Nursing Reflective Essay: Complete Guide For Nursing Students

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April 23, 2024
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April 23, 2024
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Did you get an assignment to write a nursing reflective essay? If you are a nursing student or already have a job, we understand that you may not have enough time to write this essay. We’ve compiled information about nursing reflective essay examples, writing tips, and outline templates for reflection models. This blog has everything you need to know to make it easier to write your nursing reflective essay.

So, how to write a good reflective nursing essay?

Before delving into how to write it, it’s important to understand what a reflective essay is and its significance in the context of nursing.

What is a Reflective Essay?

In a reflective essay, you write about what you know, what you believe, what you’ve thought about, and what you’ve experienced. You can think of a reflective essay as a unique and personal essay because it will give you a lot to think about, understand, and explain. You need to show how you feel about things that have happened to you before. It must be honest. You should write down any different opinions and thoughts you have about the subject.

What is reflective essay writing in nursing?

In a nursing essay, reflection means going into great depth about your own experiences. Writing down your thoughts, feelings, learnings, and other nursing thinking ideas is part of this process. It’s subjective, and the explanation rests on the nurse’s beliefs and what they have learned from doing different nursing tasks. A reflective essay nursing is not the same as other short types of writing, such as critical essays, opinion essays, and so on. The main goal of the first is to tell how one’s viewpoint has changed due to different events.

Now that you know the basics of the nursing reflective essay, let’s explore why reflection is important in nursing and how to describe it in an essay. Try to understand it with the help of the information below.

Importance of Nursing Reflective Essay

In nursing, you use the theoretical ideas you’ve learned in school to care for, help, and understand others, as well as the skills you’ve developed. Reflection is an important part of nursing essays because it helps students understand what they have learned and experienced better. 

In addition, it lets you evaluate your own information. As a result, it helps you figure out your skills, weaknesses, and chances. Moreover, it’s helpful to know where to improvise and get a reality check. A nursing reflective essay is a great way to show how you’ve grown as a person and share your nursing reflection thoughts.

How to Write a Reflective Essay Nursing?

To write a nursing reflective essay, you must focus on one job at a time for a long time. Because of this, it is important to switch to “study mode” and focus on writing your essay.

Without a doubt, the amount of work you need to do could make you feel too stressed. Don’t worry, though! We know how to stay calm. Just follow our tips, and you’ll have a great sample of nursing reflective essay.

How to Write a Reflective Essay Nursing

How to Write a Reflective Essay Nursing

Take Away the Distractions

Yeah, it’s really that easy. It’s funny, but most of the big problems happen at this early time. You just need to know how to get past them right away.

  • Turn off all gadgets. Even your cell phone should be turned off.
  • Avoid anything that might catch your eye and distract you from writing.
  • If you need to, get earplugs.
  • Then, get ready to “study mood.”
  • Make sure you do everything you normally do before a game. Go to the toilet, eat, drink, relax, etc.
  • Take the fun out of it. Set aside some time for yourself so that you won’t be tempted later.
  • Get the important things ready. Open your notebook or make a Word document and ensure you have all the necessary notes and tools.


Once everything is just right, take another important step and start writing. Even if you’re just writing about your own life, you need to do research for every assignment.

This is where you can begin your search for great ideas:

  • your college library, 
  • the books for your classes, 
  • Google Scholar,
  • online nursing journals;

Don’t forget that most nursing essays follow the same structure, no matter what subject you choose:

  • Why do we need to care?
  • What’s the matter?
  • Why is this problem taking place?
  • What is the best way to fix this?
  • How will your writings help people? 

Also, remember what we said at the start: your story has to be different. Fill in the blanks with your own ideas after using these questions as a guide. You’re almost done getting an A+ if you can answer most of these questions.

Make Nursing Reflective Essay Outline

So, it makes sense that making an outline is such an important part of writing an essay. Putting all the arguments and cases in the right order and making sure they make sense helps the flow of ideas. Also, if something seems wrong with a well-developed system, it’s easy to change. It’s always easier to change a part of an outline than to write a whole new piece.

This is about how your reflective essay outline should look:

  • Introduction (Hook & Thesis statement)
  • Body Paragraph (Points 1, 2, and 3, along with evidence and supporting examples)
  • Conclusion (Restate thesis statement & memorable note)

As soon as you complete your nursing reflective essay outline, you should start writing the first draft of your essay. This step will help you ensure you don’t make any mistakes before you turn in the paper.

Read over and fix mistakes.

This is the last step in the writing process, but it’s not the last one. So, take it seriously and don’t miss the chance to turn in a perfect paper. After going over your rough draft again to make sure your ideas and the proof you use make sense, write the final version of the essay.

We’ve created a list of things you should consider as you review your nurse reflective essay. Do not be afraid to use it!

  • Ensure you follow the required writing style; 
  • Check that all in-text citations have a matching entry in the reference list;
  • For example, there should be an opening, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion.
  • Fix all the spelling and language mistakes;
  • Make sure your ideas are clear, and the details that back them make sense.

Mistakes to Avoid While Writing Nursing Reflective Essay

The competition is going to be tough, as we’ve already said. Even with great grades and test scores, it’s not easy to get into nursing school. That’s why your essay needs to be the best!

Learn the most common mistakes, and don’t make them in your paper. This is one of the best ways to ensure your work is perfect.

Here is a list of the worst mistakes found in a nursing admission essay examples. Look into them here:

Mistakes to Avoid While Writing Nursing Reflective Essay

Mistakes to Avoid While Writing Nursing Reflective Essay

Not including your own story.

An article for nursing school seems very weak without a real-life story. Just writing down the personal traits a nurse should have is not enough. Moreover, tell a story that will show the people considering you how helpful you were while taking care of someone.

Not talking about your feelings.

Your nursing application essay will lose some points if you don’t talk about any events you have had that are related to nursing. It’s great that you really want to become a nurse. But your article won’t carry much weight if you don’t know much about nursing.

Not giving enough reasons to back up your goals.

Even though that’s been said a million times, some students still don’t say why they want to go to a certain school. Don’t make this mistake in your writing for nursing school.

Being dishonest.

Plagiarism can get you in trouble on your paper or keep you from getting into the school you want. But what’s more important is that copying someone else is wrong. To keep things from going wrong, make sure to list all of your sources and tell a true, original story.

Repeating yourself.

There are many chances of this problem in the beginning and end. If you need to link the first and last lines, don’t copy and paste information from the beginning to the end. Instead, put all of your ideas together and finish your essay in a lively way.

Nursing Reflective Essay: Helpful Tips

Now is the time for you to start writing your nursing reflective essay. One more thing, though…

There are certain things you should do when you’re writing a nursing essay. We just couldn’t let you go without telling you a few of them. Here are some tips that might help you with your nursing school essay:

  • Before you start writing your student nurse essay, you should always read the task instructions. The best way to find out what will be graded on your work is to do this.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask your teachers for help and advice. They don’t want you to fail your student nurse tasks and essays, whether you believe it or not.
  • You must find and read many nursing books to write good essays for nursing school. Remember that it takes a long time most of the time. Now is the time to start studying.
  • There is a standard way for student nurses to organize essays. So, make sure you have all the parts you need. Don’t forget that there are certain words you need to use in your writing. Also, don’t forget to organize your paper correctly (for example, in MLA, Chicago, or APA style).
  • How to sum up a piece without copying it? Make sure your text is unique. When you read over your essay, don’t just look at how the story makes sense. Also, look at the paper to see how much of it is your own ideas and how much is a review of other people’s work.

Now that you know these tips, it’s your turn to shine!

Introduction Example of a Reflective Essay in Nursing

If you are looking for an introduction example reflective essay nursing, our rising scholars have compiled some for you. 

I always wanted to be a nurse, but I couldn’t study because I was afraid of blood. I still made a fist with my will because of my fire and drive. I had to change and forget what it meant to be afraid of blood. I made my dream come true, which helped me get over a fear.

Reflective Essay Nursing Example 2: Introduction

I had a major mental breakdown a few years ago. Some of the best medical schools in the US are at the University of California, where I had always wanted to go. I failed my entrance tests, though, so I had to go to the university in my hometown to study. It looked like a disaster when I failed, but now it was a blessing.

Conclusion Example Reflective Essay Nursing

To understand better, let’s have a look at the example of a nursing reflective essay conclusion. 

From the event, I thought about how personal values can affect professional work. Even so, it’s important to remember that the organization has its own rules to follow, which may be different from your own. Finally, as I thought back on the event, I was able to talk about how important it is to monitor quality assurance and evaluate health care both in general and during the event. This helped me think about what lessons could be learned and how to stop it from happening again.

List of Best Reflective Nursing Essay Topics

There are many interesting things you can write about in your nursing reflective essay. They can help you talk about all of your personal situations, lessons learned, and best nursing reflection ideas. Here is a list of hot topics in nursing. Pick any of them.

  1. Learning the Importance of Empathy in Nursing
  2. Why is good oral communication important in nursing?
  3. Nursing is part of the hospitality industry
  4. As an art form, nursing involves taking care of elderly patients.
  5. Healthcare Management for the Elderly
  6. Selected Approaches for the Best Nursing
  7. Problems with ethics in everyday nursing tasks
  8. How to Handle Time in Nursing?
  9. Thoughts and Lessons Learned During Nursing Activities
  10. Reflection models and how they are used in nursing

Final Words

Nurses can critically analyze their experiences and enhance their practice by writing reflectively. If you want to compose a good nursing reflective essay, you must understand the structure and purpose of a reflective essay to communicate your opinions and experiences clearly.  

If you still struggle to compose a nursing essay, you can hire our nursing essay writing service. Our experienced writers will write unique and high-quality essays for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What is a reflective essay in nursing?

Ans. This type of writing should show how the writer feels, what they think, and what drives them. It needs to be based on a true story. Tell about a strange thing that happened to you during the clinical training program. Moreover, think about how it made you feel, what could have been done better, etc.

Q2: How do I start my nursing school paper?

Ans. If you want to stand out in your nursing job and write a good application essay, start by considering why you want to be a nurse. Write down the points and examples that support them, then pick out the best words to make your essay convincing and impressive.

Q3: What is the best way to conclude a reflective essay?

Ans. Reading some examples of reflective essay conclusions can help you write your own, but be sure that it is honest and unique. Since a reflective essay is about your own ideas and thoughts, you can just summarize and paraphrase them.

Q4: What are the three main parts of a reflection essay?

Ans. A well-organized article should have three parts. The introduction should be clear and describe the problem. The body should then detail the causes, and the conclusion should discuss possible answers or how the situation affected the author.

Q5: Which reflective model is best for nursing?

Ans. The Gibbs approach is one of the best choices for nurses. This model is easy for anyone to understand and use. So it can be used without any issues in any circumstance.

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