Why Do I Deserve a Scholarship? Best Tips and Example

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January 20, 2024
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April 19, 2024
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Why do I deserve scholarship

When you’re applying for a scholarship, you see various topics that the admission committee asks you to write on. But the most common prompts are ‘Why do I deserve a scholarship? Or ‘Why should I be considered for a scholarship?’ Though these questions may appear hard, try not to overthink them! You can readily respond to these simple questions. Here’s how.

Not all students have enough money to pay for their school fees. So, some look for help, like financial aid or scholarship funds, and one way to get this help is by applying for scholarships. Have you ever applied for a scholarship and felt absolutely certain that you deserved it? Well, as an applicant, let me give you some advice: don’t assume you’ll get it until it’s confirmed! When I started asking for financial help or scholarships, I was a bit overconfident, thinking people would give me money because of my good grades and skills. But it didn’t quite work out that way.

Scholarships might seem easy, but for beginners, they can be a bit tricky. You might wonder who gets these scholarships and how much help they get. How do you stand out from others who also deserve it? What makes you more deserving than someone else? These are some questions that might pop up.

In this blog, we will discuss the importance of scholarships followed by a discussion of the 10 reasons why I deserve a scholarship. If you are short on time or need professional assistance, you can buy essay online at do write my essay. Our professional writers can assist you in creating a standout scholarship essay.

Importance of scholarships

Before answering why do I deserve a scholarship, it is very important to understand the importance of scholarship in the education realm. 

Scholarships don’t just help with money. They also make schools more diverse and inclusive. They give smart students who can’t afford school a chance to go to college. Unlike other ways of getting money for school, scholarships don’t leave students with a huge amount of debt to pay back.

10 Reasons to specify why do I deserve a scholarship

The following are the reasons you can highlight in your essay to prove ‘Why I should be considered for a scholarship?’.

10 Reasons to specify why do I deserve a scholarship

10 Reasons to specify why do I deserve a scholarship

1. Hardworking

Why I should receive a scholarship? Because I am a hard-working student. I work hard in school, such as studying and even outside of school, to maintain a high GPA. Even in difficult situations, I never give up. I constantly work hard, and I’m pleased with the improvements I’ve made as a result of my dedication.

2. Participated in community service 

The selection panel is always impressed when candidates volunteer to improve their community since it shows their strong commitment to improving the lives of others. 

You can write like this.

I’ve done volunteer work at the food bank, animal shelter, and local library. As part of my community service, I’ve also helped arrange community clean-up days.

3. Persistent 

The selection committee will be really impressed if you can convince them that you are a very persistent worker who regularly strives to achieve the desired results. The scholarship selection committee is always seeking students who are persistent in their efforts, as this puts them up for future success. 

4. Able to overcome challenges 

Challenges are a part of life and will always put an individual to the test. As a result, discussing your previous experiences in which you faced and conquered problems will undoubtedly make your scholarship essay sound great. 

5. Dedicated to achieving goals 

Discuss the goals and aspirations you have for the future. Make sure your essay reflects your drive and optimism for success as you discuss your future goals. 

6. Unique 

Write about how your unique personality makes you stand out from the other applicants in your scholarship essay. This may include your interests, passions, skills, unique features, etc. 

Keep in mind that the people choosing candidates want to see what makes each person unique. They don’t like when students say common things just to be safe. Be yourself and show what sets you apart.

7. Past accomplishments

Writing about your past achievements can increase your credibility with the selection committee, which will increase their trust in you. Academic achievements like good grades and awards from competitions you have won can be considered part of your past successes.

8. Positive feedback from prior mentors/teachers 

You can discuss in your scholarship essay how your past mentors and teachers gave you excellent feedback on both your working style and yourself as a person. The selection committee would be positively impacted by this, which would further motivate them to have a look at your application. 

9. Passionate 

Write about your enthusiasm for the course you have chosen to take and your plans to work in that industry in the future. The words should precisely reflect your passion for that field and how you are bound to have a good career in it. 

10. Explain your financial situations 

Mention any noteworthy financial conditions that were not addressed in your FAFSA application. Highlight specific circumstances, such as large medical costs, family issues, and so on, that demand more financial support.

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Why scholarship committee ask you such questions?

For each scholarship opportunity, scholarship committees must review hundreds of applicants. When comparing two equally qualified and experienced applicants, the essay frequently makes the difference.

When they ask you, “Why do you deserve this scholarship?” they’re not just interested in your grades. They want to know more about you as a person. They want you to explain why you should get the scholarship instead of all the other smart students applying. What makes you different? How does this award help you reach your goals? And what good will you do with the money if you get it? The people giving out the scholarship want to be sure they’re helping someone who will use the money for something important.

Answering this question might feel a bit scary. How do you tell them why you should get the award without sounding like you’re asking for too much or like you really need it? The trick is to talk about your own experiences. Share your story to show why you’re the right person for the award.

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Helpful tips on answering ‘Why do I deserve this scholarship’

Here are a few tips that will help you convince the admission committee of why I deserve this scholarship.

Tips on answering ‘Why do I deserve this scholarship’

Tips on answering ‘Why do I deserve this scholarship’

Be yourself

It’s not advisable to base your approach solely on what the scholarship committee deems as ‘looking good.” They will definitely detect this approach.

Instead, think about your response and work on it. It should come from a genuine place within you. By doing this, you can be sure that your response is true and unique to you.

You have the opportunity to showcase your unique self through the scholarship essay and application. Do you work hard? Do you have a strong passion? Use your strengths and emphasize specific instances in your writing where they shine through.

Discuss your dedication and perseverance

Let your dedication shine through in your answer to show the committee how passionate you are. You deserve the award because you love learning, are interested in your subject, or really want to move forward. After all, why would you be there if you weren’t enjoying what you’re doing?

Does the scholarship help you get closer to your lifelong goal? Instead of just telling the committee about your passion, make sure you show it to them. In writing, it’s generally a good idea to show rather than tell. This strategy not only helps the committee remember you, but it also proves to them that you are a worthy recipient of the prize. To grab the reader’s attention, incorporate “be yourself” and your passion into a thoughtful, personal statement.

Consider the reasons you applied

You should also think about the question, “Why are you applying for this scholarship?” Maybe you require the funds to attend and afford college. Perhaps you believed that the attributes listed in the application matched your own. You might be able to work fewer hours at your job after receiving this scholarship. It would free up more time for you to study and improve your grades.

There’s a reason you’re applying for the scholarship. Remember why you’re an excellent prospect and incorporate it. Ultimately, the scholarship organization is interested in knowing who gets awarded and why.

Think about your failures and obstacles

Nobody is perfect. Everybody makes mistakes and has shortcomings. And every one of us faces everyday obstacles, some minor and others major. You should definitely consider these when you’re writing your scholarship essay.

Explaining how you learned from previous experiences, mistakes, and failures can demonstrate your passion for a field as well as your personal progress. It can be the perfect point to emphasize in order to show why I should be considered for the scholarship.

Follow the Instructions to the End

Always follow the instructions exactly as they are given. When sponsors ask different questions with specific word limits, pay close attention. It’s like a little test to see if you can follow directions.

When it comes to shorter criteria, you must be precise and thoughtful. Longer scholarship questions allow you to be more expressive and in-depth.

What’s the scholarship committee look for in a candidate?

  • Scholarship committees usually look for students who do well in school, have good personal qualities, and match the goals of the scholarship.
  • It’s critical that you thoroughly follow the guidelines and directions in order to increase your chances. Understand what the scholarship committees are looking for. 
  • Make your application show how strong you are in these areas. This makes it more likely that the people choosing who gets the scholarship will notice you.
  • Stick to the guidelines, including word counts, to impress them. Learn everything you can about the company, including its mission, vision, and ambitions. Write about these in your essay to show shared values. 
  • If there are no formatting instructions, use a regular 12-point Times New Roman font with double spacing.
  • Make your content relevant to the organization’s main objectives. For example, if you’re a biology major with a strong interest in microbiology, emphasize this if it’s related to the scholarship. 
  • Apply in a way that is clear, concise, and targeted to the interests of the scholarship provider.

The application is not only about you; it’s also about how well you align with the goals of the scholarship.

Example of why should I receive a scholarship

I believe I deserve this award because I’m good at solving problems in a creative way. When I was the student council president, I helped make our school library better for everyone. I worked with the staff to organize the books based on what students were studying, making it easier for everyone to learn. This experience made me really excited about making a positive difference as a leader. Now, I want to use this same creative thinking to get a business degree focusing on project management. With this scholarship and other grants I’ll get, I’m sure I can finish my education and continue contributing to solving issues within my community.

My main objective is to work in construction management so I can apply my knowledge and abilities to build homes more quickly and efficiently for low-income families. Furthermore, I believe that everyone deserves a secure and comfortable environment to live in, and I want to contribute to this by working in construction.

Getting this scholarship is super important for my education and career dreams. It will help me pay for school and show that people believe in my ability to make good changes. The scholarship will provide me with the resources needed to focus on my education and develop the skills necessary to excel in my future role as a construction management professional.

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