150+ Unique Persuasive Essay Topics Ideas

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March 7, 2024
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May 10, 2024
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Persuasive Essay Topics

Have you read any online articles that talk about how serious climate change is? Or maybe you saw one saying that COVID-19 was caused by 5G wireless? Did they seem believable to you? Sometimes, writers use different tricks to try to convince you of their ideas, even if they’re not true. This is the main element of persuasive argumentative essay topics. Additionally, to persuade you about certain issues, writers often pick strong persuasive essay topics. Our persuasive essay writers have compiled a list of more than 300 ideas for persuasive essays on many different subjects to help you with your schoolwork.

Let’s get started!

What are persuasive essay topics?

If you want people to believe what you say, pick unique persuasive essay topics. These topics aren’t just about describing something; they’re about sharing your opinion. They’re controversial, so they make people think carefully about the topic. Unlike argumentative essay topics, which show different sides, persuasive topics focus on what the writer thinks.

Persuasive essays are written for multiple purposes, like convincing people to buy something or to change their opinions. They often focus on topics like culture, politics, or religion. But whatever the topic, persuasive writing needs strong language and good examples. It’s similar to writing an exemplification essay, where you also give evidence to support your ideas.

Characteristics of Good Persuasive Essay Topics

You can write a persuasive essay about almost anything, but that doesn’t mean you should. Some topics work better than others for persuading people. Here are some tips to help you pick a good topic for your persuasive essay. 

Characteristics of Good Persuasive Essay Topics

Characteristics of Good Persuasive Essay Topics

So, what makes great persuasive essay titles? Here are some characteristics of good persuasive essay topics you should think about:

  • Related to current trends.
  • Up-to-date and have the latest information.
  • Clear and easy to understand.
  • Interest and emotion-catching for the audience.
  • Supported by evidence that backs up your argument.
  • Focused and specific, not too broad or shallow.
  • Debatable, allowing for arguments and counterarguments to be made, and for a strong case to be presented. 

List of Persuasive essay topics

For many students, the hardest part of writing a persuasive essay is coming up with ideas for what to write about. They wonder if their topic is right or if their teacher will like it. Here are ten simple, relevant, and current persuasive writing essay topics we found from different sources:

  1. Should high school tuition be free for everyone?
  2. Should more serious criminals get the death penalty?
  3. Should the government make gun control laws stricter?
  4. Is it okay to clone animals for research?
  5. Should governments require people to get vaccinated for COVID-19?
  6. Is it okay for soccer players to speak out against social injustice when they play for another country?
  7. Is it time for the United States to get involved in the war between Russia and Ukraine?
  8. Should young kids be allowed to play challenging video games?
  9. Is racing in the rain more exciting for motorsports?
  10. Should social media companies be stricter about what people post?

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Best Persuasive Essay Topics

Controversial, timely, and divisive topics are great for persuasive essays. They can bring out different opinions and viewpoints. Here are fifteen excellent persuasive essay topics:

  1. Are genetically modified (GM) crops good or bad for society?
  2. How does social media affect people’s privacy and security?
  3. Does the idea of net neutrality still make sense in today’s highly connected world?
  4. Do phone factories that recycle plastic benefit the environment in the long run?
  5. Can early development affect someone’s performance later in life?
  6. Is the traditional business model becoming outdated, like the dot-com era?
  7. Do renewable energy sources help or hurt a country’s economy?
  8. How is technology impacting people’s mental health and well-being?
  9. Do online learning programs help or hurt traditional colleges and universities?
  10. When will our criminal justice system need significant changes?
  11. How much does reducing greenhouse gas emissions contribute to climate change?
  12. Are drones useful or harmful for both private and public use?
  13. How does social media usage affect democracy and politics?
  14. Do privacy laws restrict or enhance individual freedom?
  15. Can the benefits of legalizing marijuana outweigh the risks?

Good Persuasive Essay Topics

Good persuasive essay ideas should stir up strong feelings and lead to a convincing argument. While there are countless potential topics, here are fifteen topics to write a persuasive essay on. They will help you narrow down your options:

  1. Should every country increase its minimum wage?
  2. Can there be laws and rules for buying and owning guns?
  3. Is it fair to pay college athletes?
  4. Should schools ban students from using cellphones on campus?
  5. Would it be a good idea to let 16-year-olds vote?
  6. Are there enough rules on using GMOs?
  7. Should healthcare be free for everyone?
  8. Should junk food be banned in schools?
  9. Should students have to wear uniforms to school?
  10. Should we keep the death penalty?
  11. Is sex education important in schools?
  12. Should states ban single-use plastic bags?
  13. Should we stop testing products on animals?
  14. Should the government control internet use?
  15. Is it time to raise the drinking age?

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Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics

A good persuasive essay topic grabs the reader’s attention and deals with subjects that people strongly feel about. Here are fifteen interesting topics for a persuasive essay. Pick the one that interests you most:

  1. Should we control the use of artificial intelligence as it develops?
  2. Should social media companies be responsible for stopping the spread of false information?
  3. Can virtual reality be used for therapy?
  4. Is it fair for the government to help people who are unemployed?
  5. Is merit the only thing that should matter for college admissions?
  6. Is telemedicine ready to become the main way we get healthcare?
  7. Should schools teach students about personal finance?
  8. Will it be easier to include different viewpoints in schools once the curriculum changes?
  9. Should cosmetic surgery be more closely regulated?
  10. Are modern movies as good as older ones?
  11. Should the government tax wealthy people more?
  12. Does the death penalty work?
  13. What jobs will machines eventually do instead of people?
  14. Should animal rights be as important as human rights?
  15. Is it safe to let self-driving cars use public roads?

Fun Persuasive Essay Topics

If you want to persuade someone, you can try using humor. Funny persuasive essay topics often use jokes, wordplay, and sarcasm to make their points. Here are fifteen ideas for persuasive essays:

  1. Should aliens get citizenship on Earth?
  2. Should there be a law that makes everyone take naps every day?
  3. Should we have superheroes who work for the government?
  4. Is it okay for robots to play sports?
  5. Should pizza be considered a basic meal?
  6. Should schools have uniform rules?
  7. Can dogs and cats go to regular school?
  8. Should the government fund a department of sarcasm?
  9. Is it okay to make fun of yourself?
  10. Should people have to take classes before they become parents?
  11. Is playing video games the best way to waste time?
  12. Should schools teach emojis as a second language?
  13. Do stories always have to have happy endings?
  14. Should unicorns be considered real animals?
  15. Should students have to have a certain number of friends to graduate?

Easy Persuasive Essay Topics

You don’t need to be an expert on complicated topics to write about easy persuasive essay topics. They’re simple and don’t require much research. Readers can easily understand them and make strong arguments. Here are fifteen simple ideas for persuasive essay topics:

  1. Should all students have to do physical education in school?
  2. Can food trucks offer healthier options?
  3. Is it fair for schools to give period products to girls for free?
  4. Should drug addiction treatment centers be free for people who need them?
  5. Is it fair for the government to give tax breaks to people who drive eco-friendly cars?
  6. Does it feel better to give or receive?
  7. Should kids be allowed to stay up past midnight?
  8. Is it better to spend more time outside and on field trips than in the classroom?
  9. Do we really need zoos?
  10. Should working moms get more time off when they have a baby?
  11. How can the government help homeless people?
  12. Is it time to switch from gas-powered cars to electric ones?
  13. Do we need to sing the national anthem before every sports match?
  14. Is it ever okay to use torture for national security?
  15. Should people who have been in jail be allowed to vote?

Unique Persuasive Essay Topics

Here are fifteen fresh ideas for a persuasive essay if you’re still looking for more options. It’s important to choose topics that you know a lot about and can support with evidence.

  1. How much should we know about a president’s private life?
  2. Why do zoos keep animals?
  3. Can virtual reality help rehabilitate criminals?
  4. Should the government fund technology to help disabled people?
  5. Is it okay to train soldiers to kill?
  6. Should banks regulate virtual currencies?
  7. Should everyone have to pay to use the internet?
  8. Is it ethical to clone humans for medical research?
  9. Should schools offer self-defense classes?
  10. Should parents be able to choose their child’s gender?
  11. Is it okay for parents to change their child’s DNA?
  12. Are wars always justified?
  13. Is it better to be rich and lonely or poor and surrounded by friends?
  14. Is life better now than it was sixty years ago?
  15. Is cryogenics a good way to preserve life?

Controversial Persuasive Argument Essay Topics

Take a look at these fifteen controversial topics that you can write about in your argumentative essays. These topics often lead to debates about what’s right and wrong, challenging long-held beliefs and values in society. They can stir up strong emotions and spark heated discussions among readers.

  1. Should children be vaccinated against COVID-19?
  2. Should we change or get rid of the Second Amendment?
  3. Is it time to legalize same-sex marriage?
  4. Should abortion be legal?
  5. Should police officers wear body cameras?
  6. Should schools teach about climate change and environmental activism?
  7. Should the government spy on individuals?
  8. Can inexpensive housing projects end homelessness in African countries?
  9. Is cryptocurrency a scam?
  10. Should governments allow the creation and testing of biological weapons?
  11. Should terminally ill people have the right to assisted suicide?
  12. Are violent video games too harmful for kids?
  13. Should schools teach religion?
  14. Is climate change a threat to humanity?
  15. Should some social media sites be shut down during election times?

Persuasive Essay Topics for Students

Students often have to do persuasive essay prompts to show they can research, analyze, and make up their minds about different topics. Even though the teacher might give you ideas, you’ll usually have the freedom to focus on what interests you. Finding good topics for persuasive essays for kids can be tough because there’s so much to choose from. If you’re not sure where to start, check out our list of suggestions below.

Elementary Persuasive Essay Topics

Learning how to express yourself better can start early, even in elementary school, by using persuasive methods. Ideas for persuasive essay topics for kids can help develop their critical thinking skills from a young age. Here are ten suggestions for persuasive essay topics for 8th graders:

  1. Should schools have dress codes?
  2. Do teachers need to give homework?
  3. Should kids be allowed to bring their favorite toys to school?
  4. Should school end earlier?
  5. Should students learn a second language?
  6. Do we need a student council at school?
  7. Can students write letters to the school administration?
  8. Should all kids get free lunches, no matter how much money their family has?
  9. Should playtime be required for all students?
  10. Should parents give their kids money?

Persuasive Essay Topics for Middle School

Choosing simple persuasive essay topics and doing research on it is a practical way for middle school students to learn about global issues. It helps them express their thoughts more clearly too. If you need ideas for middle school persuasive essays, consider these:

  1. Should young people look up to celebrities?
  2. Should passengers wear seatbelts on public transportation?
  3. Is it okay for children to use the internet without supervision?
  4. Should there be a minimum age for social media?
  5. Is it safe for kids to do extreme sports?
  6. Should parents pay their kids for good grades?
  7. Should kids learn about politics?
  8. Is it okay for kids to wear whatever they want to school? 
  9. Should people respect each other’s religions and cultures?
  10. Should teenagers have a say in decisions?

High School Persuasive Essay Topics

Picking persuasive essay topics for high school that strike a balance between being easy to research and challenging enough can be tricky. The topics should relate to what students have learned in class and can easily connect with. Here are ten great persuasive essay topics:

  1. Should teenagers help their aging parents?
  2. Do we need more computer science and coding classes in schools?
  3. Has Christmas lost its true meaning because of modern culture?
  4. Should schools provide free birth control and condoms to students?
  5. Are humans responsible for global warming?
  6. Should college be free for everyone?
  7. Is it okay for high school students to work part-time jobs?
  8. Do politicians always have good intentions?
  9. Is money the main motivation for everything?
  10. Is free Wi-Fi for everyone a good idea?

Persuasive Essay Topics for College Students

Choosing challenging topics for college persuasive essays is a great way for ambitious students to improve their critical thinking skills. If you’re ready for a challenge, here are ten examples of persuasive essay topics for adults:

  1. Should houses of worship be taxed?
  2. Is climate change the biggest challenge humanity has ever faced?
  3. Should countries focus on their own development instead of solving global issues?
  4. How objective is morality?
  5. Should there be limits on free speech?
  6. Are we causing our own extinction as a species?
  7. Should universities offer more classes on eco-friendly living and environmental protection?
  8. Is nuclear power a reliable source of energy?
  9. Should private companies manage prisons?
  10. Does social media affect college education positively or negatively?

Subject-Based Ideas for Persuasive Writing

There are countless topics you can choose for your persuasive essay. We’ve looked into various areas and come up with a wide range of persuasive essay topics. You can choose any topic that interests you the most. Take a look at the list and if something stands out to you, go ahead and write about it!

Persuasive Essay Topics for History

History offers many potential topics for persuasive essays because it allows students to explore and debate various historical and contemporary issues. Here are ten persuasive essay topics ideas related to history:

  1. What were the advantages and disadvantages of early European exploration missions to Africa and other continents?
  2. Should corporations be allowed to donate to political candidates?
  3. Does democracy effectively govern a country?
  4. Were states’ rights or slavery the main causes of the American Civil War?
  5. Was the Vietnam War necessary?
  6. Should revisionist history be included in school curriculums?
  7. Is it appropriate to display the Confederate flag in public?
  8. Which side do you support regarding the founding fathers’ actions?
  9. Do you believe the United States’ use of atomic weapons during WWII was justified?
  10. Should Columbus Day be celebrated and remembered?

Ideas for a Persuasive Essay About Culture

Here are some simple ideas for persuasive essays about culture:

  1. Can music help people with mental illness?
  2. Can limiting immigration protect a nation’s identity?
  3. What are the good and bad sides of cultural sharing for humanity?
  4. Should there be restrictions on exporting cultural products like movies and music?
  5. Should we protect cultural heritage sites for future generations?
  6. Should media and entertainment show more diversity in cultures?
  7. Does modern society need a change in culture?
  8. How much influence do celebrities like the Kardashians have on young people?
  9. How can museums attract more visitors?
  10. Should harmful cultural traditions be kept alive?

Science Related Persuasive Essay Topics 

Finding interesting research persuasive essay topics in the ever-changing scientific field is easy due to the many ethical issues that come up. Here are ten ideas for research papers in this field. Let us know what you think!

  1. Is evolution a proven fact or just a theory?
  2. Should the government still fund space exploration?
  3. Should college students focus more on learning about human psychology?
  4. Is it ethical to use animals in scientific research?
  5. Should scientists use genetic testing to predict health issues?
  6. Should companies be forgiven for harming the environment if they make useful products?
  7. Is it better to use humans instead of animals in medical studies?
  8. How are humans similar to other animals?
  9. Will robots replace humans in the future?
  10. Is it okay to release genetically modified organisms into the environment?

Ways to choose best topics for persuasive essay

You’ve been told to pick a topic. So, how do you decide? Picking a topic ideas for a persuasive essay requires careful thought, but there are lots of options available. It can be hard to pick just one because of the high standards in academics.

Ways to Choose Best Topics of Persuasive Essay

Ways to Choose Best Topics of Persuasive Essay

To choose the right topics for a persuasive essay, think about these six things:

Identify your interest

Choose a topic for your persuasive essay that you’re truly passionate about. It’ll be easier to come up with ideas this way. Is it possible that you’re writing on a topic which you find boring or uninteresting? Most probably yes! But when choosing a topic, it’s best to go with something you’re passionate about. When this is the case, you’ll have a better time researching and writing the essay because you’ll be more engaged in the subject and have more knowledge about it.

Consider your audience

When you think about your audience, you’re thinking about the people who will read your persuasive essay. It’s important to know what they like, care about, and believe so your essay connects with them. Are they students, workers, or just regular people? How old are they? What do they believe in? Understanding these things will help you choose a topic and arguments that they’ll understand and care about.

Think about what your audience likes: What topics do they find interesting or important? What problems do they face in their lives or jobs? Picking a topic that matters to them will grab their attention and keep them interested in your essay.

Make sure your topic helps your audience. Your essay should talk about things that matter to your audience. It should offer ideas or answers that are useful to them. When you focus on their needs, your essay becomes more persuasive and helpful.

Reflect on your motive

Set your goals and think about why you’re writing this essay. Make sure your personal ambitions match up with it.

Do your research

Just because you have an opinion doesn’t mean you know everything about the topic. You’ll still need more information from trustworthy sources to back up your points.

Pick controversial topics

Choose a topic where people have different opinions. This will grab your audience’s attention and make them think.

Avoid sensitive topics

Stay away from writing about sensitive or unusual subjects that might upset your readers.

Bottom Line

We’ve put together a list of over 150 interesting ideas for persuasive articles to help you brainstorm for your essays. Consider your interests, the evidence you have, and your ability to argue before making your choice. When you’re ready to start writing, keep these tips in mind:

  • Avoid choosing overly unusual, or complex topics.
  • Research your topic thoroughly and be prepared to argue for both sides.
  • Understand your audience so you can choose a topic that resonates with them.
  • Consider selecting topics that spark strong emotions or opinions.
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