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March 21, 2024
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May 10, 2024
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Persuasive Essay Examples

Struggling with persuasive writing? The best way is to go through persuasive essay examples. With the help of these examples, you can understand how to structure your arguments effectively. 

However, it can be hard to find an example of a good persuasive essay. Don’t worry—we’ve gathered some useful persuasive essay samples for you right here! These persuasive argument essay examples will help you write your own. 

Good Persuasive Essay Examples

Persuasive essays strive to persuade readers to agree with the author’s viewpoint. Reading through some examples of a persuasive essay might help you discover the correct way to structure your essay. In a similar vein, high-quality essay examples aid readers in avoiding common mistakes and provide them with easy-to-follow instructions.

Persuasive Essay Examples for Kids

Here is a simple 5 paragraph persuasive essay:

Topic: Kids, it’s Summer Break! It should be, though!

Do you occasionally see teachers more than friends and family? Do you want more alone time? Due to school, can you never achieve your personal goals? I propose a three-day school week instead of five. Kids need more rest and stress relief. They also need more family and friends time. A three-day week would improve intellectual, social, and emotional well-being.

Rising child stress is one reason I think we need a shorter school week. Over half our waking hours are spent in school, causing stress. Many kids have stomachaches and headaches from stress. Because they’re sick, students can’t maximize class time. Stress causes weariness, which prevents kids from focusing and working. A calm, well-rested student would do better in school and finish more in three days than five.

Additionally, a shortened school week would allow more time with family and friends. Kids need good family and friend interactions more than ever to build self-esteem. Working parents are finding it harder to spend time with their kids. Another issue is divorce. Over half of youngsters have divorced parents and rotate between homes. Some students struggle in school but make friends in sports, drama, and church. Time should be set aside for these great friendships.

Opponents say kids won’t learn enough in three days and will be lonely and bored with so much spare time. With so much free time, some students may get in trouble. I strongly disagree. With proper planning and organization, instructors can do in three days what we do in five. Other things can be learned from family, friends, sports, music, and art outside of school. It’s unfair that parents don’t help their kids use time well. Some kids may misbehave, but punishing everyone for their misdeeds is unfair.

Therefore, I accept a three-day school week. It would relieve tension and weariness, possibly improving school performance. Students will spend much-needed time with family and friends. These changes’ social and emotional benefits haven’t been considered by opponents. Everyone would benefit from a shortened school week!

Persuasive essay Examples 5 Paragraph

Let’s see below 5 paragraph persuasive essay examples.

Title: How reading can help?

People can meet new people as well as see interesting places by reading. Students can learn about past, people, events, and times by reading. Sometimes, genuine issues in fiction literature make readers desire to learn more. Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry is a fantastic history book for students. The Jefferson Public School Board must include this book in its reading list for 7th grade since it provides essential values, children won’t want to put it down, and respecting others is a significant topic. Some individuals worry about the book’s language or topics, yet they can help pupils gain knowledge from it.

The book Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, can teach students a lot. This is my experience. I knew nothing about sharecropping or the Great Depression before reading the book. I researched the characters’ experiences to learn more about that time in history. His work features foul language and violent scenes, but the lessons acquired exceed these worries. The book talks about bias and how to treat others. My students and I have learned not to condemn a person before getting to know them, so we now consider whether our words are cruel. Students should learn about diverse people and experiences. Students enjoy reading this book and learn a lot.

Second, students like Roll of Thunder and Hear My Cry. Reading with interest helps students learn. For instance, I recall more about interesting science chapters. I frequently research intriguing topics on my own rather than only using my teacher’s homework. Teachers will be pleased since pupils will be more motivated to finish tasks with this book. Some may think students aren’t responsible enough to choose their own books, but the school board must consider their opinions when choosing a new one. Students will want to read this book to find out what happens next! If pupils enjoy the book, teachers and students will achieve more.

Third, and most crucially, Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry addresses respect, an important topic for junior high pupils. The book shows how disrespectful treatment hurts many people. Cassie’s family owns the land, but they’re treated poorly because they’re not white. This teaches students that being tolerant, open-minded, and respectful is crucial to maturing. Some might say that there are more effective ways to teach this topic, but this book offers strong examples to make readers consider how they treat other people. If children respect one another, school conflicts will decrease, benefiting the school board.

Lastly, the school board should be okay with putting this book on the reading list for seventh graders. In addition to learning about history and respect for everyone, students will love Roll of Thunder and Hear My Cry. Though upsetting, the book’s language and cases may be explained and are crucial to the lessons kids learn. As I’ve said, teaching the book has more pros than cons. The school board should choose Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry to inspire children about reading.

Middle School Persuasive Argument Essay Examples

Here is persuasive essay examples for middle school.

Title: Recess Time

There are several reasons why I think morning playtime should be longer. Right now, students don’t have enough time to meet their basic needs. Some people might not agree because they think this will cut down on the time spent teaching and learning. I do think, though, that a longer playtime would give kids more time to drink water and use the bathroom. The kids will also have time to play team sports. The last and most important reason is that students will have time to eat their healthy food. So, I will say that giving students more time for playtime helps them learn.

They require more time to go to the toilet and drink water first. Due to the limited duration of playtime, kids often interrupt the teacher and their peers when they leave the classroom. Also, when they leave class, they miss the learning and what the teacher is saying. One student on my project team left to go to the toilet while the teacher was showing them how to do an activity. When he came back, I had to go over everything again with him, and we didn’t have time to finish our project. So, if the playtime is longer, the students will have time to drink water and go to the toilet without missing the teacher’s directions.

Second, students can play team sports because playtime lasts longer. In fact, playing team sports will help students learn how to work together. Students can also get rid of stress and get some energy. As an example, students get bored and sleepy after a long day of work, and they find it hard to listen and follow directions. However, they are more alert and ready to learn in class after playtime when they have had time to settle down. To help students pay more attention in class and work together better, they need a longer break to play team sports.

Third, kids need more time to consume snacks that are good for them. When kids are hungry, they don’t pay as much attention to the teacher because they think about food. Also, students disturb other students when they are hungry. For instance, when I can’t eat my snack at playtime, and it’s time for class, studying is the last thing on my mind. So, students should have more time during playtime to eat their snacks so that they can pay more attention to what is being taught in class instead of their growling bellies.

Short Persuasive Essay Examples

If you don’t know how to write a short persuasive essay, then look at this short example of persuasive essay:

Title: The Perfect Pet

“A dog is man’s best friend.” The saying may be true, but people also like other animals. Many people consider cats their best friends. This essay will claim that cats are great home pets since they are civilized, easy to care for, and nice friends.

First, humans like cats’ company. Numerous kitties are loving. They cuddle and request petting or chin scratches. Who can resist a purring cat? Cats are playful when not affectionate. Moreover, they really enjoy chasing balls, feathers, or anything else that is hanging from a string, and it’s even more fun when their owners join in. It’s not true what most people think; cats can be taught. Like a dog, a cat can be trained to avoid bad behavior or perform tricks with rewards and punishments. Maybe cats can fetch!

Second, home cats are civilized. Cats don’t say anything like dogs do, bark, or make noise. A lot of cats don’t generally meow. Most of them live quietly. Cats don’t usually have “accidents.” Most cats learn to use the litter box on their own after their mothers educate them to do so. Even stray cats utilize the box after being shown it. Cats have claws, so owners must prepare. Moreover, cats frequently leave furniture alone when they have a tall scratching post in a favorite spot. Cat declawing is a last resort.

Finally, cats’ ease of maintenance makes them popular house pets. Cats don’t need walks. Playing and using the litter box gives them enough activity at home. Litter box cleaning is easy and painless. Cats also groom themselves. Moreover, cats usually clean themselves; thus, bathing is rare. Cats are more clean-conscious than most people. Also, cats can be left alone for a few hours without concern. Most cats don’t destroy furniture when left alone. They’ll keep going until their owners come back.

Cats are well-behaved pets that don’t need much care. Cats are great for people who don’t have a lot of room or time to take care of their pets. Even though they have plenty of space and time, many people still have cats because they love the way they act. Cats make wonderful house pets in many ways.

Persuasive Essay Examples for College Students

The following is a good example of a persuasive essay for college students.

Title: Public Smoking

People really don’t like certain things happening in public places. One thing is pointing fingers at other people. Another is smoking. The primary purpose of this study is to analyze the specifics of smoking and how it makes people dislike each other in all manners. People think that smoking in public places is usually a bad idea. This is because a lot of people breathe in smoke even when they are not close to a smoke. People in this situation become upset, and they start to hate the fact that the user community has let them down.

People should think that smoking in public places makes things worse. People lose hope because they feel like they are being treated in a very dishonest way. People who smoke should be liable for the harm they cause and not be able to get out over it. It’s important to understand this trend because smoking in public places is usually not a good idea because it can lead to fights, rage attacks, and other problems. People who smoke in public places in these places either don’t care about how bad their actions are for the area or are very likely to experience what happens when they smoke in public. 

People often talk about smoking as a force that frees them. It causes problems between them even though they don’t say anything to each other. When these problems happen, they can range from minor comments to verbal fights and even violent rivalries. So, smoking in public places is seen as very rude and embarrassing by everyone, not just the people who are getting sick from the passive smoke. Different groups make different points, such as the fact that smoking is a very private matter and that people shouldn’t say anything about it. On this point, there is a lot of disagreement since smoking in public places is bad for everyone. Even worse, there are no places to rest. So, most of the points are based on the idea that harmful instigation could be caused to make things worse for everyone.

It’s basically impossible for anyone to live if they smoke in public places. There is a disaster factor when it comes to getting along with others and being one. They feel awkward and helpless simultaneously. It looks like bad things are going to happen if people smoke in public. Being close to a person who smokes all the time and won’t quit in public is pretty much awful. For the things he did, this man would get in trouble, and sometimes people would make fun of him. 

Best Persuasive Essay Examples for University Students

Writing a great essay at the university level is even harder. Here is a persuasive essay 5 paragraph example to help you write your own essay.

Title: A Persuasive Case Against Women Having Abortions

Many women worldwide get abortions. Women feel abortion is justified by fear of having or raising a child, rape, or financial insecurity. No condition justifies an abortion. Human, religious, and conscience values are significant reasons women should not abort.

Fundamental human values are the foremost reason women should not undergo abortions. Unborn children are not accountable for this predicament; thus, women should consider them. These unborn babies should live and grow up normally. Women should be more kind and less selfish with babies. However, the baby doesn’t know why or how he’s here. Abortion is not the only solution to this problem.

Religious principles are the second reason women shouldn’t abort. In most religions, abortion is forbidden. If so, religions will punish them. A woman cannot take communion after an abortion in several religions, and she must complete numerous penitent acts before returning. Women should not abort since abortion is punished in all religions.

Finally, conscience is the third and most crucial reason women should not abort. Women who undergo abortions always wonder about the baby they may have had. She will always remember that she killed her kid by thinking about its future. She will never have a decent life because of her abortion, and her conscience will haunt her. A woman who has an abortion will always think about it, which can have fatal consequences.

There are many reasons women shouldn’t abort. Women should consider the repercussions before having sexual interactions. Abortion can be sad for both the woman who has it and her family.

University-Level Persuasive Essay Examples

Still unsure how to start a persuasive essay example? Here’s another persuasive essay examples to help you grasp the concept.

Title: Why Humanity Should Depart Earth

The days when going to space seemed impossible are long gone. It’s not something that happens every day; launching a spaceship takes a lot of money and the work of hundreds of people. We don’t hold our breath when we talk about going to space, though. Many people can watch feeds from orbital stations where astronauts live for months on end, thanks to the Internet and other innovations. People now expect Elon Musk and his SpaceX plan to work out. It’s no longer just a billionaire’s dream. Scientists talk about how they might be able to make rocket engines that can go through space. It was even possible for people to walk on the surface of the Moon, which could be seen as the first step towards living in space. Additionally, the second one is now a must-have instead of just a science fiction dream. Why?

There are many things that are pushing people into space. Many people will understand in a few decades, but some will still not. Everybody will see that there is no other way. People who are against putting people in space often say that Earth still has problems that need to be fixed before we leave it. A second common belief is that since people have already ruined one planet, they shouldn’t be able to move to and ruin other planets. There are other emotional and logical arguments against putting people in space. Still, scientists haven’t figured out what to do if it takes hundreds or even thousands of years to get to the nearest livable world. 

Without cryogenic anabiosis or other related technologies, it will be very hard to get to even Mars, which would take around seven years of flight. Nobody knows what will happen to the body if it stays in zero gravity for a long time or what mental health issues the future residents will face. Building and taking care of even the simplest city on another planet will cost a lot of money. It’s still true that people have no other choice.

For starters, it’s clear that Earth has too many people living on it. And the trouble isn’t just that there are more than seven billion people on Earth. People can’t get food and water because there are too many of them. These are the most basic things that people need to live. Why? Because food doesn’t just appear out of nowhere. For gardening and raising cattle, huge areas of land are needed to make food. Soil is used up by farming, and natural water sources get dirty. The ozone layer of Earth is damaged by pesticides and other chemicals used to grow food, and the air is full of chemicals. It’s clear that these problems are getting worse as more people live on Earth. 

Too many people mean not enough places to live. Hong Kong’s huge skyscrapers are built for living, not for business. Japan’s slums and China’s crowded cities with tiny apartments and no room for trees are also examples of problems that have mostly only affected Asian countries so far, where people live more closely together. Now, though, things might be like this all over the world in about ten years. There are also fewer jobs, shorter life spans, fewer natural resources, more crime, and worse sanitation when there are more people. In short, too many people living on Earth can make it an unpleasant place to live.

Another danger that many people don’t think is as big as it is is natural disasters. Tens of thousands of people died or went missing in Japan in 2011, and a nuclear reactor leaked radiation into the water. This tragedy showed how helpless people are against nature’s forces. The devastating effects of one earthquake and tsunami were felt across the whole country, and it took years to clean up the damage. Also, no one can feel safe when volcanoes explode. People seem to think that volcanoes are mostly dangerous because they spew out hot air and liquid fire, but the ashes and poisonous evaporation may be more dangerous.

In 2010, when Eyjafjallajokull erupted, it blocked all transportation in Europe. Planes couldn’t fly because the air was full of dust and ash. Large amounts of sulphur and fluoride are released during almost all eruptions, and breathing them in can be very bad for your health. Finally, a big enough release can have big effects on the climate around the world, resulting in global cooling and weather phenomena such as nuclear winter.

In 1783, Laki, a tectonic crack in Iceland, blew out volcanic lava and smoke for eight months. The river Skafta, which used to be a large body of water running near the village of Kirkjubaejarklaustur, dried up. The riverbed was now full of lava instead of water. In Iceland and northern Europe, fluorine pollution killed a lot of cattle and people. The eruption was so strong that it changed the weather in Africa. For example, it stopped the Nile from flooding in Egypt in the summer, which hurt the harvest and led to famine. What else could happen on Earth besides that eruption? It killed about 142,000 people.

Also, natural tragedies can happen anywhere, not just on Earth. They can even happen in space. Maybe everyone knows what happened to the dinosaurs: when a big rock hit Earth, it covered the whole thing in a thick layer of dust that couldn’t be broken through. This caused the Earth to cool down, which killed off thousands of plant and animal species, including the dinosaurs. Who can say for sure that this kind of rock will never hit Earth again?

Also, settling down in other worlds could lead to amazing scientific and technological breakthroughs. There are a lot of amazing things in the universe. Our Solar System is full of secrets. Titan’s methane seas, Mars’ frozen water below the surface, and Pluto’s moving continents are just a few examples. And our Solar System is so small compared to our galaxy. Every new planet that people settle on is a possible source of important findings and breakthroughs.

Even though some people are skeptical, humans need to colonize space in order to stay alive as a species. The most important issue right now might be overpopulation and the problems that come with it, like hunger, pandemics, and crime. But natural events like an asteroid hitting Earth or a big earthquake that sends waves through the ocean and erupts volcanoes can kill millions of people around the world. Starting to think about leaving Earth today is good for the people who will live tomorrow.

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