200+ Law Essay Topics for Law Students

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March 25, 2024
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June 21, 2024
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The most interesting class you can take in college is law. It’s a very broad field that needs a lot of writing and in-depth study. Because it’s such a broad area, students often think it’s hard to learn. But it should be seen as a chance because it brings up many thoughts and ideas to think about. Make sure to choose strong and interesting law essay topics.

Additionally, an important part of writing is coming up with the right idea for your paper. Take your time coming up with the perfect law essay topics because it will decide the direction of your essay.

An excellent topic engages readers. Interesting titles attract readers. Your essay’s main goal is to persuade the reader, and a well-organized topic will help you show that you are a good writer. Join our experts at Do Write My Essay as we explore 200+ law essay topics brimming with untold stories and ready-to-share experiences. 

Best Law Essay Topics for Law Students

These are some of the best topics to write your law essay.

  1. A look at international agreements and how they change the law.
  2. Under Equitable Distribution, assets are split up during a divorce.
  3. How digital technologies affect the law when it comes to copyright.
  4. Some basic rules about how to choose a jury.
  5. Problems with gun laws in the U.S.
  6. Why international law conventions are important for finding crimes?
  7. Corporate Act of 2001: Responsibilities of Directors in Exercise of Power.
  8. How to Get Justice for Negligence and Misunderstanding.
  9. Problems with the law and complaints in human resource management.
  10. How Sexual Orientation Discrimination Laws Have Changed Over Time.
  11. Looking at Equal Rights for Women in Law Enforcement.
  12. Fault Elements in the Way U.S. Police Act.
  13. Trafficking in people and how it hurts people.
  14. Role of the media in how women are seen wrongly.
  15. Probation as a Way to Punish People
  16. What does the Employment Relations Act say about how to fire someone legally?
  17. The Most Important Parts of a Contract.
  18. How to File a Complaint in the Code of Practice?
  19. Employment Law Termination Claims for Being Fired.
  20. A look at how police brutality affects the law.
  21. What causes people to come to the U.S. illegally, and why do they do it? The pros of using other ways to settle disagreements.
  22. Legalizing prostitution.
  23. The legal privileges of workers at employment.
  24. An analysis of discrimination that is against the law at work.
  25. Why feminists don’t like the U.S. criminal justice system
  26. How Corporate Personhood Works and Changes.
  27. What Experimental Criminology Doesn’t Work.
  28. What Happens When Power Is Shared in the European Community?
  29. Is it right or wrong to marry someone of the same gender?

Law Enforcement Essay Topics

There are a lot of interesting history books on law enforcement that college students can read. The right topic for your education will depend on your interests and the requirements of the task. Also, once you choose law topics for research paper, you may wish to plan your essay before you start writing. However, any topic that allows you to examine the role of government in law enforcement in modern society is a good choice.

These are some of the best law essay topics:

  1. A major cause of social inequality because of the law
  2. Law enforcement and the court system
  3. Putting pressure on police to use body cameras
  4. Violence and racism by the police
  5. Is profiling used by police a good way to keep people safe?
  6. Systems for law enforcement
  7. Law enforcement system corruption
  8. How drones help police do their jobs better
  9. Online Crime and Law Enforcement
  10. Problems for women who work in law enforcement
  11. Profiling based on race in law enforcement
  12. Violence by the police in black neighbourhoods
  13. How the relationship between police and the black community has changed
  14. Women in the police force
  15. Police work and how they relate to Americans
  16. The fight against crime by police
  17. Use of force by police against Latinos in the U.S.
  18. Police brutality is the aggressive use of too much power
  19. Gunshots and other acts of police brutality
  20. Body cams for police: for or against?
  21. Racism and unfair treatment of black people
  22. Trying to stop gang violence
  23. Should every police officer wear a body cam?
  24. Cost of Putting Someone to Death
  25. Courts shouldn’t try kids as adults.
  26. Police Officers Wearing Body Cameras

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Business Law Essay Topics

Here is a list of business law essay topics:

  1. Uniform Commercial Code and business contract law.
  2. Business workplace safety and health legal obligations.
  3. How international trade laws affect multinational firms.
  4. Business advertising and marketing legalities.
  5. Legal ramifications of I.P. protection for enterprises.
  6. Business mergers and acquisitions legal effects.
  7. Environmental protection obligations of corporations.
  8. Legal issues around employment discrimination and harassment.
  9. The legal obligations of enterprises to protect employee I.P.
  10. Antitrust laws’ effects on business and competition.
  11. Businesses’ legal obligations to secure consumer data.
  12. Corporate governance and compliance legalities.
  13. The legal obligations of enterprises to preserve employee rights.
  14. How international tax regulations affect multinational companies.
  15. The legal effects of bankruptcy on enterprises and stakeholders.
  16. Legal effects of commercial torts on corporation liability.
  17. Businesses’ legal obligations to safeguard client data.
  18. Legal issues with e-commerce and online business.
  19. The impact of labour laws on firms and workers.
  20. Legal ramifications of product liability for firms and customers.

Criminal Law Essay Topics

Criminal offenses as thesis research paper subjects are a great way to get into the complicated world of criminal law. All of these law essay topics can be looked at in different ways and are relevant to the criminal justice system.

When you choose one of the following law essay topics, think about the assignment and what you’re interested in:

  1. Talk about recent incidents of police abuse.
  2. What effect does the media have on major crimes?
  3. Should being a prostitute be legal? If not, why not?
  4. What should the United States do to punish people who come here illegally?
  5. Should each state be able to use the death penalty?
  6. Should the criminal justice system be able to limit interactions between men and women?
  7. Is there a good method for juvenile offenders?
  8. Should it be allowed to use drugs? If so, would that make crime go down?
  9. Discuss the new movement to cut police funding. In what ways would it happen?
  10. Should there be more rules to keep workers safe? What should they be, if so?
  11. The job of criminal law is to keep people safe and punish criminals.
  12. An explanation of criminal responsibility and what makes up a crime.
  13. The impact of technology on criminal law and the challenges it presents for law enforcement.
  14. Think about what the death sentence means in terms of law and morality.
  15. When someone is mentally ill and not guilty of a crime, how to use the insanity defense?
  16. What happens in court and in society when people are wrongfully convicted, and why is due process important?
  17. Why plea deals are used in criminal law and how they affect the court system.
  18. What effects do race and socioeconomic factors have on the results of criminal cases?
  19. A look at the moral and legal effects of police power and who is responsible for it.
  20. In what ways does criminal law help fight white-collar crime and business wrongdoing?

Interesting Legal Topics for Presentation

The following are some interesting law school essay topics you may consider:

  1. What do artificial intelligence and machine learning mean for the law and morality?
  2. How is blockchain technology used in the law field?
  3. What do the law and morality say about genetic tests and DNA databases?
  4. How has social media changed private laws and rules?
  5. Problems and chances that come with making medical marijuana legal
  6. What can international law do to help solve world problems?
  7. What does surrogacy mean for the law and society?
  8. The moral and legal issues that come up with self-driving cars.
  9. The problems and chances of controlling the gig economy.
  10. What happens to privacy when there are data leaks and cyber threats?

Law Argumentative Essay Topics

These ideas will help you to choose the argumentative essay topics for your next assignment:

  1. Should there be no death penalty?
  2. Should there be gun laws to keep people safe?
  3. Should people be able to legally use weed for fun?
  4. Is it appropriate to use the First Amendment to shield hate speech?
  5. In this modern day, is affirmative action still required?
  6. Should the age to drink be raised or lowered?
  7. Is it moral and legal to use drones in war?
  8. Would businesses be responsible for harming the environment?
  9. Is a warrant necessary for the government to access citizens’ private information?
  10. Does the present bail system work?

Law Topics For Research Paper

  1. The moral and legal issues surrounding doctor-assisted suicide
  2. What does the First Amendment mean for free speech in the digital age?
  3. How international law controls trade and business around the world?
  4. What do same-sex marriage and LGBTQ+ rights mean for the law and society?
  5. How difficult is it to regulate A.I.?
  6. Legal and moral issues related to same-sex couples adopting children and surrogacy.
  7. How the sharing economy and peer-to-peer systems could be regulated?
  8. What do the law and morality say about using face recognition technology?
  9. Why the Fourth Amendment is important for privacy rights in the digital age?
  10. What do immigration policies and border control methods mean for society and the law?

Law Essay Questions Example Topics

  1.  How does the use of the death sentence affect morality?
  2. What changes has the Fourth Amendment made to protect privacy in the modern world?
  3. What do police body cams mean for the law and morality?
  4. How do environmental problems around the world get regulated by international law?
  5. What are the social and legal effects of sexism at work?
  6. What effects do the current rules on immigrants have on international law and human rights?
  7. What problems and chances does controlling self-driving cars bring up?
  8. In what ways has the First Amendment changed free speech in the U.S.?
  9. What are the moral and legal effects of cyberbullying and abuse online?
  10. What changes about the idea of intellectual property now that we live in a digital world?

Cyber Law Paper Topics

  1. What cyberbullying and internet harassment mean legally and ethically.
  2. A look at how the rules about the internet differ between countries and legal traditions.
  3. What Internet law means for protecting and keeping data private
  4. What cyberlaw does to keep e-commerce and internet transactions safe.
  5. Cyber law and intellectual property: what it means for the law and society
  6. What cyber law means for silencing and online speech
  7. The role of cyber law in tackling cyber terrorism and cyber warfare.
  8. Why cyber law is important for society when it comes to I.T. rules.
  9. How cyberlaw affects internet and social media sites
  10. What part does cyber law play in keeping online gambling and gaming legal?

Law Essay Example Topics

  1. What effect does social media have on the right to free speech and privacy?
  2. What does the jury do in the American justice system?
  3. The legality of minimum terms that must be served in criminal cases.
  4. What does the law say about the death sentence in the modern world?
  5. How foreign human rights law affects criminal law in the United States?
  6. What are the legal and moral effects of using predictive police algorithms?
  7. What do abortion rights mean for the law and society?
  8. In what ways does the Fourth Amendment protect people from being seized?
  9. What animal rights mean for the law and morality.
  10. What effect does artificial intelligence have on the law field?

Family Law Essay Topics

  1. What does divorce mean in the eyes of the law and society, and how does it affect families
  2. What do rules about child custody mean for kids and families?
  3. How do rules against domestic violence help protect victims and make communities safer?
  4. The moral and legal problems that come up with surrogacy and adoption.
  5. What do rules about same-sex marriage mean for families and society?
  6. What do child support and alimony rules mean for society and the law?
  7. Protecting children’s rights and well-being through family law.
  8. Laws about paternity affect the rights and duties of dads.
  9. The societal and legal effects of prenuptial agreements.
  10. What family law can do to stop elder abuse and neglect?

Law Paper Topics

Need some ideas for your law paper? Don’t look any further! There are a lot of different law essay topics on this list, so you’re sure to find one that interests you.

  1. What does using A.I. in criminal justice mean for the law and ethics?
  2. What part does international law play in controlling the use of drones in war?
  3. How are legal affirmative action programs at the college level?
  4. The social and legal effects of free speech and hate speech.
  5. How the law can help combat the opioid crisis?
  6. How do privacy rules change the way data is collected and watched?
  7. What does police use of force mean for the law and society?
  8. The Miranda warning’s background and how it has changed over time.
  9. How do surrogacy and reproductive technology affect law and ethics?
  10. What does the First Amendment mean for rules about political speech and campaign finance?

Comparative Law Essay Topics

  1. Comparing and contrasting different law systems.
  2. How comparative law can be used to deal with environmental laws?
  3. Comparative law’s legal and social effects on human rights.
  4. Examining the ways that different countries handle crime cases.
  5. Why comparative law is important for intellectual property and patents.
  6. A look at how different methods of constitutional law and judicial review compare to each other.
  7. How comparative law can help with rules for immigration and refugees
  8. An examination of several perspectives on employment and labour law
  9. The comparison law applies to marriage and family law.
  10. How comparative law affects business deals between countries 

Legal Essay Topics

Is it hard for you to think of a topic for your law essay? We’ll take care of you.

  1. Exploring the legal consequences of developing technology.
  2. How problems like climate change and human rights are dealt with by international law.
  3. Find a balance between passionate support and professional duty.
  4. Why social media affects court cases and the justice system.
  5. The past of the U.S. Constitution and how it has changed over time.
  6. What the courts do to shape public policy.
  7. In what ways do immigration policy and change affect society and the law?
  8. The legalities and moral issues connected to the death penalty.
  9. Intellectual property laws and how they affect creation and new ideas.
  10. How the legal system can help with problems of fairness and inequality

Sports Law Essay Topics

  1. How does sports law regulate drugs that improve performance?
  2. What do the contracts and negotiations of elite athletes mean for the law?
  3. What effect does sports law have on rules about who can be an athlete, and what kinds of activities are considered amateur?
  4. How can sports law help with health and safety issues for athletes?
  5. When athletes take action for social justice sports law may come up.
  6. How does sports law affect how professional sports leagues are run?
  7. What part does sports law play in keeping gambling and sports betting legal?
  8. The impact of sports law on society when it comes to gender.
  9. The effect of sports law on international sports competitions and events.
  10. What part does sports law play in dealing with bad behavior by fans and keeping stadiums safe?

Medical Law Topics

  1. Legal and moral effects of medical abuse.
  2. Why medical law is important for making choices about end-of-life?
  3. Reproductive rights and the influence of medical law.
  4. What do medical and legal studies and experiments mean in terms of ethics?
  5. How does medical law regulate healthcare policies and systems?
  6. Medical law and involuntary commitment and patient rights.
  7. Issues of law and morality related to medical genetics and genetic tests.
  8. How does medical law control drugs and medical gadgets?
  9. Medical ethics and its effects on the public’s health.
  10. Legal and ethical issues of medical technology and artificial intelligence.

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International Law Essay Topics 

  1. How international law interprets the morality and legality of drone fighting
  2. How globalization has changed the course of international law
  3. In what ways does the International Criminal Court try people for war crimes?
  4. What refugee and asylum rules mean for the law and society
  5. How well international human rights law works and what problems it faces
  6. What international law can do to help with climate change and other environmental problems
  7. Trade agreements and how they change foreign law and government
  8. International legality and ethics of targeted killings
  9. UNESCO’s role in supporting and enforcing international law
  10. How new technologies have changed international law and politics

How to Choose a Good Law Essay Topic?

Here are a few tips that will help you to pick the best law topics for essay.

steps on How to Choose a Good Law Essay Topic

How to Choose a Good Law Essay Topic

Follow your passion.

Selecting law essay topics can be difficult, but consider your interests. It’s important to choose a topic you’ll love writing about, and the reader will enjoy reading.

Get creative.

You are not limited to a certain time period or country when picking a topic for your law essay. Look at how an idea has changed over time and in different places to help you decide what to do. After taking a broad view of things, you will be able to come up with many possible ideas. It will help you get enough to write about for your paper.

Always focus on the audience.

It is essential to engage the audience, who serve as an important part of your law essay. Choose a subject that they can connect with. Do not give them problems with ideas they don’t fully grasp; they will lose focus. It can be hard to keep people interested who don’t know much about the law, but try explaining some things in words so they can understand.

Final Thoughts

Legal research paper topics are a great way to learn more about the complicated legal system that is always changing. From foreign law to forensic science, there are a lot of choices. A good law study paper should be short and well-planned. In the same way, it needs to be fully investigated and backed up by data. Consider seeking help from our law essay writing service if needed.


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