Master the Body Paragraph: Structure, Tips & Examples

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May 30, 2024
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May 30, 2024
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Body paragraph of an essay

Most students having trouble writing essays on any subject may have the same questions about how to organize, format, and compose their work. Everyone who is learning English knows that an essay usually has an opening, a body paragraph, and an end.

Most of them should also remember that the middle is the most important part of any writing. Because of this, we have to pay close attention to what the body of an essay means and the basic rules for writing it. This is why some students choose to pay someone to write their essays. This way, they can get professional help understanding the importance of the essay body and learning the basic rules. Let’s get these things clear.

What is a Body Paragraph?

Any paragraph in a school paper that comes after the introduction and before the end is called a body paragraph. The main goal of the essay body is to present the main idea of the author and show the subject in a fresh way by making strong points. This paragraph is the longest in the paper, and it should be based on clear reasoning, looking at real-world facts, using proof, or convincing others.

How long should a Body Paragraph be?

The size isn’t limited, but it relies on essay structure and the number of pages it has. The most important part of your academic writing shouldn’t be less than three lines. It might never be longer than one page, though. Usually, an essay needs at least six lines, or 200 words, to back up the main idea that was introduced in the beginning. At the start of the body paragraph, you can use a shift to link ideas from one sentence to the next and keep your readers interested.

What are the Parts of a Body Paragraph?

When we talk about the essay body paragraph structure, we should think of each paragraph as a different part of the structure of an essay. Each paragraph is made up of sentences that form a small introduction, body, and end. Here are four main body paragraph parts:

What are the Parts of a Body Paragraph

What are the Parts of a Body Paragraph


The words you use at the start and end of a body paragraph connect it to other parts of the text and make sure your paper flows smoothly. It shouldn’t be hard to write a transition line. When going from one thought to the next, words like “moreover,” “otherwise,” or just “on the other hand” will be enough to block out all other thoughts.

Topic Sentence

This part is usually the first line that introduces the subject and says what the paragraph is going to be about. Take this sentence as an example: “Online education has many benefits.” When we read this, we know that the author will give reasons to back up this idea and make it more general.

Supporting Points

This is the most important part of your essay and your body paragraph is built on it. One to three sentences in an academic paper should back up the claim made in the topic sentence with proof, logical statements, or the opinion of an expert.


This is the last sentence of the paper, and it sums up the author’s point of view based on the information that supports it. You should use an emotional appeal at the end of your essay to get people to think about what you’ve written.

How to Write a Body Paragraph in an Essay?

Before we go over the main tips for writing a great essay, you need to make sure you understand and follow the steps below. Body writing is made up of three important steps:

  • Make a list of the things you want to include in your essay;
  • Write down the main ideas you’ll be expanding on in the first draft of your work;
  • In the second draft, you should spell out your points and arrange them in a logical way.

Let us look at how to handle each step of the writing process to make it easier and go more quickly.

Making a Plan or Outline

First, create an essay outline. So that you know how your paper will be organized. This step is important because it helps you see how each part of your essay fits in with the rest of it. You can always change the order of your points if you need to. Additionally, the way you arrange your ideas on the page might also change as you write it. Even if you’ve started writing the first body paragraph, don’t be hesitant to make changes and include fresh ideas in your plan.

Compose the First Essay Draft

At this point, you should turn your broad ideas into well-thought-out cases for them. Additionally, you must add essential details and helpful examples to them. It is very crucial to think about how you want your finished paper to look. Also, it’s important to know how to organize an essay properly. Now, take a look at our helpful tips on how to conclude an essay.

How do you start a Body Paragraph?

An essay consists of strong body paragraphs. The first sentence of your body paragraph is one of the hardest parts to write. It’s important to know how to start a body paragraph because that’s where the strongest argument of the whole paper is generally found. The topic sentence and main idea of the whole part of an essay should be in the first paragraph, which is also called the “paragraph leader.” The first line should start a conversation and ask a key question that will be answered in the next part of your essay.

Compose the Second Draft

You should revise what you’ve written and change a few words if you need to. You could also cut some parts of your work and improve it. Then, look over your paper one last time before turning it in to eliminate any language or style mistakes and extra words. Additionally, you must read your writing out loud to make sure it fulfills your desired goal. Ask the following questions yourself:

  • Does my body paragraph build on the idea I introduced in the opening and back up my thesis?
  • Have I clearly explained my perspective on the topic?
  • Have I given enough strong points to agree with me?
  • Does my paper flow logically?
  • Have I used an appropriate tone?

Smart Strategies for an Effective Body of an Essay

If you are still confused about ways to start a body paragraph here are some tips for you:

Smart Strategies for an Effective Body of an Essay

Smart Strategies for an Effective Body of an Essay

Continue writing from any point.

Most writers start their work from the very first point which is the introduction. But it’s up to you, you can choose any part to start with. Additionally, we recommend you pick the easy part and write it first. Then move to the complex part of your essay.

Explain one idea in one paragraph.

In the essay body, every paragraph must have a single idea and offer proof, arguments, as well as an explanation. Additionally, include a main statement that tells what the paragraph is about at the beginning of each paragraph. The upcoming body paragraph must give more information about your thought or idea and build on it. Moreover, you must not move on to the next line until you have completely explained all of your points relevant to one idea.

Be flexible when brainstorming.

Parts that don’t make sense should not be tolerated. You can incorporate fresh thoughts into your essay if you can locate a suitable place for them.

Irritated? Don’t delete your article.

If you are unhappy with the final product, you can save the essay or paper in its entirety or only a section of it to a new document. Ideas for your essay could pop into your head while you read, but you might not know how to put them into action right once.

Make a sources list.

It is important to properly cite your sources when you complete drafts. You can save a lot of time and effort by not copying anything. Remember to always cite your sources by include the following information: author, title, year, and page number whenever you use their work in your own work.

Do not try to be perfect.

When writing the first body paragraph example, don’t get too involved with minor details. Note down your ideas right away and then work on them later. Moreover, if you don’t like a word or sentence, mark it in the draft so you can fix it later. You may be having an issue with one sentence and not know how to put it together. If so, move on to something else and come back to it later. You don’t need to modify pieces that you might delete or change later.

Ensure a clear connection between your ideas.

Check to see if your ideas flow well between paragraphs and within new paragraphs. They should be put together in a way that makes sense and is simple for people to understand. Additionally, try to connect each new line with the previous one with the help of transition words.

Body Paragraph Example

Here is a good example of a body paragraph. This body paragraph is picked from the essay ‘Why schools should use uniforms for students’. 

 Example 1

There would be less harassment and mocking if students at our school were required to wear uniforms. According to a survey, 60% of children reported experiencing bullying or harassment because of their attire. This behavior would decrease if all students were required to wear the same uniform. Additionally, according to 73% of students, dressing in school uniforms will contribute to the school’s feeling more like a family. When teenagers feel like they belong at school and with their peers, they are less inclined to pick on each other. Students would interact more with one another and engage in less bullying and teasing if they dressed for school.

Example 2

Most importantly, instructors require more money to get the tools they need and the time and energy to focus on helping their students learn. Teachers often have to pay for their own supplies, which limits what they can give their kids. A poll from 2018 found that 94% of teachers buy materials and tools for their classrooms with their own money every year. Teachers don’t even make enough to live on, let alone buy their resources for the classroom. In the same poll, teachers said that they spend an average of $400 to over $1,000 a year on school supplies. Because of this and the fact that teachers are known for making very little money, it’s no surprise that more than one-third of them have other jobs. Teachers who have multiple jobs are less focused on their lessons, less energized, and less likely to look for ways to improve their skills. The National Education Association says that moonlighting can make teachers more stressed and less engaged because they have to juggle more than one plan and have less time for family and fun. Teachers have limited time, money, and ability to focus on meeting the needs of their students, yet they are expected to pay for their own resources. How can they make sure that the most needy students have access to these resources? 

Body Paragraph Example 3

Exercise is very important because it keeps your body healthy. One of the health perks of exercise is that it makes muscles stronger. Utilizing your muscles is the only way to make them stronger. Some exercises that make your muscles stronger are weight lifting, crunches, squats, lunges, and return to the floor. Working out also slows your heart rate, which is a good thing. Our hearts may be working better if their rate is low. This means they don’t have to pump as many times in a minute to get blood to our systems. Because our hearts beat more quickly, our blood pressure goes down. These are just some of the amazing benefits that exercise is good for your health.

Final Thoughts

Some people find it hard to write the body paragraph of an essay, especially if they are new to academic study and are still learning how to finish an essay. Remember that other students are also having a hard time with the same tough issues. That’s where a good essay helper comes in. They can give you useful advice and support to make the process easier. 

There is always someone from our team ready to help you. We can show you the best example of a body paragraph and give you helpful tips on how to write an essay that is well-organized and formatted correctly. No matter what topic you choose for our rising scholars, your work will always be interesting, clear, and expertly done. You can also buy essays online. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What is the body paragraph?

Ans. The body paragraph lies between the start and end of your paper or essay. These paragraphs contain the pieces of evidence to support your arguments.

Q2: How to start your second body paragraph?

Ans. Start the second body paragraph by introducing the new idea. Relate this paragraph to the previous one by adding transition words. 

Q3: What are the three parts of a body paragraph?

Ans. The 3 parts of a body paragraph are:

  • Topic sentence
  • Evidence
  • Concluding lines

Q4: How to start the first body paragraph?

Ans. The first body paragraph usually starts with the topic sentence of the essay. It tells the audience what you are going to discuss in the paragraph. 

Q5: What is the body in writing?

Ans. There are small pieces of writing called body paragraphs that support the main idea of an article, report, or story. A good body paragraph has three main parts: a topic sentence (also called a key sentence), a few important supporting sentences, and a sentence that ends the paragraph.

Q6: How many lines is a body paragraph?

Ans. In academic papers, a typical body paragraph consists of five to eight lines. 

Q7: What is the purpose of a body paragraph?

Ans. The basic purpose of a body paragraph is to thoroughly explain your thoughts or ideas about the subject. 

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