190+ Persuasive Speech Topics To Captivate Your Audience

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March 30, 2024
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May 10, 2024
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A confident woman delivering a persuasive speech at a podium, captivating the audience with her words.

Want to motivate others? Would you like to be heard? Choosing strong, persuasive speech topics lets you make a great speech that will impress your teacher, colleagues, and anyone else who listens. Students are often assigned persuasive essays for numerous reasons. You may write one for your graduation party or give one in class.

When your speech is well-written, you can persuade your audience. A solid, persuasive speech shows you’ve researched your issue. Like a special occasion speech, it should demonstrate your research and credibility. Many students struggle to find the best assignment idea. This post offers interesting persuasive speech topics for producing a great work.

Key Elements of Persuasive Speech

There are three important parts that every persuasive speech and writing must have. Logic, ethics, and feeling are some of these parts. You can also call these three things: 

Key Elements of Persuasive Speech

Key Elements of Persuasive Speech

  • Logos
  • Ethos
  • Pathos

Good Persuasive Speech Topics

Choose the correct persuasive topics for speech. This implies you must spend time brainstorming a great concept and then use your creativity and skills to write it well. Many students question, “What is a persuasive speech topic?” because they’re confused about persuasive writing. For clarity, speech essay examples might be invaluable. You must discuss this in your assignment. Teachers or professors set essay topics, or you can choose one. Without an engaging, persuasive essay topic, your audience may not listen to the end. Spend time to choose a topic. It can help you submit a great project.

There are three distinct kinds of persuasive speeches: 

  • factual persuasive (those that present evidence to prove or disprove an assertion), 
  • Value persuasive speech (those that argue for or against an idea’s morality), and 
  • policy persuasive speech (those that attempt to promote an agenda item, such as a policy, an electoral programme, a law, etc.)

You can write your next assignment on a variety of interesting persuasive speech topics, but you must ensure that your essay is based on what you are learning. People (personalities), fictional characters, events (historical, modern, cultural), secret theories, social processes, the human mind, and so on could all be topics for your speech. Moreover, there are almost infinite things to choose from. You can use these great ideas and tips for your next project.

Persuasive Speech Topics for College Students

  1. How does marketing change people and how do they think?
  2. The problems with recycling and possible answers.
  3. Why is saving water becoming critical?
  4. How can countries cut down on global warming without spending more money?
  5. What are the problems that governments are having right now?
  6. How can TV once again teach us something and be useful?
  7. Why are the costs of schooling going up over time?
  8. How many people really don’t know what kinds of schools they can go to?
  9. Political correctness can be beneficial when executed effectively.
  10. Internship programmes that you have to do to get college credit.
  11. Filling in the Digital Gap: Everyone in school has the same access to technology.
  12. Campus rules must include ways to eat healthily.
  13. Setting Limits for Free Speech in College.
  14. What are the moral implications of artificial intelligence in schools?
  15. Putting climate change into the main college courses.
  16. College athletes should get money for their efforts.
  17. Community service is a requirement for graduation.
  18. Switching to digital textbooks to save money for students.
  19. Putting in place mental health days in schools.
  20. Courses in cultural competence for all majors.
  21. Teaching digital privacy rights in college as a core subject for business skills.
  22. Why liberal arts are important in today’s economy?
  23. Better safety rules for campuses.

Unique Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Electric cars are equally destructive to the environment.
  2. Depression is overrated, and we must all confront it.
  3. Our lives are better than ever, but we still moan about things.
  4. The prison system doesn’t make people better.
  5. Not being neat doesn’t make you clever or unique.
  6. Today’s world needs younger leaders, not ones who are 70 years old.
  7. No matter how hard we try, racism will always be there.
  8. The future is Bitcoin and other digital currencies.
  9. Senior citizens should not have the right to vote.
  10. The ads for most companies are all the same and aren’t very bold.

Public Speaking Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. People’s self-image and self-esteem are affected by social media.
  2. Sports that are competitive teach us a lot about life.
  3. What is a hero? What makes someone “heroic”?
  4. Learning from your failures
  5. Having fun with your grandparents
  6. Great ways to make money in the present day
  7. Disposable plastic containers should not be allowed.
  8. Schools should start later in the day, and immigration rules should be less strict.
  9. Having to live with different kinds of refugees
  10. Students should be permitted to choose their schools
  11. Should a kid be able to choose not to go to school?
  12. While driving, texting should be prohibited.
  13. Should people pay more taxes? Is it good or bad?
  14. Is living underwater real or just a science fiction story?
  15. Should the weather be under human control?
  16. Easy ways to deal with stress.

Fun Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Putting the blame on your younger brother for the mess you made
  2. What kind of music does your mind play in the background when things are getting tough?
  3. Thoughts aren’t always important just because we have them.
  4. You’re not a photographer just because you put an Instagram filter on your picture.
  5. You could play computer games instead of doing other things.
  6. “Become a musician,” they told me, but no one came to my show.
  7. What’s the point of men’s tight jeans?
  8. What did you do wrong? Say it’s because of your star sign.
  9. This weekend, I have plans! Watch films and sleep.

Easy Topics for Persuasive Speech on Business

  1. How important people’s skills are to the growth of your business
  2. Are shy people better at starting a business?
  3. What role does a guide play in your business success?
  4. Figuring out where you stand in the market. What does it mean for your business plan now and in the future?
  5. Your business plan will change because of social media.
  6. Why should you follow your business dreams?
  7. Starting a business that does well without any money.
  8. What unusual business plans can do for you?
  9. How to use negative customer comments to boost sales?
  10. Why sharing is important?
  11. Employers who want to see their workers’ social media pages. Is it good or bad?
  12. It’s not appropriate for employers to inquire about their workers’ personal lives.

Interesting Ideas for Persuasive Speech

Do you always listen to music? What does it mean for us and the world around us?

Let’s have a look at this.

Throughout most of history, music has accompanied humans. If you need to, you can make this happen with just your body and no tools or instruments. Because it’s easy to get to, this art can be made and shared all over the world.

Additionally, the cultural idea grew at the state when people had to describe different types of music. That happened because there was so much art out there. So, it was hard to find your way around. Choose the most convincing music-related speech topic from the list below:

  1. Rock and Metal music isn’t always violent.
  2. Classical music is good for plants that are growing.
  3. Hip-hop music from the United States.
  4. Kids can stay on track with musical routines.
  5. Most of the time, mainstream rap music doesn’t show real life experience.
  6. Club society slows down the progress of music.
  7. In basic schools, learning music should be required.
  8. In the long run, online music shows may help artists make more money.
  9. The government shouldn’t stop private music producers from making songs.
  10. School and university orchestras should play a greeting before classes every morning.
  11. While you’re studying, classical music can help.
  12. Progressive metal might be as hard to understand as classical music.
  13. An individual’s preferred music does not always match their public image.
  14. Playing upbeat music can help you work out longer.
  15. Music might help people who are depressed.
  16. People who are deaf can still feel the beat and music.
  17. You shouldn’t think of animal sounds as music.
  18. Some people can’t feel frisson when they listen to music.
  19. Hearing loss may not go away if you listen to loud music.
  20. There is no such thing as “music taste,” only personal tastes.
  21. It sounds worse at live shows than on studio albums.
  22. How does technology change the music business?
  23. Musician skills matter more than instruments.
  24. Lip-sync is fun for both the crowd and the singer.
  25. Singing without talents is healing.
  26. Being an opera singer is strenuous.
  27. Overplaying the songs makes them less famous.

Best Persuasive Speech Topics About Medical

  1. People often forget about migraines at school or work.
  2. The facts and the myths about alternative medicines.
  3. Stress and bad habits can make it hard for couples to have children.
  4. Everyone is affected by mental health problems.
  5. Tobacco use is caused by the food business.
  6. At least once a year, everyone should give blood.
  7. How to get rid of back pain? Different ways to treat.
  8. Using mouthwash after brushing is very important for keeping your teeth healthy.
  9. How do smartphones change our minds?
  10. Organ donation lists should start with people who don’t smoke.
  11. When you biohack, does it help your health?
  12. Diet drinks don’t really help you lose weight.
  13. Your health will change if you use the right amount of salt in your food.
  14. It’s important to keep your defence system strong.
  15. The best things you can do to make your brain and body work better
  16. Why does every grown-up need a nap, just like kids do?
  17. The Art of Putting Things Off: Why It’s a Skill, Not a Flaw.
  18. Why being lazy can actually help you get things done?
  19. Why should we make every day “Talk Like a Pirate” day?
  20. The Strange Idea That Socks Get Lost in the Dryer
  21. The Good Things About Letting Pets Have Social Media Accounts
  22. Why teens should tell adults how to use technology?
  23. The Ultimate Battle for Morning Glory: Coffee vs. Tea
  24. What horoscopes can do to help you with your work and love problems?
  25. Why should a cat be our next president?

List of Persuasive Speech Topics on Education

  1. To write a short essay, you need to do enough research.
  2. Teachers should teach high school and middle school kids how to give presentations.
  3. Enhancing student’s presentation skills
  4. Should schools require everyone to wear a uniform?
  5. Do you think there should be different rooms for girls and boys?
  6. Sending kids to boarding schools is both a duty and a risk.
  7. What could be good about being an exchange student for a year
  8. Schools shouldn’t let people bring cell phones in.
  9. Not going to school for a year. Do you think it can help?
  10. Playing funny games in class can help shy kids get along with others.
  11. Is a student’s grade a fair way to judge them?

Top Persuasive Speech Topics About Sports

  1. What makes gamers great athletes
  2. Why don’t women’s sports get more attention? 
  3. Is it moral to buy or sell sports players?
  4. Why are sports so popular around the world?
  5. There is no doubt that exercise is good for everyone.
  6. Why do so many people around the world love football?
  7. Everybody likes sports, but no one has found their favourite yet.
  8. How do pro athletes utilise performance-enhancing substances?
  9. Why do pro players get paid so much?
  10. Are the Olympics still the most important game in the world?

Easy Persuasive Speech Topics About Environment

  1. To save the environment, more laws and government actions need to be taken.
  2. Keeping an animal away from its home will throw off the balance of nature.
  3. Companies have a big responsibility to take care of the earth.
  4. There should be strong rules against making the ocean dirty.
  5. Is it okay for the government to make rules against using throwaway diapers?
  6. We will save the world if we recycle paper.
  7. What steps should we take to solve the problem of global warming?
  8. Why a four-day workweek would help cut down on carbon emissions?
  9. Why there should be a community garden in every neighbourhood?
  10. Banning plastic straws is only the tip of the environmental iceberg
  11. What Fast Fashion Does to Our World?
  12. To fight climate change, should public transport be free?
  13. How personal responsibility can help cut down on waste around the world?
  14. Beekeeping in cities: a way to stop bee populations from falling
  15. How does mining cryptocurrency affect the environment?

Persuasive Speech Topics on Family

  1. Can being abused or traumatised as a kid cause mental disorders later on?
  2. How do you run a family business?
  3. Can a child’s family background make them more likely to experience stress and anxiety?
  4. Should kids and teens worry more about their safety or privacy?
  5. Are video games a good way to teach kids and teens?
  6. Having a younger or older brother. The good things and the tough parts.
  7. Should kids not be able to use the Internet?
  8. As long as the books are engaging, children will read them.
  9. How Family Game Night Can Help Your Child Grow?
  10. Should parents cut down on screen time or manage what kids see?
  11. Why teaching money skills at home is important?
  12. Family meals are a way to improve health and communication.
  13. Who grandparents are and what they do in modern families
  14. How to Balance Work and Family: A Modern Problem
  15. Kids should be encouraged to help with household chores.

Art & Culture Persuasive Topics for Speech

  1. Song lyrics have many effects on our lives.
  2. How can journaling improve you?
  3. Reality shows have an effect on people’s mental health.
  4. Should an artist work on a project while following the rules set by society?
  5. If you don’t believe something, can a movie make you believe it?
  6. Do action films make you feel stressed?
  7. Reading funny and encouraging words makes you feel better.
  8. Why it’s easier to read an educational piece in the form of a list
  9. Putting money into the arts: seeing creativity as a public good
  10. Why it’s important for schools to have cultural exchange programmes that help keep native languages alive
  11. Art Censorship: How Do We Draw the Boundaries?
  12. What Public Art Can Do to Bring People Together?
  13. Why is cultural appropriation different from appreciation in music and fashion?
  14. How digital media have changed traditional forms of art?

Persuasive Speech Topics About Religion

  1. Religious study provides motivation.
  2. Great stories about the gods and goddesses of the past.
  3. How can people of different religions stop fighting and arguing with each other?
  4. Inspiring Bible stories can help people refresh their faith.
  5. What is the truth about new age spirituality?
  6. Interpretations of the Bible today vs. those from the past
  7. Kids should be able to pick their own religion.

Extra Advice for Writing Your Persuasive Speech

Being able to think of the best ideas for informative speech essays is not enough. You can come up with an interesting and inspiring speech that everyone will enjoy by following these rules and tips. In short, good topics for an effective speech are ones that make strong emotional or moral arguments, use strong, convincing, well-researched, and reliable evidence or arguments, and discuss important issues. It is very important that each phrase in your essay is well-written, full of useful information, and easy to understand. These tips will help you finish your persuasive speech in the best way possible:

Advice for Writing Your Persuasive Speech

Advice for Writing Your Persuasive Speech

Make an outline

Outlines help you write flawless essays and assignments. If you want to make your persuasive speech stronger, you can use an outline as a guide. The persuasive essay outline is what will help you stay on track. Without fail, you will find it normal to get sidetracked while writing. 

To stay on track with the ideas you want to talk about in your job, you need this tool. You can make sure that all of your thoughts are linked by writing them down. People will stay with you until the end of your ideas make sense, whether they are reading or hearing. There are many examples of speech outlines that you can follow.

Choose the Right Words.

Using the right words will keep your speech interesting. You need to get people interested in listening to your speech. Make sure you choose the proper words to emphasise your message. You can change the words in your speech to make it funny, scary, or inspiring. The words you use should be at the right amount of difficulty for the subject and audience of your speech.

Ask for help from a professional.

You may find an interesting example of writing about the same subject as your own. Still, unless you are very creative, it would be very hard to write a unique effective speech. To make things easier, you can look for a good custom writing service online and buy speeches that way. 

If you can find a speech generator, you can be sure that you will be able to turn in a good task on time. There will be no mistakes in your speech because a professional writer will read it over and make sure you get a unique piece of writing. 

How cool is this for getting all of your work done and getting the best grades? A trustworthy academic service hires a group of skilled professional writers with degrees from well-known colleges and universities. They know how to give you all kinds of jobs, from easy ones to ones that are at the PhD level.

Include many examples.

Using lots of examples is a common way to support your point of view. It’s also a great way to keep people interested. People will trust what you say if you use this method. Make sure that these examples make people feel something so that you can get their hearts and thoughts working at the same time. If you are a student looking for examples of persuasive essays, you can find them on a number of websites and in educational sources. These can help you with your own writing.

Do not stop practicing.

This is most likely the best advice ever given. It’s okay if you’re not good at writing. You get better with practice. You will get better at writing as you try out different themes for persuasive speeches. Also, you could call a friend and have them be your crowd. Their comments can help you do a better job on your task.

Final Thoughts

It takes time and work to compose a great effective speech. Make sure that the speech idea you chose is one of the best and that you use the right words to back up your point of view. Don’t be afraid or shy; this is your chance to explain what you really think and believe. Don’t forget that you can learn from your mistakes even if you fail. To make sure you’ve done your task right, you can also get help from a professional speech writer online.

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