Why I Chose Nursing As A Profession Essay

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April 19, 2024
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May 29, 2024
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why i chose nursing as a profession essay

When you are young, it’s fascinating to imagine yourself as a doctor, scientist, lawyer, professor, manager, engineer, nurse, or business owner. Even if it appears impossible at the moment, each person you spend time with and are exposed to begins to form your identity as well as your future. For instance, might be you are good at math as well as science and want to work in the medical field. When you were young, you may have picked up a stethoscope and thought, “I want to be a nurse!” 

But have you wondered why people decide to become nurses? Why did you choose nursing essay? Why would someone choose to work in this field, with all the tension, long hours, tired shifts of late night, and constant meetings with patients? You can answer all these questions by writing ‘why I chose nursing as a profession essay’. 

Before diving into answers, first, look at the example of why I choose nursing profession essay.

Example 1: Why I Chose Nursing as a Profession Essay

Such personal stories are essential components of writing a compelling nursing essay.

Nurses are champions for their patients, problem solvers, carers, and empathy. People picture this when they hear the word “nurse,” a dedicated team of people who go above and beyond to make sure their patients are well and relaxed. While many people entertain the idea of becoming a nurse, it is often a life-changing experience that propels one to take the plunge. 

Like these individuals, I have a defining occasion that helped me decide that nursing was the career for me, although I do not think it was the sole event. My contacts with nurses paved the way for me to pursue this career path. Things like my stay in the hospital due to ovarian tumors, and my decision to enroll in nursing school are examples of such experiences.

I have been on specific drugs since the age of fourteen due to a history of ovarian cysts that have returned. With my doctor’s okay, I tried going without the meds for a while four years ago. A severe ache began on one side of my belly some time ago. The emergency room staff escorted me to a room where I could lie down and writhe in agony. The nurse started my intravenous drip, but they couldn’t give me anything to alleviate the agony until the doctor came to check me out. 

I waited fifteen minutes, and yet no doctor had been to assess the worsening of my agony. A student doctor arrived to evaluate me when my nurse finally took a stand. After the doctor considered my symptoms, documented them, and checked with her superiors, I was ultimately prescribed medication to alleviate the discomfort. A urine sample and an abdominal ultrasound were ordered because, based on my symptoms, they suspected that I had kidney stones. They persisted in diagnosing me with kidney stones despite the lack of evidence beyond the agony they caused. 

Ovarian torsion was brought up by my nurse, who had discussed my medical history with my doctor. After they confirmed that idea, they provided me with a treatment plan based on an accurate diagnosis. My nurse gently checked on me to ensure I was comfortable and not in agony. The way my nurse advocated for me made me consider nursing. 

This event encouraged me to study nursing that is why I chose the NSLC program. A nine-day nursing program at American University in the summer of 2021 gave me knowledge as well as experience. I met other like-minded folks and engaged in clinical settings there. 

We drew blood, intubated plastic patients, and simulated emergencies. I liked all the events, but I liked interviewing a panel of nurses most. They came from diverse origins and practiced various nursing fields. It was interesting to learn how these nurses helped others and kept themselves healthy during the pandemic. 

After finishing my program and returning home, I started applying to nursing programs. This encounter confirmed my nursing career choice. I would be undecided about nursing without this program. They shaped me, and without them, I would never have explored nursing. These events made me realize my passions and that this vocation was right for me. My dream is to become an emergency medicine nurse practitioner. Nursing allows me to explore other medical courses. I can determine my nursing skills. After nursing school, I’ll be happy with my choice. These two incidents completely impacted my life and became the reason why I chose nursing as a career essay

How do you answer ‘Why Are You Choosing Nursing as a Career’ in an essay?

Reasons for choosing nursing as a career

Reasons for choosing nursing as a career

Here are several reasons for choosing nursing as a career, which you can elaborate on in your nursing personal statement:

  • Different workplaces
  • Flexible schedule
  • Making difference
  • Chances to grow in the field

Nursing: A Multifaceted Career Choice

Nursing is a broad field that offers numerous chances to grow professionally, make a difference, and keep your finances stable. Nursing is still a rewarding and appealing job for people who want to change healthcare because it gives them many career options and freedom. Let’s dive into the details of why is nursing a good career

why is nursing a good career

why is nursing a good career

Different Workplace

Did you know that nurses have more career alternatives than other occupations, even though most people imagine them working in hospitals? Based on their jobs, nurses may work directly or indirectly with patients. Moreover, assisting patients one-on-one requires physical exertion, whereas working indirectly might be managerial or administrative.

Registered nurses have a wide range of employment options outside of hospitals, including skilled nursing centers, offices of physicians, clinics, insurance companies, public health departments, schools (both public and private), colleges, universities, prisons, community health centers or continuing education authors.

 Easy to Change Schedules

The benefit of becoming a nurse is often flexible hours. Nurses don’t have to work from 9 to 5 because they can find shifts that last anywhere from 4 to 12 hours a day. This means that you can make your plan fit your needs. Having these flexibilities is also helpful when you are attending a school or have a part time job.

Making a Change

When you clock in as a nurse that day, you almost certainly will make a change in someone’s life. You are making the world a better place whether you are helping someone with cancer get better, or after a minor accident, you are putting a bandage on someone’s finger.

Space to Grow

Almost every part of the nursing business can help it grow. These opportunities are perfect topics to explore in a nursing application essay, highlighting your aspirations and goals in the nursing field. You can always change your specialties and follow your hobbies if you don’t like the way things are going. If you realize that interacting with children brings you joy, you can pursue a career in pediatrics. Or, if you want your life to be more exciting, there are always thrilling things going on in the emergency room of a hospital.

You can almost always move up as a nurse in the department where you work. To pursue your interests, you might need to go back to school and get one or two more degrees and certifications.

Good Salaries

Finally, and maybe most crucially, nurses earn well. Registered nurses earn $52,000 on average. More experienced and specialized nurses can earn over $72,000 annually. State pay for nursing occupations varies.

With diverse opportunities, flexible schedules, and the potential for significant personal and professional growth, nursing remains an attractive and fulfilling career choice. By sharing their stories and aspirations through a why i chose nursing as a profession essay, individuals can clearly convey their commitment to this noble field, ensuring they stand out in their pursuit of a nursing career. For those seeking additional assistance, utilizing our nursing essay writing service can provide valuable support in creating a standout essay that highlights their dedication and suitability for a nursing career.

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