150+ Good Argumentative Essay Topics

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March 4, 2024
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March 29, 2024
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Are you searching for argumentative essay topics to write an essay? You’ve come to the right place! Argumentative essays are common assignments in universities, like in English, history, and political science classes. Moreover, argumentative essays involve deep research on a topic. Your main job is to gather and evaluate evidence and take a clear stance on an issue. It might seem tough, but with good argumentative essay topics, the writing process becomes much easier. Professors assign them to see how well you can argue and back up your points. Whether you’re in middle school or college, this article has great argumentative topics for you! Keep reading for a wide range of ideas. If you’re short on time, you can even order your argumentative essay online right away. 

Argumentative Essay Topics

Argumentative essay topics are subjects you can argue about or take a side on. They’re usually controversial, so you can present evidence to support your view and try to convince your readers. These topics cover a wide range of areas, from politics and social issues to technology and the environment.

Unlike topics for a synthesis essay, where you gather information from different sources to support your argument, argumentative essay ideas need evidence from one side only. You focus on one viewpoint and use strong arguments to prove it.

How do you choose the best topics for an argumentative essay

Choosing the right topic is crucial for a strong argumentative essay introduction. But don’t just pick easy topics. It’s better to choose ones that spark debate. Why? Because controversial argumentative essay topics engage your audience and make your essay more interesting. This helps connect your readers to your assignment. Also, a thought-provoking debate shows that you’ve done thorough research.

How to choose the best topics for an argumentative essay

How to choose the best topics for an argumentative essay

Based on our experience, the best argumentative essay topics come from fields like Science, Medicine, Sociology, and Technology. It’s good to mix things up a bit and combine several ideas. For instance, you could explore Science + child development or mental health + Hollywood movies. Connecting different aspects helps to generate more ideas and keep your thoughts flowing.

Finally, make sure your topic is narrow enough. For instance, instead of discussing how all movies affect mental health, focus on the impact of a specific TV show or movie on children’s mental health. Similarly, when writing about digital technology, be precise. Ask questions like: Do voice assistants truly make life easier? Are there threats due to technology’s strong influence on humans? 

List of Great Argumentative Essay Topics 

Argumentative essay topics in 2024 focus on the important connections between modern society and current issues. They’re sorted into categories to make it easier for you to find what fits your studies best. Remember, in argumentative writing, you need to back up your points with facts. Without evidence, your teacher might be disappointed. Here are some good topics for an argumentative essay

Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics 

Alongside science, technology, and digital progress, there are other engaging topics for argumentative essays:

  1. Why should homework be banned?
  2. Fun and interesting creative development groups.
  3. Practical solutions for recent business events.
  4. The impact of pets on communities.
  5. Fascinating facts about detectives.
  6. Can fast food be helpful for busy people?
  7. Problems with modern universities: lack of engaging topics.
  8. The importance of content writing and why it can’t be replaced by AI.

We recommend starting with interesting topics to grab the audience’s attention. If a student has multiple themes to present, start with the most intriguing one.

Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

“These ideas are important because they can be debated, which is a key aspect of any essay. We recognize that controversial topics are significant for both high school and university students. Here are some controversial topics for argumentative essays:

  1. Globalization in technology.
  2. Animal testing.
  3. Debating abortion: saving lives or causing harm.
  4. The importance of freedom of speech.
  5. The impact of computer games.
  6. The downsides of the Internet on society.
  7. Exploring life after death.

Every argument is valuable for research. Whether you’re discussing animals, the death penalty, or digital devices, make sure to include supporting examples in your essay, just like you would with an exemplification essay.

Fun Argumentative Essay Topics 

Although we suggest focusing on serious topics, there’s still room for humor in argumentative essays. It might seem odd, but a bit of laughter can be a good thing. Here are some funny topics to consider:

  1. Would you want to live forever?
  2. What’s the deal with everyone loving McDonald’s?
  3. Should pineapple be a topping on pizza?
  4. Is it okay to prank friends on April Fool’s Day?
  5. Should fast food companies be held responsible for obesity rates?
  6. Could opossums be our best friends?
  7. Can video games on the internet shape our personalities?

Did you find some humor in these topics? We did! Don’t hesitate to write about funny subjects. They’re just as valuable and are judged in the same way as serious ones. 

Argumentative Research Essay Topics

Some ideas can really change how people think. Here are some good topics for argumentative research essays:

  1. The connection between religion and war.
  2. Is buying a lottery ticket a good idea?
  3. Smoking and illegal tobacco.
  4. Girls and what true friendship means.
  5. Does competition lead to good outcomes?
  6. How sociology impacts business research.
  7. The significance of fashion.

We suggest picking topics related to technology, social media, or religion. These are considered very important based on recent interviews.

Argumentative Essay Topics for Students

To pick argumentative essay topics for school students, check out the ideas below. Keep the events flowing smoothly to engage your audience. College students need to tackle more serious writing, so sharp topics are welcomed—ones that greatly impact modern society. High school and college students should approach writing differently. That’s why we invite you to explore argumentative essay prompts based on your academic level.

Argumentative Essay Topics for Middle School

These ideas are perfect for sophomores. Check out these middle school argumentative essay topics:

  1. Special treatment for minorities.
  2. Eating healthy in today’s world.
  3. Americans and their love for fast food.
  4. Is daily internet access a good or bad thing?
  5. How violent video games affect behavior.
  6. The rising popularity of digital gadgets.
  7. Dealing with too much information online.

These topics are great for 7th and 8th graders. 6th graders can also find something they like. Just pick a topic that interests you the most!

Argumentative Essay Topics for High School

High school studies cover more complex and controversial topics compared to middle school. The following are some argumentative essay topics for high school that you should consider:

  1. The importance of voting.
  2. Diversity in media.
  3. The wage gap: fact or fiction?
  4. Gun control in the USA.
  5. Should average citizens own guns for protection?
  6. Legalizing marijuana.
  7. The gender pay gap: who earns more, men or women?

Exploring these topics can help with personal learning and growth. If your teachers assign challenging homework, don’t be discouraged. Embrace the challenge: tackling these hot topics in high school will prepare you for college assignments in the future.

College Argumentative Essay Topics

College programs require a serious approach to learning. Topics should address real-world issues and involve debates. Your choice of words should reflect your dedication. Some argumentative essay topics for college to consider are:

  1. The importance of regulating social media.
  2. How information overload contributes to the spread of fake news.
  3. A new approach to addressing inequality in human development.
  4. The issue of illegal immigration and residency rights.
  5. Should abortion be restricted?
  6. Is a college degree worth the cost?
  7. Should education be free?

There are many topics related to college itself and its impact on students’ futures. Consider discussing the high cost of tuition and why quality education should be accessible to all who want to pursue a degree.

Best Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas

We want to highlight that choosing a great topic for argumentative essay needs strong problem-solving skills. Your writing should inform and persuade, covering all important points thoroughly. Pay close attention to details and make sure you have enough facts to support your argument. Below are some popular and sought-after topics. Pick one and customize it to your liking. This will make the writing process much smoother. 

Unique Argumentative Essay Topics About History

History topics can be fascinating for students studying History. Understanding our past and the factors that shaped our development and success is important. We’ve gathered a great collection of history argumentative essay topics for students to choose from:

  1. The influence of Martin Luther King on modern society.
  2. Notable figures in history.
  3. The impact of the civil rights movement.
  4. The formation of labor unions.
  5. Assessing the achievements and drawbacks of the Civil War.
  6. The abolition of slavery.
  7. The Korean War and its significance for the United States.

Studying American history through these essays can be enriching. Similarly, exploring world history with interesting research topics can make learning more engaging. Students can feel proud by suggesting their own ideas about past events. After all, understanding historical events is essential for shaping our future. It’s important to remember key historical facts in detail. 

Argumentative Essay Topics About Technology

Discussing technology requires a good vocabulary and attention to detail. Technical terms can be specific and sometimes difficult to understand. Be prepared to learn any unfamiliar words before you start writing. Here are some technology argumentative essay topics to consider:

  1. How does technology impact the environment?
  2. Are people becoming too dependent on high-tech gadgets?
  3. Do technologies actually make people smarter?
  4. Does excessive use of technology have negative effects on people?
  5. Are cutting-edge technologies making people lazier?
  6. Is technological advancement a threat to humanity?
  7. Is excessive use of technology harmful to critical thinking skills?

Technology covers a wide range of topics. Pay close attention to those that affect people’s lives in a meaningful way. Emphasize the importance of humanity in this digital era.

Psychology Argumentative Essay Topics Ideas

Psychology students should choose relevant topics. Your knowledge and research abilities will help you compose essays with solid evidence.

  1. Why is love a common theme in music lyrics?
  2. How does marketing impact our subconscious?
  3. Why do kids learn instruments quickly?
  4. How do emotions shape our actions?
  5. Why is cyberbullying harmful?
  6. How does music change our brains and growth?
  7. Why should people prepare for parenthood?
  8. How does humor vary across cultures?
  9. Can bad experiences cause nightmares?
  10. How does social media affect kids’ values?

Argumentative Essay Topics About Society 

Everyone is affected by the society in which they reside. Our culture influences us as we grow, affecting our personalities. This influence comes from our families, friends, teachers, colleagues, and even people we interact with online or in public. Society operates on the principle that ‘My freedom ends where yours begins.’

While this is a general idea, each social relationship is unique and needs to be understood to find a solution or compromise. Societies around the world are changing, and we need to address these changes. The following are some society related argumentative essay topics:

  1. What do you think about the legality of abortion?
  2. Should terminally sick people have the right to commit suicide?
  3. Should it be acceptable for companies to discriminate based on sexual preference, gender, or race?
  4. When it comes to illegal immigration, what steps should countries take?
  5. Should the Church be more involved in government as well as society?
  6. Is the death penalty a good way to stop crime?
  7. Should nations have programs to help people in need?
  8. Should people getting welfare have to look for work?
  9. What are the good and bad things about globalization?
  10. Does having different kinds of people at work make problems better or worse?

Argumentative Essay Topics About Immigration

 The immigration is a hot subject that’s been talked about a lot in recent years, making it a great choice for an argumentative essay. Moreover, you can provide strong facts for supporting, opposing, or modifying how immigration is managed.

  1. Will opening all borders worldwide create chaos?
  2. Discuss the instances where illegal immigration might be justified.
  3. The positive effects of immigration on countries.
  4. Is ending conflicts the most effective strategy for preventing immigration?
  5. Reasons why individuals wish to relocate to another nation.
  6. Can we prohibit illegal immigration by constructing walls?
  7. Are refugees escaping war the same as illegal immigrants?
  8. What is the reason behind the opposition to immigration?
  9. How immigration impacts the economy.
  10. Is it necessary for governments to enforce stricter screening procedures for Middle Eastern immigrants?

Topics for Argumentative Essay on Law

To handle the many interactions in society—from individuals to groups like property owners, employers, employees, businesses, criminals, and foreigners—we need clear rules. This has been important throughout history.

But making laws is ongoing. With new technologies and changes in thinking, it’s tough to keep up. Sometimes a law solves one problem but causes new ones. So, it’s often a process of trying things out and learning from mistakes.

  1. Should federal bureaucracies have the same power as legislative bodies?
  2. Would Britain benefit from giving the House of Lords veto power over the House of Commons?
  3. Should states nullify federal laws and Supreme Court rulings if they believe they violate their rights?
  4. Should judges prioritize the law’s wording or what’s best for society in their rulings?
  5. Does the Second Amendment guarantee individual firearm ownership or just for militias?
  6. Is the Supreme Court too powerful compared to the other branches?
  7. Should Congress abolish birthright citizenship?
  8. Is denying voting rights to criminals a violation of the Fourteenth Amendment?
  9. Is the NSA’s metadata collection a breach of the Fourth Amendment?
  10. Should the Supreme Court consider prosecuting children as adults a violation of the Eighth Amendment?

Argumentative Essay Topics About Ethics

Ethics is about making the right decisions based on moral values. It comes into play when discussing conflicting subjects where both sides seem to have valid reasons based on moral principles.

By exploring these issues further, we can uncover more layers, understand specific circumstances, and analyze problems and their potential solutions. Moreover, here are some ideas for persuasive essay topics that are ethically sensitive:

  1. Should priests and psychologists have to report the police about what people tell them?
  2. Is it right for a doctor to say no to treating someone who can’t pay?
  3. Should colleges pick some students based on race, helping minorities but turning away smart white and Asian students?
  4. Is it acceptable for individuals to possess guns to defend their houses against intruders?
  5. Does free speech include saying things that might upset some people?
  6. Is it fair to make sex offenders’ names public?
  7. Is it okay to tell small lies to avoid hurting someone’s feelings?
  8. Should using drugs be legal?
  9. What does hunting mean to animals?

 Essay Topics About Conflict

Most conflict essay topics deal with tough issues like wars, crises, student debts, problems at work, bullying, and more.  The goal is to find a conflict, use a real-life example, and back up your argument with sources. Here are some conflict essay ideas to consider:

  1. The religious dispute between the Palestinians and the Israelis.
  2. How meditation helps in conflicts between different cultures.
  3. Understanding conflicts between parents and teens: psychology vs. biology.
  4. The impact of NGOs on women’s rights in India.
  5. Workplace conflicts during the Covid-19 pandemic, like with Alitalia.
  6. Konrad Lorenz’s theory on violence and conflict.
  7. Comparing peaceful conflict resolution methods: Gandhi vs. Tolstoy.
  8. Johan Galtung and Norway’s approach to global conflicts.
  9. Social media conflicts: when do we go too far?
  10. The ethical aspects of religious conflicts and politics.

Argumentative Essay Topics Related to Education 

Education is crucial for our future. Today’s students will lead society someday, so we need to meet their needs for balanced growth. They should not only fit into today’s world but also have the skills, wisdom, and drive to tackle global issues. Here are some topics:

  1. Should kids with special needs go to different schools?
  2. Are test scores the best way to decide if someone graduates?
  3. Will Common Core help schools in America?
  4. Who should decide what kids learn: local communities or the state?
  5. Is it better if teachers lead the class, or if students do?
  6. Should schools focus only on learning or also have sports?
  7. What’s good and bad about a classical education?
  8. How did teaching change from the 1800s to now?
  9. How can parents help teachers teach better?
  10. Should teachers be pals with their students?
  11. Should middle schoolers pick what they study?
  12. How can we balance free speech and rules at school?
  13. How did COVID-19 change online learning?
  14. Why do young people like online classes?

Argumentative Essay Topics About Economics 

A strong economy is super important for a country because it helps everyone do better. It pays for stuff like roads, hospitals, schools, and the military, which keeps the country safe.

Topics about the economy might look at how to grow it (like cutting taxes or making them higher for big companies), different ways to run the economy (like capitalism or socialism), why some economies crash, and how to fix money problems in poorer countries.

  1. Should rich countries try socialism?
  2. Is capitalism or socialism better for everyone?
  3. Why did communism fail in the Soviet Union?
  4. Is buying stocks a good idea or just gambling?
  5. Should countries focus on selling stuff to other countries?
  6. What caused the big recession in 2008, and how can we stop it from happening again?
  7. Did President Roosevelt’s plans during the Great Depression actually help?
  8. What should poorer countries do to get better?
  9. Should countries trade freely or protect their own businesses?
  10. What are the good and bad parts of being in a trade group?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Sports 

Do you like sports?  Even if you don’t, you can still find cool topics for your assignment. Start by picking a side and making your main point clear. Then, gather evidence to support both sides. Here are some topics to consider:

  1. Are college athletes judged based on their sports skills instead of their academics?
  2. Do people look down on cheerleaders for what they love doing?
  3. Do colleges spend too much money on sports?
  4. Should we ban sports involving animals?
  5. Should we control the ads shown during sports watched by kids?
  6. Does betting on sports go against why we play them?
  7. Should sportsmen and women get the same compensation and opportunities?
  8. Is chess a beneficial sport for your brain?
  9. Is American football too risky?
  10. Do top athletes really deserve their huge paychecks?

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right topic is key for your essay. Using our list of interesting topics, you can ensure a high grade! If you’re short on time or have other commitments to fulfill, our professional writers at Do Write My Essay can help. Contact our support team today for quick answers to your queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why not choose typical argumentative essay topics?

Ans. It’s fine to choose popular topics. But it’s good for students to research and provide something new. So it’s important to change the perspective of familiar issues. Deepen your research and highlight unique elements.

Q2: How to make any concept an argumentative essay topic?

Ans. To craft an argumentative essay, make every idea debatable. Select something with various opinions. Select a side, explain your position, and try to persuade others.

Q3: How can you craft a topic sentence for an argumentative essay?

  • Break down your main idea into smaller parts.
  • Each part should be a specific claim that supports your main argument.
  • Make sure there are enough facts to back up each claim.
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