Why I Want To Be a Nurse Essay – Writing Tips & Examples

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April 9, 2024
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April 7, 2024
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why i want to be a nurse essay

You may be asking yourself why i want to be a nurse. What led me to nurse? What drives me? Not only will you encounter these inquiries on a regular basis, but there are two instances where your response could genuinely determine the course of your professional life. Nursing school applications come first. An essay on why you want to be a nurse may be required.

Second, when you apply for a nursing job, answer that question in the interview. You should know how to answer this question and what answers work best when applying for a nursing program or job. If you are not sure about writing your nursing essay by yourself you can get the help of a nursing essay writing service to get a perfectly written essay. 

In this blog we will teach you how to write why I want to become a nurse essay with the help of examples.

Tips for Writing Why I Want to Be a Nurse Essay

Don’t forget to follow these steps to write the best nursing essay on ‘why I chose nursing essay’. These steps will help you get into nursing school or get your first job:

Tips for writing why I wan to be a nurse essay

Tips for writing why I wan to be a nurse essay

Organize your why nursing essay.

Get ideas for what you want to write in your ‘Why choose nursing essay’ before you start writing it. Write down ideas that show how much you love being a nurse and any personal or known event that inspired you to take this next step. 

Tell the truth. Be honest. Write a short summary of your story, list your goals, and think about what being a nurse means to you. All of these things will help you structure your nursing college essay.

Make an emotional connection to the job.

Someone in your family may have been a nurse or doctor. Did you take care of a sick family member or friend? One time in your life, did you need a lot of care?

That’s great! This is likely the most important part of your essay in nursing and it should be your start.

Nursing is a good job that pays well. You can earn a good living, specialize, and open your own practice. You’ll also have a lot of options if you’re ready to learn and work because there aren’t enough nurses in the country. But managers don’t want to hear that you became a nurse to make a lot of money and work extra hours.

Like a talent show, think about it that way. This is only a show for the competitors to get famous and rich. However, when they ask for votes, they talk about deceased parents/grandparents, improving their family’s lives, and changing the world.

If someone wants to make their mother or grandmother happy, it’s easy to understand why they want to do that. It’s hard to feel sorry for someone who only wants to wear a Rolex and drive a Bugatti. If you explore some why nursing essay examples, you will gain a better understanding of this point. 

For instance

“By profession, my mom is a nurse practitioner. I notice how significantly the part has impacted her and how happy it makes her. I’ve always admired her and aspired to be like her.”

“When my dad was sick, I took care of him.” There were times when I had to support him and help him, and even though it was hard, it always felt right, and I’d love to make this my job.”

Show You Care

To cure the ill is the ultimate goal of nurses and all others who work in health care. You probably shouldn’t pursue this career path if you’re not good with people.

Let them know that you care about them and would give your life to helping sick people get better. You might also want to talk about how a good nurse can comfort family members who are upset with your essay about a nursing career

Include examples of times you helped other people, if you have any. Now is a good time to talk about community work and other times, you give your time to help people you don’t know.

For example:

“I’m very proud to help families and patients through hard times as a nurse.” When I know my efforts are having a positive impact on other people, I feel fulfilled.

“I want to become a nurse so I can help people when they need it.” Nursing is the career I picked because it makes me feel good about helping other people. 

How do you start ‘Why I want to be a nurse essay’?

It’s always harder to start, but try not to think about it too much.

Begin writing about why you want to become a nurse. Forget about it. Do not stress over the first word or sentence. You can change anything, but if you think about the first few words for too long, you’ll never finish the article.

Simple is best. Proofread and change your work until its perfect and says what you want it to say. 

Nursing Sample Essay: Why I want to be a Nurse Essay 

I am Bella. I was born and reared in Florida. Many significant people surrounded me as a child. My mother was a paediatric oncology nurse. My grandmother served for forty years as a nurse, my dad as a combat medic in the Army, and my grandpa as an Air Force retiree. My family prioritized people’s safety and health from birth. I wanted to be a nurse for Halloween when I was six. My mother purchased me scrubs for trick-or-treating, and I adored how they made me feel. I wanted to be a nurse then. Like my family, I wanted to prioritize people’s health and safety and make them proud. 

I decided to attend nursing school in August 2015 and become a registered nurse. I was scared and overwhelmed, yet eager to finally follow my 6-year-old dream. The nursing school laid the groundwork for my achievement. I graduated from nursing school in August 2017. After two months, I passed the NCLEX on the first try. I started working in an ER in December 2017. Initially, starting in the ER as a new nurse was stressful, but two years later, I appreciate every minute and every opportunity to learn.

Getting my Bachelors of Science in Nursing

Over the past two years, I worked in the emergency room and gained experience. But I realized I wanted more. I wanted to become a nurse for a living. I found South University while looking into “RN to BSN” programs. There were many things that led me to decide to take the jump. More and more hospitals want qualified nurses to have their BSN before they start working, or they’ll give you time to start a course, finish it, and get your BSN. 

Studies have shown that nurses with a BSN degree do a better job of taking care of patients in practical settings than nurses with a less advanced degree. For instance, it has been shown that BSN nurses have lower death rates and are better at identifying patients correctly. This year, O, B. D., Knowlton, M., and Whichello, R.

The job I have now in the emergency room will be different after I get my BSN. As a Clinical Nurse II on the unit, my job description pretty much says that I have two to three years of experience and can teach new nurses how to do their jobs on the floor. When you finish your BSN programme and become a nurse, you can add those letters to the end of your name. “RN, BSN” will be written. 

I feel like people treat it differently when they see those extra letters on your tag. People who are in charge of nurses and nurse managers will treat you with more respect and trust in your decisions. People who have a BSN and work at my school have more options than people who don’t. After getting the degree, you can become a Nurse Leader, serve as a Nurse Educator on the unit, or become a Charge Nurse. I’d love to have any of those jobs because I think it would help me learn more and make patients happier.

Socialization models

I have decided to put myself in Brenner’s model of socialization after looking at Cohen’s and Cohen’s models. I recently became a nurse because I’ve only been a licensed, qualified nurse for two years. After getting my license, I started working in the emergency room right away and fell in love with it. I put myself in Stage III of Brenner’s model of socialization, which is also called “Competent Practitioners.” Stage III is very important for new nurses like me, who have only been working as a nurse for two to three years. At this point, you need to be skilled, quick, and able to set priorities. I think that every nurse who works in the emergency room needs to have a lot of different traits. To name a few skills, a nurse needs to be flexible, on time, able to set priorities, compassionate, and mentally stable.

There was no doubt that I was scared the first few days I worked in an emergency room. Many people told me, “You must begin with med-surge to get used to it,” but my goal was clear from the start. I worked two 12-hour shifts and attended one 12-hour class day per week during my 16-week preceptorship. A lot of different things were going through my mind the night before my first day on my own. For instance, what do I need to set up if a STEMI or Stoke Alert goes off? What kinds of medicines should I keep on hand? What else must I have ready? On the very first day, I experienced two STEMIs along with a Stroke Alert, but I made it through. 

When new nurses need help after two years, they come to me. Among other things, I am now completely competent and efficient, but I am always expanding my knowledge. I intend to enter Brenner’s fourth level, “Proficient Practitioners,” within the next twelve months to a year. Emergency nurses are very expert and have excellent skill sets because they provide individualized care to people of all ages and from every aspect of life. “Emergency nursing care happens on a regular basis, is primary, is usually short-term, and can happen in a number of settings.” 

Professional Nursing Goals

In the four years since I began my career as a nurse, I have accomplished a lot of things. I wanted to graduate from nursing school with flying colors, pass the NCLEX on the first attempt, be employed, and work in the emergency department, which I have done. I planned my BSN start and finish date. I started before 2020 because I wanted to. Finishing my BSN easily and passing the CEN exam are my short-term career aspirations. As mentioned, finishing my BSN will give me hospital leadership opportunities. Those emergency room nurses who are looking to demonstrate their expertise, knowledge, and adaptability can take the CEN exam.  

Completing the CEN and BSN will demonstrate my professional nursing knowledge and emergency nursing experience. The Certified Emergency Nurse exam shows that certified nurse’s perform better in critical care. 

After achieving my short-term goals, I want to set two professional long-term goals before 30. Twenty-five years old. I will be twenty-six when I finish my BSN and pass the CEN. I always wanted to be an ER nurse practitioner. I want to start and finish an NP program, take the boards, and work in the emergency department within four years after graduating with my BSN. Turning into a nurse practitioner in the emergency room opens many options for RNs with BSNs. Nurse Practitioners in the ER can treat acutely unwell patients throughout life. Nurse practitioners enhance access to care and reduce physician workloads, allowing them to spend more time in critical trauma rooms. Due to population growth and geriatric ageing, the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) predicts a nationwide shortfall of 41,000–105,000 physicians. Clinical care gaps are being filled by nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

Problems and Limits

Challenges and impediments will arise while I achieve my short- and long-term goals. In completing my BSN, I’ll have to learn how to integrate everything I’ve learned simply and efficiently in clinical treatment and daily life. With my present concentration on getting my BSN, I think juggling time for that and studying for the CEN could be difficult. My spouse and I desire kids soon after two years of marriage. As with everything in life, new elements can shift the game and derail aspirations. As mentioned, I want to become a nurse practitioner and work in the ER by 30. If my spouse and I want babies, it may be difficult to meet my deadline.

With my limitations and obstacles, a support system is helpful. It’s hard for me to use what I’ve learned in school to help patients, so my Nurse Manager and Emergency Room Director will be my role models. They will help me adjust and answer questions about my new job. My husband and family are my main supporters. My spouse will ensure that I am able to study and take mental vacations when we have children. Moreover, my family will help me achieve my goals by providing all I need. With the help of my advisors and family, I believe I can earn my BSN, pass the CEN, earn my Master of Science in Nursing, and then work in an emergency room as a nurse practitioner.



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