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March 14, 2024
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May 31, 2024
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MBA Essay tips

You can get into the best MBA programs in the country if you write a great MBA essay. An advanced degree is very helpful in the business world. According to a poll by Bloomberg BusinessWeek, people with an MBA can raise their pay by up to 80% after they graduate. Grades, standardized tests, and job experience can all play a part in your chances of getting into a program, but your MBA essay is where you can really show what you would bring to the school. This blog post by our mba essay writers will provide MBA essay tips to improve your application.

We’ll also share some tips from different schools of MBA, such as INSEAD, Kellogg, Harvard, and Michigan Ross.

MBA Admission Essays: How Important?

MBA essays are probably the most crucial admissions component. To properly demonstrate your talents, traits, and experiences, spend a lot of effort on your essay. Additionally, admissions committees evaluate essays based on applicants’ writing skills, personality, and business experience. An essay lets you describe your background, unique experiences, and why you think you’ll excel in an MBA program.

MBA programs want applicants with creativity, critical thinking, and a desire to attain goals. They also want well-rounded people who have interacted with folks from other cultures.

Your MBA application essay doesn’t have to be a novel or extremely long piece of writing, but it does necessitate deep consideration, analysis, and originality. In order to overcome writer’s block and produce an essay that accurately portrays your qualifications for an MBA program, you should allow yourself plenty of time. Studying MBA essay examples can provide valuable insights into the expectations of admissions committees and inspire applicants to craft compelling narratives.

Helpful Wharton MBA Essay Tips

The question is how to write MBA essays that get you into top schools that stand out and tell your story well. Here are Wharton MBA essay tips that will make the admissions committee want to read more and help you get into the business school of your choice.

Write Everything before Focusing on Word Count

“From the Wharton MBA, what do you hope to get out of it for yourself and your career?” is a big question. The Admission Committee wants you to write about your last 4-10 years and your next 30 years in under 500 words.

How can I say everything relevant about me and my job choices in 500 words? No, you cannot. You can trim it to highlight.

Join the “Three Career Dots” 

Suppose you have been given the following prompt:

So far, what have you done? What is unique about you? What should you learn next? Wharton can help you in what way? What can you do to help the Wharton people?  What does all of that have to do with your plans after getting your MBA?

Here is an example for students who want to get admission to an MBA at Wharton.

I used to be an engineer, but I found that I really loved talking to customers and meeting their wants. I’m Hispanic, and I really want to make people aware of how important and powerful ethnic groups can be. I was good at analyzing things, but when it came to marketing and strategy, I was completely unaware. I was lucky to have the best business teachers in the world at Wharton.

For me, the Marketing and Operations major helped me improve the things I was bad at. I really believe that good communication is a key part of being a good leader, so I looked for a school that would teach me how to speak better and improve both my quantitative and qualitative skills. Wharton would prepare me to operate international firms by teaching me how to interact with consumers and by developing my skills as a brand manager.

Keep in mind that you are composing your essay for Wharton rather than any random MBA program. If you took the time to learn why that school is ideal for you, its capabilities, and the ways in which it can shape your leadership style in the corporate world, it’s pretty clear. Your writing should show that you understand how unique Wharton is.

Just be yourself

The Admissions Committee is interested in getting to know you and your character to see how you can fit in with the university environment. Your essay hook should reflect your genuine personality and experiences, providing a glimpse into who you are and what drives you as an individual. Being a student-run institution, we expect all MBA candidates to contribute in their own unique way. Outline your specific plans for making a difference.

This is a good Wharton MBA essay tips for editing. Take comments into account until you feel like it reduces your voice. Stand firm in your work and refuse to allow anyone to change you.

INSEAD MBA Essay Tips 

Talk about your short- and long-term work goals in 100 words 

Given that you only have 100 words to answer these type of MBA essay questions. You should be as clear as possible. What is your short-term job goal after getting your MBA? Where do you want to be in 10 to 15 years? And how do you get from here to there?

Even if it’s hard, try to be as clear as you can when you give examples of company names and job titles you’re looking for. You can even say where the event is happening. Try to include one or two sentences that show why you are excited about this job path. Clearly articulating your short- and long-term career goals is crucial when applying to top MBA colleges like INSEAD. Admission committees seek candidates with clear objectives that align with the school’s mission and values.

Tell the truth, not what schools want. 

Another MBA essay tips include do not write what you think admissions committee members want to read! Unique talents and experiences are your biggest selling features. Each essay should show who you are, what drives you, and what you love.

Moreover, do not feel obligated to demonstrate how you meet the “ideal” applicant mold. Having no interest in running a non-profit is fine! Be honest—you’re not driven to preserve the earth! The admissions committee will see through this, and you may do more harm than good. Instead, concentrate on being genuine.

📕Reading suggestion: Is an MBA worth it

Use easy-to-understand words and keep your focus on “so what?”

Some people, like members of the hiring committee, may not understand the words you use every day at work. When you’re not sure, don’t assume that the reader knows everything about your job. Admitting officers are not paired with applicants from the same background or field because the people who work for them come from a wide range of backgrounds. They don’t need to know everything there is to know about your business. Details and accomplishments that are only important to people in your business are actually less impressive than results that are easy to understand and skills that can be used in other situations.

Not only your grandma but also a microfinance professor should be able to understand what you’re writing. You’re wasting your words if the reader doesn’t understand the “so what,” even if another engineer or investment banker would find what you did very amazing.

Kellogg MBA Essay Tips 

If you are interested in applying to the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University this year, these tips will help you get ready to do great on your essay.

Expert Guidance from a Resident Kellogg Specialist at SBC 

Caryn Altman is a long-term consultant at Kellogg School of Management. She holds an MBA from Kellogg and previously served as an admissions officer there. Caryn stresses the significance of showcasing your “unique points of difference” in all aspects of your application to Kellogg MBA, including essays, resumes, interviews, and more. Differentiating oneself from other candidates with similar skills can be difficult.

“This is particularly true for individuals coming from professional backgrounds that are already highly competitive, like banking and consulting, as well as for populations from certain parts of the world that are very crowded,” Caryn points out.

Kellogg Business School Prompt 1 for MBA Essay 

Kellogg Leaders are ready to deal with today’s most important issues anywhere, from the workplace to their own neighborhoods. Tell us about a time when you needed more than one skill to get something done. What skills did you use? What did you get done?

Kellogg MBA essay tips to answer this question 

The essay uses a behavioral essay structure to talk about leadership (the hint is “tell us about a time…”). Your skills can be seen in the specifics of what you did, said, and learned.

Before you start putting together the article, take some time to set the scene. Then, use most of the space to talk about how you felt, what you thought, and what you did. Use details to draw the reader in and make your writing stand out. If you add a few facts in the right places, these Kellogg MBA essays will become more interesting without getting longer. It’s important to list the skills you used in this case.

Additionally, if you pick a tough situation that you got through, be sure to show what you learned. Also, talk about the different skills you used. Also, being ready to get feedback and make changes will help.

When you think about the skills you use as an example, don’t forget about teamwork, which is one of Kellogg’s core values. You’ve probably been a leader before when you were part of a team at work or in a sport outside of school. Working together also shows that you are mature and have good social skills. In the end, make sure you say what you did in this case. It should have an effect on the organization and the people around you.

Kellogg Business School Prompt # 2 for MBA Essay 

Here at Kellogg, we stand by the evidence that shows diverse leadership teams perform better than ones with only one type of leader. In what ways do you think your background and experiences will contribute to the growth of the Kellogg team?

MBA essay tips to answer the above prompt 

The personal essay and professional aspirations essay are combined in this prompt. Kellogg seeks people who can change the world while fulfilling their career and personal goals. This question also seeks your uniqueness. A Kellogg class with diverse backgrounds is ideal.

Think about the value you can bring from your own experiences. That being said, your decision to get an MBA might be better understood by listening to your narrative. It is possible to generate a laundry list of details regarding your history and point of view while engaging in brainstorming. Reflect on your life thus far, taking stock of your family history, place where you reside, and the individuals who have had an impact on you. Is there something about you that surprises me, too? This isn’t a question about your whole career and personal life. So, keep your responses to a maximum of two significant experiences.

Michigan Ross MBA Essay Tips 

Here are some Michigan Ross MBA admissions essay tips:

  • Show that you can work together and play as a team.
  • The school is putting more focus on being an entrepreneur, which is a good thing.
  • Show that you’re interested in the action-based part and that it’s the best way for you to learn. Also, show that you know about MAP and other interesting parts of the program.

✅Pro-Tip: Remember to utilize the MBA interview tips to enhance your interview performance.

Harvard MBA Essay Tips

Here are some MBA essay tips for Havard:

  • Harvard’s main goal is to develop leaders. People who want to be leaders should go to school, but not necessarily people who are leaders.
  • “Leadership without Authority”—the ability to inspire, direct, and persuade people to make changes even when you don’t have formal leadership responsibilities—is an area of special interest to Harvard.
  • Have a broad perspective – it’s better to be good at several things than to be very outstanding at just one. 

Final Thoughts

Most importantly, always remember that you are more than enough. Any one of us can get into a business school; the key is to highlight your own personal qualities and experiences. You are an excellent candidate since your journey, with all its ups and downs, has given you important insights and abilities. Show that you are genuine, that you care, and that your experiences complement your aspirations for the future. You may create an unforgettable application that stands out from the rest by being authentic and sharing your story with confidence. If you find yourself struggling, you can always buy essay online to ensure your application is polished and compelling.

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