argumentative Essay

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March 16, 2024
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April 15, 2024
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When it comes to writing a thesis for argumentative essays, this article has everything you need. Read it carefully and start using the advice right away. Many students find it hard to create a perfect thesis statement for argumentative essays. But if you understand well and follow your professor’s advice, the task will become easier for you. In this blog, we’ll explain how to write a thesis for argumentative essay. 

 But before moving on to the how-to section, first, we’ll explore what an argumentative essay thesis statement is.

Here is the simple definition:

A thesis statement summarizes the paper’s or essays primary argument in one brief sentence. As a rule, it should follow your introduction.

The way your essay thesis looks can vary based on what type of essay you are composing. But no matter what, it should always explain the main point you’re making. Your whole article should focus on this main idea. 

What is a thesis in an argumentative essay?

When you write a thesis statement for an argumentative essay, you’re not just starting a conflict. Instead, you’re trying to teach and persuade your readers so they understand your point.

Think of it like a roadmap: it guides your readers through your essay. The thesis statement of an argumentative essay should clearly states your position and backs it up with evidence. This helps convince your reader by explaining your main points and why they matter.

Your thesis for argumentative essay should be:

How should an argumentative essay thesis be

How should an argumentative essay thesis be?


An effective thesis in an argumentative essay must be short and clear. Don’t use fancy words or make it complicated. Moreover, try to keep it simple and don’t go on and on if you want people to understand you.

Let me show you an example. For instance

Instead of saying, “I will talk about climate change factors and solutions,” you can say, “Climate change is a big problem we need to fix now.”


Ensure that your thesis for argumentative essay focuses on one main idea and doesn’t contradict itself, even if your essay covers different aspects of the topic.

For instance, if your thesis statement is about the importance of exercise for overall health, make sure all your arguments in the essay support this idea without introducing conflicting viewpoints.


  • Every essay needs a thesis statement because it sets the tone for your argument. Remember that your audience might not agree with you, so your thesis for argumnetative essay should be compelling and open to discussion.
  • Avoid stating obvious facts or including information your audience already knows. Instead, focus on a claim that requires research and evidence to support.

For example, if you are writing an argumentative essay related to the advantages of renewable energy, your thesis statement could be, “ Energy from renewable sources, such as wind and solar, provides long-term solutions to the problem of climate change, but their widespread adoption requires government support and investment.” This statement encourages discussion as well as invites readers to consider different viewpoints.

If your thesis for argumentative essay meets these criteria, your teacher (or whoever is reading) will continue reading your essay to find out more about the topic and why you think the way you do.

When should I compose my thesis for argumentative essay?

It’s acceptable for students to create their thesis statement after writing the essay. However, this approach can be tough for many students because it’s hard to adjust.

Writing the thesis statement after the essay is done can cause issues like not matching what you wrote or not representing your arguments accurately. The best thing to do is to make a rough thesis statement before starting your essay.

So, pick an argumentative essay topic, think about what you want to say, and then make a thesis statement to help you write.

How to create an outline for an argumentative essay’s thesis statement?

Now that you know when to include a thesis statement, it’s the right time to talk about how to quickly write a strong thesis statement in an argumentative essay.

Start by asking a question and then write a relevant answer to the question. 

First, check if the essay prompt asks you a question. If not, you need to come up with one. Moreover, if you want to show that you’re interested in hearing other people’s viewpoints, your question wording should reflect that. So, a good way to start coming up with a thesis for argumentative essay is to ask yourself a question.

The next step is to think of a reasonable response to the question.

You might need to do some research to come up with a good answer. A quick Google search should give you enough info to start if you already know about the topic.

Basic elements of thesis statement in an argumentative essay

Some essential components of an argumentative thesis statement are listed below. A thesis that is argued for is

Basic elements of thesis statement in an argumentative essay

Basic elements of thesis statement in an argumentative essay


A claim made in thesis for argumentative essay must be one that reasonable people can disagree with. Since there is little disagreement on statements of truth or topics on which most people agree, they cannot be argumentative theses.


The claim that junk food is unhealthy is unarguable. The majority of individuals concur that junk food is unhealthy.It’s disputed whether the federal government should control the number of sodas served at fast-food outlets because junk food is unhealthy. The assertion could be accepted or rejected by reasonable persons.


A thesis  for argumentative essay states the author’s position by taking a stand. Since they do not express the writer’s viewpoint, questions, ambiguous remarks, or quotes from other sources do not constitute a thesis for argumentative essay.


Since it does not take a stance, the difficult topic of federal immigration law—about which there is considerable disagreement—is not one that can be debated.The argumentation premise states that immigration enforcement law has to be altered and that federal law must be rationalized because it places excessive restrictions on state as well as local police.


A logical and feasible assertion must be made in an argumentative essay thesis. False or unrealistic assertions do not constitute a thesis for argumentative essay. 


The claim that city council members ought to be imprisoned because they smell bad is not a persuasive one. The inefficiency of city council members is not a justification for their imprisonment.It is debatable whether term limits for city council members are necessary to prevent one party or group from holding power indefinitely, even though shared political authority is a justifiable objective.

Based on evidence

Evidence must be able to back up thesis for argumentative argumentative essay. Argumentative theses do not contain claims that are predicated on morality, value systems, or religious views because they cannot be evidenced.


The idea that murderers will go to hell once they die is not one that can be refuted by evidence because it is based more on morality or religious convictions than on fact.This is an argumentative thesis since statistics and case studies can be used to support the claim that rehabilitation plans for those serving life sentences must be supported because they lessen violence in jails.


A thesis for argumentative essay needs to be specific and narrow. Compared to a wide, general argument, a focused, limited claim is more convincing, easier to understand, and more likely to be backed by facts.


The argument that the federal government should reform the tax law in the United States is ineffective because it is too broad (what branch of government? Which tax codes?) and would need to be overwhelmingly backed by the facts.A successful argumentative thesis will pinpoint a certain person or group and provide evidence of their actions, such as how much money the estate tax brings in. It is recommended that the United States House of Representatives vote to eliminate the federal estate tax due to its insignificant revenue generation.

Argumentative essay thesis statement examples 

To understand more in detail explore thesis statement example for argumentative essay:

  • Topic: Using Animals for Testing

Thesis: Testing products on animals is wrong and should be stopped everywhere because there are other methods available, and they often give the wrong results.

  • Topic: Global Warming

Thesis: People burn fossil fuels and cut down trees, which leads to global warming, and we need to act fast to stop it from harming the planet and future generations.

  • Topic: Regulation of Firearms

Thesis: Making gun laws stricter can help reduce the number of people killed by guns, like in mass shootings, because when laws are too lenient, more people get hurt.

  • Topic: Social Media

Thesis: We need stricter rules to protect people and reduce the bad effects of using social media too much because it can harm our privacy, mental health, and how we get along with others.

  • Topic: Reforming Education

Thesis: Schools should focus more on teaching kids how to think for themselves and be creative instead of just memorizing facts and taking tests so they can do better in today’s world.

  • Topic: Comprehensive Health Care

Thesis: Everyone should have access to good healthcare because it will help everyone get better medical treatment, make people healthier overall, and save money in the long run. Healthcare is something everyone deserves to have.

Final Thoughts

Making a thesis for argumentative essay should be easy after reading this guide. However, this could not apply to the entire essay.
Therefore, please get in touch with us if you need help creating a strong argumentative essay. Our argumentative essay writers will put in endless hours to help you complete your assignment on time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Where should I put the thesis statement in an argumentative essay?

Ans. The conclusion of the introduction should contain your thesis statement. It should be one sentence, but if you have more important things to say, you can extend it to two sentences at most.

Q2: What word count is appropriate for my thesis statement?

Ans. When it comes to the word count for the argumentative essay, aim to limit the length of your thesis statement to no more than thirty words per phrase. Therefore, if your argument will be contained in two phrases, it should be between sixty and eighty words long.

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