Top 200+ Nursing Research Topics For 2024

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April 18, 2024
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May 10, 2024
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Nursing is a blessed job because nurses see the start and end of life firsthand.” The nurses open a baby’s eyes and partly close a man’s eyes as he dies. This quote sums up how important nurses are to society. But becoming a nurse is hard because they have to learn how to care for patients, support them, and study a wide range of medical issues. To do this, you have to find good nursing research topics.

Here are some of the best nursing research topics you can choose from. This article talks about nursing topics for research papers, what makes them good, and how to choose them. We have also compiled a list of 200+ topics in nursing research, organised into various categories, to serve as a starting point for you. Moreover, you can pick the subject you like most and get in touch with us if you need help or want to buy nursing essays at affordable rates. 

Overview of  Nursing Research Topics

Topics in nursing research are those that pique the interest of nursing students so that they can do research and propose academic papers. Theoretical parts are used in all nursing project topics, such as lab uses, human physiology, and healthcare management. But it looks at problems from the nurse’s perspective, covering topics like caring for the elderly and children, mental health, qualitative & quantitative, pediatric and more.

Many students find it hard and stressful to choose topics for nursing research papers because they have so many practical projects that they don’t have time for writing exercises. So, picking the right topic for your school assignment is very important.

That is why you should think about your time management, because, your research could take more than an hour. 

Features of Good Nursing Research Topics

Students sometimes need help coming up with good nursing topics for research. They might have trouble picking themes because they can’t think of anything or don’t have enough time. We’ve given you some tips to help you make your choice. 

Features of Good Nursing Research Topics

Features of Good Nursing Research Topics

Here are some things you should keep in mind about good research topics related to nursing before you choose a title:

  • Original
  • Having meaning.
  • That’s interesting.
  • It’s relevant.
  • Diverse.
  • Nice and Fresh.
  • Precise.
  • Explorative.

These factors can help you choose a topic for your paper. You can, however, ask your professor for help narrowing down your choices. Moreover, you might be able to write your paper better after reading their ideas.

Best Ways to Pick Nursing Research Paper Topics

It is essential to have interesting nursing research topics before you begin composing your paper. Please make sure that the title you choose has the qualities listed above. You can usually get ideas for good nursing research paper topics from your teachers. If that’s not the case, though, you’ll need to think up another title for yourself. Websites, books, notes, or your own experiences can give you ideas.

Best Ways to Pick Nursing Research Paper Topics

Best Ways to Pick Nursing Research Paper Topics

As a beginner, choose your title by following these steps:

  • First, choose the area that interests you the most.
  • Second, find a lot of nursing evidence based practice topics that are related to the area you are interested in.
  • Next, give each title idea some thought and get rid of any that aren’t relevant or don’t give you enough information for the research.
  • Fourth, start writing about the subject that most interests you from this condensed list.
  • Lastly, make sure that your paper topic fits the rules that your instructor or school has set out. 

Aspects of the Nursing Research Process

Before you start a good research project, you should always look for possible topics and academic magazines that cover the subject. If you work in child care, you should read other people’s work to get a sense of the problems and issues that come up before you choose nursing topics that deal with kids as patients. This step makes sure that the student finds sources that are similar and pick a slightly different method to make the assignment unique.

The next step is to write the opening to your research paper. It needs to start with an interesting question or statement that can be argued. If you’re writing about a hotly debated subject, start with a claim that you can then back up with a good thesis statement. It’s best for body paragraphs not to have too many ideas, since that only confuses the reader and makes the conclusion part hard to finish.

 In the last line, you need to ask people to give you personal advice or an analysis of the information you’ve processed. If that’s the case, remember that you need to include a full list of any numbers or comparison data you used in your nursing research paper topic in the appendix or notes.

List of Top Nursing Research Topics

If you are having difficulty coming up with appropriate topics about nursing, don’t worry; you are not alone. Many skilled writers and students have struggled with nursing research paper topics. But we are here to assist you get started by giving you a list of research paper topics for nursing students. Here are a few examples:

  1. What causes youth obesity and how to stop it?
  2. Ways to treat ADHD that work.
  3. Ethical issues for people who care for children.
  4. Why some kids aren’t responding to antibiotics?
  5. Proven strategies for promoting diversity in healthcare providers.
  6. Bad effects of treating kids with hormones.
  7. Effects of  COVID-19 on mental health.
  8. How children are being hurt by air pollution.
  9. What changes as you get older to your immunity system?
  10. For what reason do kids have seizures?

Famous Nursing Education Research Topics

You can use the following list of most popular nursing paper topics to assist you write your paper:

  1. Pros of choosing to become a nurse.
  2. Risks that come with chemotherapy contact.
  3. Night jobs can be hard on the mental health of carers.
  4. Stopping kids from not getting enough food.
  5. Bad effects of being a carer for a living.
  6. Advantages of nurse care at home.
  7. What carers do to help the medical field.
  8. The reasons why occupational therapy is becoming more popular.
  9. Important things that carers can do to help with recovery.
  10. Effective steps are taken to lower the number of injuries to babies during birth.
  11. Looking at how baby care has changed in the last ten years.
  12. Best ways to make the workplace better for carers.
  13. Looking at the steps that have been taken to reduce fat.
  14. Reasons why children die.
  15. Problems that come up when scientists try to figure out what causes cancer. 

Current Nursing Research Topics

You can choose current topics in nursing if you want to write about things that have happened recently. Dealing with problems that have happened in the healthcare business in the last few years requires talking about hot topics. Here is a list for current nursing research paper topics:

  1. Looking into why the number of cancer cases in kids is going up.
  2. Take steps to close the gender gap in nursing.
  3. Why shots are important during pregnancy.
  4. Why more people are using online parenting programs and what effects they have.
  5. Does learning medicine online change the quality of care?
  6. What good things did nurses do during the pandemic?
  7. How computerized tomography scans have changed the way people are treated.
  8. Bad results of not managing pain properly.
  9. Problems that new technologies in clinical cardiology have to deal with.
  10. Are people who care for others meant to specialize in their education?
  11. The best ways that nurses were protected during the pandemic.
  12. Role of responsible parents in making sure their kids live healthy lives.
  13. Problems that come with telemedicine.
  14. Criteria used to make healthcare jobs more famous.
  15. Pros of providing care in the neighbourhood. 

Good Nursing Research Topics

Wondering what are good research topics for nursing students? You can get a list of good topic ideas online. The following is a list of research topics about nursing that can help you start your paper: 

  1. Medicare’s main drawbacks.
  2. How can we inspire more males to enrol in caregiving programs?
  3. Ways that women with osteoporosis can be treated.
  4. How well the chlamydia treatment plan worked.
  5. The best way to raise the standards of patient care.
  6. Why carers should be checked for drug use.
  7. Effective ways that teens can treat pimples.
  8. Why specialization is good for healthcare professionals.
  9. Why carers need to know how to use the internet.
  10. How the jobs of nurses have changed over the years.
  11. Causes of the rise in male infertility.
  12. Is it really necessary for caregivers to go through therapy?
  13. The best care for women who have lost a pregnancy.
  14. Should carers be able to give medical care that doesn’t help?
  15. Why a low-carbohydrate diet is important.

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Interesting Nursing Research Topics

Another great way to make sure your paper does well is to select interesting nursing topics. You can check the list below to find a list of research topics for nursing students:

  1. Troublesome aspects of medical contracts.
  2. The main reasons why people are anxious.
  3. Tips on how to deal with stress.
  4. Why variety is important in health care.
  5. In what ways does suicide show moral weakness?
  6. What makes allergic diseases happen?
  7. Ways that people with low blood pressure are managed.
  8. Good reasons for everyone to get health care.
  9. How to treat bad headaches in a practical way.
  10. Factors that lead to bipolar disease.
  11. Healthcare professionals can play important parts during an El Nino weather event.
  12. How can people who care for people who are anxious help them?
  13. Have improvements in technology made nursing better?
  14. How to deal with old people who refuse to eat.
  15. The leading causes of death in children.

Easy Nursing Research Topics

It can be hard for students to understand ideas that are too complicated. If you think that’s the case, you might want to pick easy nursing essay topics. The following is a list of some simple research topics in nursing:

  1. The crucial role of caregivers in medical care.
  2. Looking at the parts that nutrition plays in managing obesity.
  3. What effects does trolling have on kids’ mental health?
  4. What good things happen when kids get vaccinated?
  5. The medical background of every patient should be kept private.
  6. Tips for caregivers on how to do their jobs better.
  7. Why do more and more people want medical services at home?
  8. Should all medical information be put on computers?
  9. How has the level of medical care gotten better over time?
  10. Good ways to avoid getting sexually transmitted diseases.
  11. Ways for women to lose weight.
  12. Reasons why the death rate for children in labour has gone down recently.
  13. Common ways to deal with high blood pressure.
  14. How to tell if a patient has been physically abused?
  15. Effective ways for people to deal with their stress levels.  

Hot Nursing Topics

Finding hot nursing research topics for your essay is the best way to really impress your teacher. If you choose one of these hot topics in nursing, you’ll almost get good grades:

  1. Medical challenges for the year 2023.
  2. What happens to players when they eat badly?
  3. Methods that worked well to keep healthcare workers safe during the pandemic.
  4. Importance of nurses during the COVID-19 outbreak.
  5. Medical care has gotten a lot better thanks to advances in technology.
  6. Preventive care is something that everyone should learn how to do.
  7. Problems that people face when they try to stop smoking.
  8. What are the pros of having carers at school?
  9. Important perks to magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).
  10. Methods that work well for dealing with headaches.
  11. Strategies that can help carers get more done.
  12. Does massage treatment really help with pain?
  13. Problems that come up when trying to manage chronic diseases.
  14. How to treat eating disorders in the most successful way.
  15. Effective methods are used to make online education for carers better. 

Top EBP Nursing Topics

When brainstorming Evidence Based Practice nursing topics, consider patient care and results. Choose a topic that could improve patient outcomes and assess its time, resource, and data feasibility. You can conduct a meaningful and fruitful nursing EBP research study by choosing a topic that matches your interests and goals and is achievable at your institution. Here is a list of topics for evidence based practice in nursing

  1. Telehealth’s impact on primary care outcomes.
  2. Management of post-operative pain using music therapy.
  3. How does mindfulness-based stress reduction reduce stress and anxiety in healthcare professionals?
  4. A community-based approach to healthcare-associated illnesses.
  5. How does nurse-led discharge education affect heart failure readmission rates?
  6. Simulation in nursing education improves patient safety.
  7. How does early mobilisation prevent post-operative problems?
  8. Use of aromatherapy to control dementia agitation.
  9. How does nurse-patient communication affect patient satisfaction and outcomes?
  10. For chronic illness patients’ anxiety and sadness, animal-assisted therapy.
  11. How does peer support improve diabetes self-management?
  12. The value of literature review in evidence-based research.
  13. How does cultural competence training affect patient outcomes in varied healthcare contexts?
  14. Hospitalised individuals’ smoking cessation benefits from nurse-led interventions.
  15. The effect of nurse-led care transitions on older adult hospital readmissions.

Nursing Research Topics for Students in Healthcare

You will be lucky if you are a healthcare student because you won’t have to worry about making up a good subject for your paper. The below-mentioned nursing student research topics come from a variety of sources. They are put into different groups to give nursing students a wide range of topical ideas. Look them over and choose the one that interests you.

Pediatric Nursing Research Topics

People who work as pediatric caregivers take care of kids, babies, as well as teens. There are a lot of research paper ideas about pediatric nursing that you can find online. Below is a list of research topics in pediatric nursing:

  1. What are the reasons for the rise in wrong findings in pediatric wards?
  2. Serious mental problems in kids younger than ten years old.
  3. What can be done to help kids who are having seizures?
  4. The reasons why kids become resistant to medicines.
  5. What does autism have to do with getting vaccinated?
  6. Should pediatric ward carers have specialised training?
  7. Why the number of overweight children is going up?
  8. What should caregivers do for toddler’s pain and injuries?
  9. How to keep allergic responses under control in pediatric wards.
  10. Major health problems that can slow down a child’s growth.
  11. Thoughts on ethics for nurses who work in pediatric hospitals.
  12. Reasons why the number of eating problems in kids is rising.
  13. Psychological effects on cancer-stricken parents.
  14. The best way to handle kids who have heart problems.
  15. Pollution in the air and its effects on health in early life. 

Nursing Teaching Topics for Older Adults

You can also get ideas for your paper from adult nursing. The main focus of these will be on helping people with their health. Here are some  research paper topics nursing students to get you started:

  1. Abortion can have effects on your health.
  2. Ways for people with high blood pressure to treat it at home.
  3. How should people who care for prisoners treat their patients?
  4. How well cognitive treatment works for dealing with pain.
  5. Ways to deal with alcoholism that work.
  6. Risks that come with not moving around much.
  7. Workouts that can help keep you from getting heart problems.
  8. ways to deal with stress at work that work well.
  9. How to deal with headaches at home.
  10. The reasons why the number of obese guys over 35 is growing.
  11. Reasons why many adults have trouble sleeping.
  12. The best ways to become less dependent on painkillers.
  13. In what ways can yoga be used to help with pain?
  14. Strategies for treating acute coronary syndrome in people over 35.
  15. How does too much glucose affect the body? 

Quantitative Research Topics for Nursing Students

Quantitative nursing research topics are about using deduction and generalisation to get real-world evidence. Here are some nursing research topics that can be used for quantitative research:

  1. Why eating well is good for you.
  2. How well telemedicine works.
  3. What causes heart problems and how do they show up?
  4. What are some ways to treat heart problems?
  5. Potential risks associated with an excess of healthcare information.
  6. The growth of telehealth.
  7. Thoughts on the ethics of assisted death.
  8. How well does basic health care work for people?
  9. What do caregivers during surgery do?
  10. Main reasons why teens get mental illnesses.
  11. Different approaches could be used to treat diabetes.
  12. Problems with using probiotics to treat diarrhoea.
  13. Helpful ways to help people who are trying to kill themselves.
  14. How to use statistics to figure out if changing your food is likely to help you.
  15. Strategies for accurately measuring pain in critically ill patients.

Qualitative Nursing Research Topics

Qualitative nursing research topics are based on the personal experiences of carers with their patients, which can be gathered from interviews and observations. It uses induction to find evidence to support a theory without applying the results to other situations. This is an example of a nursing qualitative study question:

  1. Problems with dealing with stereotypes about carers.
  2. Issues that come with racism that is built into healthcare systems.
  3. The changes that have happened in nursing since the 20th century.
  4. The most important problem with accreditation in medical school for carers.
  5. How technology has made taking care of people better.
  6. Why healthcare staff are important in basic care.
  7. What effect does music have on patients’ mental health?
  8. Why robotics is important in the healing field.
  9. A way to stop the bad results of being overweight.
  10. How to help people who are being sexually harassed.
  11. Main types of physical tasks that older people can do.
  12. Ways that work well for dealing with depression.
  13. Mostly what makes kids have dyslexia?
  14. Taking care of people with PTSD.
  15. Making cancer treatment work better for older people. 

Nursing Topics for Discussion

A lot of nursing research topics are meant to get people from different health stakeholders to talk about issues in more depth. You should think of a good nursing research topic if you want to start a conversation about a certain issue. Here are a few examples of these kinds of subjects:

  1. Does every kid have the right to health insurance?
  2. Is there a way to close the gender gap in healthcare?
  3. Compare and contrast alternative and complementary treatments.
  4. Are video games making teens more physically aggressive?
  5. Should people over 65 be able to drink alcohol?
  6. If an elderly person refuses to eat, should a caregiver push them to?
  7. Should every hospital start using Telemedicine?
  8. Are online classes a good way for nurses to learn?
  9. Are caregivers supposed to be able to give people medicine?
  10. Do people treat nurses with the same care that they treat doctors? 

Nursing Topics for Presentation

If you need to compose an essay to show to a class or other medical professionals, think about 10 minute nursing presentation topics. In the field of nursing, here are a few examples of presentation research  topics:

  1. What are the main problems with telemedicine?
  2. What is the link between being mentally stable and being overweight?
  3. Best ways to heal from physical harm that don’t involve medicine.
  4. Risk factors for teen alcohol abuse.
  5. Major signs that a child under 14 years old has bipolar disorder.
  6. Health issues associated with menopause and how to avoid them. 
  7. The best ways to take care of broken bones at home.
  8. Effective ways to deal with fat in women over 35.
  9. Why telecare is so important for caregivers.
  10. Should people with autism be able to use pet therapy if it works? 

Nursing Literature Review Topics

The best way to find answers to different medical questions is to look at nursing research projects that have already been done. If that’s what you want, here are some different nursing literature review topics that will help you get there:

  1. How well does caregiving education work?
  2. Cons of modern medicine that carers have to deal with.
  3. Good impacts of family therapy on adolescents’ psychological well-being. 
  4. How might carers improve pregnancy outcomes?
  5. Patients benefit from laughter therapy.
  6. Effects of HIV on society.
  7. Problems that come with teens being addicted to drinking.
  8. How do carers deal with people who are drunk?
  9. Finding symptoms of patient abuse.
  10. Facts about how gardening treatment can help older people feel less anxious. 

Nursing Thesis Topics

If you want to title your nursing research study appropriately, you need a good thesis. Your research question will be based on the thesis you choose. Moreover, you will use your results to answer this question. Here are some ideas for nursing thesis topics that you can use for your paper:

  1. What happens when you don’t get regular checkups?
  2. How to stop racism in the health care field.
  3. What the COVID-19 outbreak did to the mental health of students.
  4. Why using bacterial injections to treat cancer is important.
  5. Thoughts on the morality of organ transplants.
  6. The best ways to give shots to people.
  7. How to help adults who are addicted to drinking.
  8. Using too many medicines on children has some negative effects.
  9. How to help victims of domestic abuse get justice in a private way.
  10. What happens when pregnant women drink alcohol? 

Health Promotion Topics Nursing

Health promotion tries to get people and groups to act in ways that are good for their health, which lowers the risk of getting sick. It is necessary to address the research challenge of choosing a healthy lifestyle in nursing. As a researcher, you can look into a lot of health-related issues as your practical nursing problems. You can start with any of the following ideas:

  1. Spreading false information about nutrition on the internet.
  2. Best ways to teach parents how to keep their kids healthy as they grow up.
  3. Reasons why people are becoming more dependent on telemedicine.
  4. Tips for encouraging older people to live a healthy life.
  5. There are risks for young people who don’t do much physical activity.
  6. Ways that medical misinformation on the internet is stopped.
  7. Health risks that come with fake news.
  8. What happens to patients when there aren’t enough staff?
  9. Cancer screening using modern, risk-free techniques.
  10. How can social media be used to encourage people to live healthier lives?
  11. Actions that are made to stop young people from being inactive.
  12. Risks that come with smoking cigarettes.
  13. Ways that the bad effects of diabetes can be reversed.
  14. Awareness of heart disease causes and hazards.
  15. Is smoking around other people bad for their health? 

Mental Health Nursing Research Topics

A major health issue that is now receiving a lot of attention around the world is mental illness. Because of this, papers about mental health nursing are some of the most searched. Here are some common nursing group topics for mental health:

  1. Checking on the mental health of carers.
  2. Reason for the rise in stress cases following the pandemic.
  3. Is it possible to treat schizophrenia effectively?
  4. Looking at the main reasons why people get depressed.
  5. What role does social media play in the rise in mental health problems?
  6. Signs and symptoms of long-term worry.
  7. Is it a good idea to take medicine to help mental health problems?
  8. Pros of using antipsychotics to help mental health issues.
  9. The best ways to deal with the effects of dementia.
  10. Why do doctors and nurses have mental health problems?
  11. How to stop teens from acting aggressively because they play violent video games.
  12. What makes war soldiers get PTSD?
  13. Ways to treat people who have brain impairment.
  14. Factors that lead to bipolar disease.
  15. Using real-world examples to help treat panic attacks.

Final Thoughts

A nursing research paper can be very stressful. One of the major problems is that it’s hard to find good topics for nursing research papers. However, we have given you more than 200 nursing student research topics to help you come up with ideas for your paper. The ideas for these topics come from different areas of nursing. Others are nursing research topics that are based on evidence-based practice. Pick one that will help you to learn more about the healthcare field and write about it. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What does nursing research mean?

Ans. When nurses do their job, they do a type of research called nursing research. More proof of how well different methods work is helpful for them. Nursing studies can show that new medical methods are reliable and also help doctors guess how sick or hurt patients will be in the future.

Q2: Why is it important to do research in nursing?

Ans. The medical community relies heavily on nurses’ scientific efforts. By coming up with new ideas that question old ways of doing things, nurses help medicine move forward. Most of the time, their study is meant to improve nursing activities and professional practice. There are discussions about both mental and physical health.

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