Persuasive vs Argumentative Essays: Understanding their Differences and Effective Writing Strategies

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March 18, 2024
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May 31, 2024
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Persuasive vs argumentative essay writing

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to describe the difference between an argumentative and a persuasive essay. Don’t worry if you’re having trouble with either writing style for your next task. This blog will help you understand everything you need to know to write with ease. In this blog, we will cover persuasive vs argumentative essays in detail. 

First, we talk about what the main goals of argumentative writing vs persuasive writing are. Then, we look at the best ways to begin the writing process and compare them. In both cases, it’s important to know your audience, which is something that rising scholars from Do Write My Essay will talk about later in this piece.

Key Objectives of Argumentative vs Persuasive Writing

It’s necessary to give your opinion on a subject in both argumentative and persuasive writing. But your method will be different for each. The terms “argumentative” and “persuasive” ought to assist you in understanding the objectives that are expected of you. Let’s check it out.

It’s enough to just state your opinion in a persuasive essay. At the same time, the information you give should seem trustworthy to the people who read it. They don’t have to agree with what you think about this topic. The reader only needs to agree that your point of view is worth looking into.

But the point of a persuasive essay is to get the reader to agree with you. So, you want the reader to not only understand the facts but also agree with your point of view.

The following cases will help you understand the difference. 

Persuasive Essay Topics Argumentative Essay Topics
Why is free education necessary? What long-term effects do energy drinks have on our bodies?
For medical reasons, marijuana should be allowed everywhere. Why is the existing evaluation system inadequate?
What good things does paternity leave do for both workers and employers? What effects do social networks have on self-esteem?

Another option is to look at sample argumentative essays, which will make the differences between the types very clear. But keep in mind that the more controversial your subject, the more likely it is that the reader will not agree with you as much!

Key Differences Persuasive Essay Vs Argumentative Essay

Key Differences Persuasive Essay Vs Argumentative Essay

Persuasive vs Argumentative Essay: Ways to Start

The main idea behind both types of essays is usually the same. Choose a topic that interests you before you even think about your opening. What comes next will be different for persuasive and argumentative writings.

When writing an argumentative piece, it’s important to have all the facts you need to make strong points and give good examples. This is why it is so important to perform thorough research on your chosen subject. It’s easy to decide which side to support once you have all the facts. If you don’t have enough evidence, you should never force a paper to agree with your own view.

When starting a persuasive essay, it’s up to you to choose a good topic and decide which side to back up. The introduction is a little easier to understand.

Writing Techniques: Persuasive Essay vs Argumentative Essay

Now comes the fun part of the persuasive vs argumentative writing debate. When writing for college, it’s never enough to just follow a general persuasive essay outline. To get that coveted better grade, you need to understand how these two writing styles are different in small ways.

Most argumentative writing is built around reasons that are recent and important. This is where the first research comes in. Your essay will be valid if it has the necessary proof and facts from reliable sources. The person will then be able to agree with your point of view.

Just like with argumentative writing, persuasive essays should have some facts to back them up. To make your work persuasive, you need to also connect with the reader on an emotional level. Also, there’s no need to give different points of view. You want the reader to agree with you. Everything is fair in love and war!

Argumentative vs Persuasive Essay: Exploring Perspectives

Let’s talk more about giving different points of view. It’s likely that you learned that an academic essay needs at least three reasons and one counterargument. But remember that this rule only applies to argumentative essays, where you make at least three points of view and back them up with proof. Then you balance that point of view by giving an opposite view. This lets the reader pick a side, even though the facts support your point of view. This method is based on logic.

In a persuasive essay, you probably won’t give the other side a chance. The essay revolves around your beliefs. You can include a counterargument if you feel comfortable, but only if you immediately refute it!

Tone Difference: Argumentative Essay Vs Persuasive

It should look like the person who wrote the persuasive paper knows a lot about the subject of the paper. Some of the ways this is done are by using formal language and writing in an official tone instead of a casual one. Language that is formal, complicated, and full of subject-related words should be used in an argumentative paper.

A persuasive paper uses a different approach. It talks to the reader in a more relaxed way, like a friend or a trusted teacher. Instead of using facts alone to try to persuade the reader, the writer’s voice is more friendly and may spark their feelings, personality, or understanding.

Understanding the Audience: Argumentative Essay vs Persuasive Essay

We’ve looked at how argumentative and persuasive writing are different and how they are the same, as well as the technical parts of both. But there’s one more thing you need to think about: what question your audience has. There is one big difference between them all.

When you write an argumentative paper, keep in mind that you don’t have to persuade anyone. Moreover, there are no people present. You are just giving the information you have collected without expecting anything in return, maybe a pat on the back from your master.

You can’t convince anyone if you don’t have an audience. This is related to another important part of writing: knowing what and how your readers think. Moreover, this helps you figure out the best way to get them to support you.

The people you’re writing for make the main difference between a persuasive essay and an argumentative essay. To write persuasively, you need to know your readers and use that information to show that your point of view is right. If you need to write an argumentative piece, use reasoning and just give the facts without trying to convince anyone.


An example will help you understand more. Imagine writing a persuasive and argumentative essay on “The Benefits of Exercise.”

Why exercise is necessary: Your argumentative essay readers undoubtedly know how important exercise is, but they may disagree about what form of exercise is ideal or how it might avoid specific health issues. You want to persuade individuals who disagree with you to change their minds. You may use scientific studies to prove that regular exercise lowers the risk of chronic diseases or dispel some prevalent myths about exercise and weight loss. Your conclusion would summarize your case. Readers may be encouraged to get involved.
A convincing article on the same issue may reach more people, even those who don’t think exercise is vital or don’t know its benefits. You aim to convince them that frequent exercise is healthy by appealing to their feelings, values, and experiences. You may discuss powerful examples of people who have altered their health through exercise or the mental health benefits of exercise. Moreover, you should emphasize the urgency of acting now and incorporate motivational terms to motivate individuals to exercise for good health and vitality.
Both argumentative and persuasive writings aim to persuade. However, knowing the audience’s needs, attitudes, and views helps tailor each essay’s content and approach.

Persuasive Writing vs Argumentative Writing: Varied Conclusions

The best outcome for a persuasive essay is for the reader to understand the writer’s point of view on the subject. When someone writes argumentatively, they know how to handle a topic well and include opposing ideas and points of view to support their position.

The conclusion of a persuasive piece isn’t quite as strong, and it sees the author’s point of view as solid and the only source of information that counts. If you write a persuasive essay, you want the reader to understand and agree with your opinion.

For example:

Persuasive writing aims to persuade the reader to agree or act. Consider “The Importance of Recycling.” This engaging article encourages recycling by highlighting its benefits to the environment, economy, and society. The concluding statement of this persuasive essay may inspire individuals to recycle now to protect the environment for future generations.
An excellent argumentative essay supports its claim with evidence and logic. Another paper, “The Effects of Social Media on Young People.” The author of this argumentative essay might examine the issue from several angles. They could discuss the pros and cons of social media on mental health and relationships. At the argumentative essay conclusion, the author may say the topic is hard and advise more research or policy changes to address the issues.
Both types of writing aim to alter the reader’s mind. However, argumentative writing presents multiple viewpoints and lets the reader interpret them based on the evidence. This strategy difference affects persuasive and argumentative essay conclusions.

Final Thoughts on Persuasive vs Argumentative Essay

To sum it up, persuasive and argumentative essays aren’t just written differently; they also aim for different things. By getting the hang of both, writers can navigate debates with ease and skill.

As we finish up this article, let’s keep in mind what we’ve learned and keep working on making our essays impactful and interesting. If you ever need assistance with your essays, consider reaching out to professional services to buy essays tailored to your needs.

Keep on writing, persuading, and captivating your audience. Happy writing!

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