Secrets to Crafting a Killer Essay Introduction

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June 4, 2024
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June 4, 2024
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Essay Introduction

It can be scary to look at a blank page and not know how to write an introduction for an essay. You might think about the essay introduction for hours, but the due date is getting closer and closer every day. However, a good essay introduction line is not hard to write.

The introduction of various types of writing is different. But a good introduction always grabs the reader right away! Also, it must give important background information to the reader and let them know what the purpose of your essay is.

Here are a few tips on how to write an essay introduction. Additionally, we provide some examples of good introductions for an essay for better understanding. First, let’s talk about what is a good essay introduction and how to start it.

What is a Good Introduction for an Essay?

Wondering introduction meaning in essay? Introduction means the start of an essay. When a reader reads your essay, it is the first thing that grabs the reader’s attention. Additionally, it gives the roadmap to the rest of your essay.

If you properly introduce your essay topic and also add its background information it means your essay introduction is good.  You should also define the main terms that your readers don’t know. 

  • A good first sentence should meet all of the following requirements:
  • Use an interesting line to draw the reader into your essay introduction.
  • It needs to have basic facts about your subject in it.
  • This should give people an idea of the main point(s) your writing will make.
  •  It needs to have all the necessary details about the setting, places, and order of events.
  • At the end of your essay introduction, make a clear statement that will be the thesis of your paper.

How Long Should an Introduction be for an Essay?

There aren’t usually any hard and fast rules about essay introduction length. When professional essay writers write an outline, they often think about how long the whole paper will take.  For example, if you want to know how to start a five-paragraph essay, keep your first line short and fit it into a single section. But if you’re writing a longer paper, like 40 pages, your introduction might need more than a few lines or even a whole page.

There are no exact standards, but experienced writers recommend an 8% to 9% beginning paragraph for your essay.

How to Start an Introduction for an Essay?

 Take a look at the different parts of an essay before we can figure out how to start one. There are three crucial parts of an essay introduction:

  • Hook: An interesting first sentence that grabs the reader’s attention.
  • Background information: Knowledge that is relevant to the thesis statement and should be understood.
  • Additionally, the main point or thought of your essay is in the thesis statement.

You could also give an
essay outline that lets the reader know what’s coming up. But make sure this structure of an essay introduction is very short.

How to Write an Essay Introduction?

The essay introduction steps below will help you write an essay introduction when you’ve finished your work:

How to Write an Essay Introduction

How to Write an Essay Introduction

Step 1: Start with a catchy hook.

Before we talk about how to start an essay introduction, we need to understand the concept of hook. A good first sentence, or “hook,” should get the reader interested. An interesting essay introduction is what gets people to read the rest of your essay. It should be clear and concise, but still give people a sense of your essay’s main point.

The basic purpose of good introduction to an essay is the same for almost all types of essays. However, the hooks used in each type of essay are different. Additionally, there are multiple essay types, so a beginning sentence that works for one type might not always work for another. Because of this, it’s important to look at different kinds of opening comments.

Let me explain this with the following openings:

Interesting number or fact

To get people interested in reading more, start your essay with a shocking fact that they can’t believe. This kind of essay introduction works well for both expository essay and persuasive essay writing.

When you use this opener, it’s important to make sure it fits with the rest of your essay introduction. Relevance is very important for a good introduction for essay.

Here are a few introduction essay examples:

1. There is 1% of the global population that owns more wealth than the bottom 99% combined. As the gap between the very rich and everyone else keeps growing, it becomes more and more important to talk about fairness, social mobility, and the long-term viability of this kind of system.2. There are about 450 million people in the world who are dealing with mental health issues right now, but stigma and discrimination keep many of them from getting the help they need.

3. It is thought that there are more than 2 trillion galaxies in the world, and each one has billions of stars. With a size that blows your mind, the question arises: Are we alone?


Want to know how to start an essay introduction in a special way? Ask a question! When you start your essay with a question, it speaks directly to the reader and makes the essay more engaging. Additionally, it gives your essay some interest and makes it much more interesting than a passive, dull statement.

It also makes the person think about what they think about a subject. This kind of beginning works best for argumentative essays and persuasive writing.

Here are some essay introduction paragraph examples:

1. Are we messing with nature’s blueprints while making medical breakthroughs that have never been seen before? When you look into the moral issues surrounding genetic engineering, you find a lot of questions about how to balance scientific progress with moral standards and the long-term effects on people.2. Does the digital age mean that privacy is dead, or is there a way to balance the ease of technology with keeping our personal information safe? When we look at the effects of surveillance, data collection, and cyber security, we have to rethink what privacy means in a world where everything is linked.

3. Do robots really have intelligence and consciousness? Looking into the moral and philosophical effects of AI brings up deep questions about what it means to be human and how far technology can go.

Opening with a bang

We’ve already talked about how to begin the essay introduction of different kinds of school writings. So, when it comes to creative writing, we also need to learn essay introduction starters.

Key parts of creative essay types are original and dramatic opening sentences. With these beginnings, you can set a scene that the reader can enter.

Personal essays, narrative essays, and descriptive essays all use this kind of essay introduction a lot. But you can also use them to make your point in persuasive writings.

Take a look:

1. In the middle of a forest lit by the moon, a lone figure walked out holding a secret that would destroy everything they knew about themselves.2. A lovely town with an old-world feel was tucked away in some emerald green hills. Its cobblestone streets were lined with cute houses that had flowers hanging from the roofs.

3. The old ruins stand stiff and worn, their crumbling stone walls ringing with the sounds of history. People have been coming to this city for hundreds of years to step back in time and figure out their mysterious stories.

Powerful quote

Giving advice from experts is another important way to start your introduction of an essay. You can do this with the help of a strong quote that hints at your essay’s main idea and theme.

This method is very flexible and can be used for any kind of writing. But it’s important to make sure that the quote you use at the beginning of your essay has something to do with the rest of it.

Here are some powerful opening quotes:

Churchill said, “The Industrial Revolution was a revolution of profound consequences; an age of wonders that turned the wheels of progress and forever changed the course of human history.” New evidence supports this claim. 

  1. “The suffering of mental disease has no age restrictions; so, in the struggle against depression, it is our  responsibility to help the young souls negotiate the darkness and provide a hope ray.” This is a powerful quote  from Michelle Obama, first lady of the United States. 

2.  The World Health Organization (WHO) has called the global burden of mental health disorders a major public health issue. Millions of people around the world have mental health disorders. There are, however, many social and economic hurdles that keep many people from getting the mental health care they need.

3. Jane Goodall, a famous anthropologist, said, “Genetic modification holds the key to unlocking the mysteries of life, but we must tread carefully, for with great power comes great responsibility.” Genetic modification has the potential to make farming, healthcare, and people’s overall health and happiness better, but we can’t ignore the risks and moral concerns that come with it.

The main idea

There’s no need to beat around the bush in some writings; they should get right to the point. It’s important to be as clear, brief, and to the point as you can.

Just starting your essay with the main idea is a good idea in this case. This kind of opening sentence works really well for analytical and argumentative essays because it lets the reader know right away what you think about a case.

I’ll start with a few short sentences:

Because it is so bad for society’s health, puts a lot of stress on public health services, and puts smokers and people who aren’t smoking at risk, smoking should be illegal everywhere.College that is paid for by taxpayers is very important for society’s growth. It makes things easier to get to, helps people move up in society, evens out differences, and gives people the power to help the business.

If you think that emotional support animals are just a scam, you’re missing out on the fact that they can really help people with mental health problems.

We now know how to use a hook to start a paragraph in an essay. Let’s move on to giving the background information we need.

Step 2: Give important background information

Your essay introduction includes more than just the main idea and a hook. It is very important to know what past information you need to include in your essay introduction before you can learn how to start an essay introduction. A few examples of background information are:

  • Background in history and society
  • Facts about geography
  • Previous studies or ideas about a certain case
  • Definitions of terms in case you need to write a very technical essay

Here are some examples of background information:

The next example gives background knowledge for the question “Why Should It Be Illegal to Domesticate Wild Animals?”

In their natural environments, wild animals are very important for keeping the ecosystems balanced. Taking them out of their natural surroundings can upset the delicate balance of ecosystems, which could be bad for biodiversity and the health of ecosystems.

Step 3: Tell us about your main idea or thesis statement.

It is very important to build a strong base for composing an effective essay introduction. It is essential to have a general idea of your thesis statement before you even start writing your introduction. A good thesis statement in essay must be broad enough that more can be said about it. On the other hand, you shouldn’t expand it too much since too much knowledge would create monotony in writing an essay.

The most important part of your essay is the thesis line. It’s the main idea or point that the whole essay is built on. A good thesis statement tells in a few lines what your essay’s main point is. 

This is a list of some strong thesis statements:

The next thesis statement is about the subject “Harvesting the Rain.”

Rainwater harvesting is a long-term and effective way to deal with water shortages because it collects and uses rainwater. This reduces the stress on traditional water sources, encourages self-sufficiency, and builds long-term natural and social resilience.

What would you say as your thesis statement for “Unveiling the Mysteries of the Mediaeval World”?

A lot of different cultural, social, and political changes happened during the middle Ages. These changes had an impact on government, faith, the arts, and the formation of a unique feudal system.

This one is called “Tracing the Journey of Canine Domestication”:

Bringing dogs into homes was a long and complicated process that took thousands of years. It turned wolves into loyal pets and had huge effects on society as a whole.

Step 4: Give an overall picture 

It’s a good idea to give a brief summary of your essay in the first line. This is especially helpful for writings that are long. With this, you let the reader know what to expect and what you plan to talk about. 

Here are a few examples:

This is a summary of the subject “Life in the Victorian Era.”

At the start of the essay, social segregation and class differences in the Victorian age are talked about. Then it highlights about how the industrial revolution changed Victorian society. Lastly, it talks about how Victorian morals, ideals, and art have affected modern life. 

Let’s have a look at some examples of interesting introduction essay examples now.  

Introduction Essay Examples

We have also given you some good essay introductions to help you along the way. Here are some examples of how to start an essay for the four main types:

Four Main Types of Essays

Four Main Types of Essays

  • Narrative
  • Descriptive
  • Argumentative
  • Expository

This is because each type of essay needs a different type of introduction paragraph.

Narrative Essay Introduction Example

This example of a narrative essay opening focuses on the daily challenges encountered by a person of color who is an immigrant in a different country.

  • Hook statement
  • Information about the past
  • Thesis statement

  As the sun rose on what seemed like a normal day, I had no idea that it would be the start of a trip that would shape who I am, challenge my ideas, and teach me the deep meaning of being a person of color. People from marginalized groups often don’t have their stories told or are overshadowed by dominant narratives in a world that prides itself on diversity and equality.

 On the other hand, I’m not afraid to go deep into my own journey. By talking about important events, meetings, and self-reflection, I will show how complicated and nuanced my life is. I will talk about the victories, problems, and life-changing experiences that have changed how I see myself, others, and the world around me.

Descriptive Essay Introduction Example

This opening to a descriptive essay talks about how beautiful it is to take a slow walk through the park.

  • Hook 
  • Information about background
  • What the thesis says
In the busy world we live in now, where time seems to slip through our fingers like sand grains, there is a peaceful place where the fast-paced life slows down and the soul finds comfort. The place where you can find safety is actually a park—a haven of nature and peace smack in the middle of a city. It is a spot where the soft music of nature mixes with the sounds of the wind, where bright colors dance across the sky, and where peace and quiet soothes the soul. Through this slow walk, we can learn about nature’s hug and see how a simple stroll through the park can refresh our senses, calm our minds, and bring us back into touch with the natural world’s natural beauty.

Argumentative Essay Introduction Example

The following opening to an argumentative essay is about the age-old question of nature vs. nurture.

  • Hook
  • Information about the past
  • What the thesis statement says

 There has always been a debate about whether our genes or our surroundings make us who we are. This is known as the “battle between nature and nurture.” Some people believe that our genes (nature) and our environment (nurture) shape our growth, behavior, and essence. Others believe that both are equally important.

 According to the nature perspective, our genes determine most of our traits. Conversely, the nurture perspective  holds that outside events including our upbringing, social contacts, and cultural influences mostly define our identities. On closer inspection, though, environmental elements and genetic predispositions clearly have complicated effects on human development. Examining both nature and nurture together rather than confining them to two straightforward categories can help one to completely grasp how people develop.

Expository Essay Introduction Example

This is the beginning of an explanatory essay that talks about the world before the internet and other digital gadgets.

  • Catchy sentence
  • Past information
  • Thesis statement
 Imagine a time when individuals lacked instantaneous contacts, social media, or cellphones. They sought information in encyclopedias, spoke with one another personally, and the written word carried actual weight. People employed traditional means of communication, knowledge acquisition, and daily life running before the digital era. People shared knowledge and communicated with one another mostly via printed books, landlines, handwritten letters, and actual newspapers.

During this analogue age, people valued photo albums to save memories, shopped in actual stores, and relied on paper maps to get around. Getting knowledge and making contacts back then required a great deal of patience and tenacity. Showing us an easier, more deliberate way of life, the time before computers and the internet offered its own set of possibilities and problems. Examining what distinguishes society can help us to better grasp how the digital transformation has changed it.

Persuasive Essay Introduction Example

The only point of writing a convincing essay is to get people to agree with you about something. This can be done with the help of arguments like ethos, pathos, and logos. 

For this paper, a hook sentence could be anything from an interesting fact to a funny joke. You are free to use any method you want. The most important piece of advice is to make sure that your hook fits with your argument and can support more reasons.

In general, a convincing essay needs three facts to back up its claims. So, to help people get to the main point of your paper, give a short summary of your three reasons in the beginning.

Now comes the thesis statement. This is the main claim you will be arguing against in this paper. It should be a short, well-thought-out, and sure statement of the main point of your essay. Here is an example of good introduction for a persuasive essay.

It’s better for the environment to recycle trash. It not only cleans up the earth, but it also turns trash into useful things. The whole world must have recycling initiatives.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: How do I start my essay introduction?

Ans.  To start an essay introduction you have to follow these steps:

  • Get the person interested. Spend some time writing a good hook for your first line because it sets the tone for the whole essay.
  • Give some background.
  • Say what your thesis statement is.
  • Plan out how your writing will be organized.
  • Check and make changes.

Q2: What is the purpose of an introduction paragraph when writing an essay?

Ans. The essay introduction paragraph has two main goals:

  • To get people interested in reading your paper.
  • To come up with a main idea that will guide the rest of your essay.

Q3: What is the purpose of the introduction in a research essay?

Ans. It is the first chance you have to impress your readers. In the essay introduction, you give the reader background information. This information helps them to understand why your research is crucial. Additionally, it must begin with a broad introduction of your topic and then get more specific by stating your research question as well as your hypothesis.

Q4: What is a bridge in an essay introduction?

Ans. The longest part of an introduction is usually the part in the middle called the “bridge.” The hook and the thesis are linked by this part, which is why it’s called the bridge.

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