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6 Years



University of Virginia



MA in English, Minor in Creative Writing



Associate Professor in English, Blogger

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Literature, Linguistics, Education

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Hello, I’m Lara Ramos, a seasoned Blog Author, and I’m excited to share my academic journey with you. Over the course of 6 years in academia, I’ve found immense joy in guiding students through the complexities of their thesis and dissertations.

My educational background includes an MA in English with a Minor in Creative Writing from the University of Virginia. Passionate about creative writing, education, literature, and linguistics, I’ve dedicated these 6 years to imparting valuable insights to students, ensuring they possess the skills for A-grade academic writing. It’s my mission to share the profound impact the written word can have on inspiring others.

I started my career as a Lecturer in English, transcending traditional literary instruction. As a seasoned instructor, I’ve explored classic and contemporary literature and motivated graduate and postgraduate students to achieve a remarkable 10% increase in average final results. Fueled by boundless enthusiasm, I continue to empower students on their journey toward powerful writing and literary criticism here at Do Write My Essay.