Nail Your Next Problem Solution Essay: A Quick Guide

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May 27, 2024
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June 5, 2024
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Problem Solution Essay

The most crucial task in colleges or universities is to think logically about the problem and propose a desired solution to it. So, students must know how to write a problem solution essay. 

Without problems, life would be like a dish that doesn’t have the right spices and seasonings. A lot of people think that problems are just in their minds, but they do make life interesting and flavorful.

Still, someone should never have too many problems, or their life can become boring or even disastrous. And whenever a problem comes up, you need to be smart and aware enough to solve it before it gets out of control.

Experts say that “The key to solving the problem at hand is to understand the problem properly.” The problem itself holds the answers or hints to how to solve it. You have to pay attention and figure it out.

Of course, in order to get better at handling problems, you need to know a lot about them, be smart, and have a lot of emotional intelligence.  

The important steps included in problem solving are:

  • Figure out the problem
  • Analyze the problem 
  • Explain the problem

Many students find it challenging to write a problem solution essay, leading them to buy an essay online from Do Write My Essay to meet their academic requirements. Before delving into more detail, let’s discuss first what a problem solution essay is.

What is a Problem Solution Essay?

Here is a problem solution essay definition:

Any problem solution essay is a piece of academic writing that carefully explains a problem and draws a picture of all the possible ways to fix it. In general, this kind of essay might be given in a college composition class. It involves doing some research on the topic first, then writing. Also, each problem solution essay serves a specific purpose that helps you get what you want. Here are four things you should know about essays.

Picture of a well-briefed or well-defined issue

Usually, an article on how to solve a problem will show a certain issue or problem by picturing it. A detailed description lets the people reading it (the professor, the teacher, etc.) see how the students show and talk about the problem. The first and most important duty is this one.

Putting forward a good or reasonable answer

The second job of any problem solution essay is to suggest a good or acceptable answer. For example, people want to fly to Mars, but there are some gravity-related problems that make it hard to launch colony rockets. By building a spaceport on the moon, people can save money on fuel and lower the cost of running rockets.

Making a strong and powerful case

After coming up with an answer, you need to back it up with evidence. These claims should come from reliable sources or be backed up by study of some kind. This way of thinking will help your thoughts get across.

Writing Tip: Most colleges don’t allow you to put two problems in one paragraph, so don’t do it!

Making use of the right and appealing tone

The fourth function is just as important as the arguments. The right tone can help you picture yourself in the right place. The truth is that every solution and problem essay is a statement, a picture of your goals, and an explanation of your thoughts. Additionally, you will be able to reach the goals of your essay if you boldly state certain solutions.

Problem Solution Essay Outline

Similar to other essay types, a problem and solution essay follows a specific essay structure. Typically, your paper should consist of three main parts: an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Let’s delve into the details of each part.

Problem Solution Essay Outline

Problem Solution Essay Outline


You should carefully plan the information you put in the essay introduction, particularly the first paragraph when you are making a problem solution essay structure. Do your best to carefully describe the problem. What is your essay’s main point, and why does the problem you describe need to be fixed? Think about this foundation to build a strong base for the next few lines.

A short thesis statement

This part of your writing on how to write a problem and solution essay is very important. Most of the time, your thesis statement will be the answer to the question. It will only take one or two lines to picture all the thoughts and actions.

Body Paragraphs

Your essay’s body paragraphs depend on the type of problem solution essay you are writing and the word count. For this part of the paper, you should picture the issues and how to fix them.

First paragraph: the issue

Most of the time, your problem solution essay will have at least two body parts. The first one helps you see the problem, how important it is, and how dangerous it is for any group of people or area.

Important Tip: Don’t forget to use smooth transitions to move from a problem to an answer!

Solution in Paragraph 2

Finding and picturing a way to solve the problem should take up the whole second paragraph. Then, describe the tactics, plans, and schemes that will be used to reach your goal. Also, don’t forget that your essay on fixing problems can have more than one problem. In this case, each line should talk about a different problem and how to solve it.


The last part of your problem solution essay is the conclusion. Shortly list all of your problem-solving ideas and stress how important they are. This is the last part of the paper that makes the point of how important your results are.

Solving the Puzzle: Problem Solution Essay Pro Tips

In order to write a good problem-solving essay, you must have to talk about certain things in separate lines. This is the information you need.


  • Tell us more about the problem you picked. If you want to write a good problem-solving essay, you should start by picturing the issue. What does it mean or why is it dangerous? What does this problem threaten anyone if people don’t deal with it?
  • Give your idea for an answer and explain why you think that way. There is an answer to every problem, and you need to give it. What needs to be done so that some problems don’t matter to the community? You should do some study before coming up with your idea.
  • Additionally, describe how your suggestions can assist in fixing that issue. You need to show and explain why your answer to the problem works. You need to give examples, explain the idea in general terms, or quote reliable sources. In any case, you should show your tutor the general algorithm so he or she can see how your ideas developed.
  • If you want to, you can explain why your answer is the best one. Sometimes, the best answers are the ones that students come up with. But to convince your reader (professor), use the knowledge, facts, statistics, or examples provided by experts or by yourself.


Here are some things that will help you write a good ending. Every problem solution essay needs to follow these four steps, so read them now.

  • Restate your theory in a few words. This step is important for getting to the heart of your study.
  • Again, go over the main points. In this way, you can remind people what your writing on solving problems was about.
  • Explain how the answers you offer will help solve the issue.
  • Draw attention to the most important good changes your ideas can bring about.
  • Don’t add any new ideas at the end. Instead, finish the last line without adding any new thoughts or plans.

It looks like you now know more about how to write a problem and solution essay. So, you won’t get lost.

How to Write a Problem and Solution Essay?

You probably want to write your problem solution essay like a pro, so you’ll need a good plan. To get the effect you want, you need to go through these eight steps.

How to Write a Problem and Solution Essay

How to Write a Problem and Solution Essay

Carefully choose the subject.

Pick problem solution essay topics that will make it easy for you to follow all of your professor’s directions. Keep your attention on what you know, though. To make a good case for your ideas, you need to know a lot about them. So don’t pick things that you don’t understand.

Plan how you will use the answer you have.

You must want to know how to write a problem and solution essay examples

Picture this: you have a good idea. Your main job is to picture how it will be put into action. To put it another way, show all the steps that need to be taken to make your idea happen.

Make your outline.

A plan is a good way to start writing, and every problem solution essay has an essay outline. You should write down a few lines for each part of your short plan to help you figure out which way to go. This method makes it easy to organize data and keep paper from getting messy.

Write a good introduction.

If you want to write a problem-solving essay, you should begin with a strong introduction. In the beginning of your essay, you should always describe your thoughts and goals. You need to keep people interested in the first line, which is like a movie trailer. But you should also be clear and not use too many words.

For example, if your topic is problems with immigration, you need to explain it and let the readers know what the point of your essay is. You need to write why it’s important to solve the problem after you’ve introduced it and mostly explained what it is.

Don’t forget that the beginning should make people hungry for more. You set the stage and mood for the viewers to read the whole piece if you can do that. 

Shortly describe and state your idea.

Now it’s time to quickly explain what your essay is about, come up with a strong thesis statement, and picture your problem (or problems). Then, point in the right way so your audience (professor) can understand what you’re saying. This way of thinking is important because you are writing directions and not just talking about vague ideas. 

For instance, you won’t talk about the past of martial arts when you need to figure out how to block a low kick.

A lot of students make the mistake of explaining the problem in a dull way. If this is your first time writing problem solution essay, DON’T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE!

To get the reader’s attention and keep it throughout the essay, you need to show them the problem and how to solve it. So, bring up the subject in a way that makes them want to know more.

You can include an emotional story, an eye-opening fact about the problem, or a strong argument about how it went from being something small and unimportant to something much bigger. Also, talk about why recognizing and investing in the proposed answer is a good thing for everyone.

Write the important paragraphs of the body.

You can start writing body paragraphs once you have a plan for the main part of the essay. In the first line, describe the problem, and in the second, show how to solve it. If you have more than one problem, use one paragraph to show one problem and how to fix it. That’s the kind of plan that will help you do well on your task.

Conclude the essay.

You should write the last line after the last part of your paper is done. In a few words, summarize your ideas, restate your thesis, and stress why your methods work. Your job is to end the last line in a way that shows you know what you’re talking about and are good at it.

In the end, don’t add anything new. It only makes the reader feel confused and unsure. Explain only what you need to say in short words. Also, give readers links to places where they can read more about the problem and solution you’ve provided. Or give them a hint that more studies might be done in the future. 

Proofread your essay.

Most of the time, the last task for any student is to review. You did a good job on your essay. Now you should go back and read each piece again to look for any grammar or spelling mistakes. It’s possible that your thoughts or words were not clear. Last, look over your paper and try to make it look great.

Tip: Give yourself a break before you start reviewing. Your stress will go down and your focus will get better in just 20 minutes.

So you are aware of how to compose a problem solution essay in general, let’s talk about how to pick problem-solution essay topics!

Ways to Choose Problem and Solution Essay Topics

  • Pick a problem that is interesting, unique, or common around the world.
  • Make sure the subject isn’t too broad or too specific.
  • There must be a lot of study data, arguments, and evidence in the problem.
  • The problem must affect a lot of people (something that makes their daily lives worse).
  • It’s also important that the problem includes enough details about its solution(s) and enough evidence to back up the plan.

A good problem solution essay should focus on real-life issues like a national or foreign threat, such as climate change, global warming, economic instability, animal cruelty, income inequality, and so on.

Even if you don’t write about a problem that may destroy the world, make sure the topic is interesting enough for the viewers. It’s important that the problem is interesting enough to make people care, and that finding answers will make everyone’s life better.

Problem Solution Essay Topics

Wondering what are the good problem solution essay topics? Let’s make things easier for you! Our rising scholars have compiled a list of 100 problem solution essay topics that you can use as inspiration.

  1. How to get rid of poverty?
  2. How can we get fewer people to live below the poverty line?
  3. What needs to be done to make sure that low-income people can afford housing?
  4. How do you handle people coming in illegally?
  5. What needs to be done to stop racism around the world?
  6. How can we keep teens from using drugs?
  7. What can be done to stop divorces?
  8. In what ways can the alarming rise in gun crime be stopped?
  9. What needs to be done to raise the bar for literature in India?
  10. How can we stop the criminal trade in people?
  11. How can people who have been hurt by family abuse get help?
  12. Why are women more likely to be sexually abused, raped, and discriminated against?
  13. How can cruel animal testing be stopped all over the world?
  14. How can we keep kids from being hurt by porn, violent movies, TV shows, computer games, and other things?
  15. What is the best way to use your free speech right without offending or violating anyone?
  16. How can the number of unemployed people in India go down?
  17. What needs to be done to stop problems caused by online data mining?
  18. How can we stop violence with money?
  19. What can be done to stop sexual crimes on college campuses?
  20. How do we fix the problem of undocumented immigration?
  21. What can be done to stop mass shootings? Is technology a possible way to fix this widespread problem?
  22. How should the government deal with the issue of police brutality?
  23. What problems keep people who are depressed from getting help? What’s the answer to this worry about prevention?
  24. What makes students put things off, and how can parents stop their kids from doing that?
  25. How do athletes avoid getting serious injuries that keep them out of action for long periods of time?
  26. What rules should states make to keep students from having to work too hard after they graduate?
  27. What’s wrong with having kids in this day and age when the parents are unhealthy and can’t read or write?
  28. What can schools do to make them more affordable and more open to students from low-income families?
  29. How do the kids pay for their own private schools?
  30. What can kids do to do better on tests?
  31. What needs to be done to make college and university safer?
  32. How can drug abuse and drug use be stopped on college and university campuses?
  33. How do you deal with a student who cuts and hurts themselves all the time on college and university campuses?
  34. How can we stop kids from becoming overweight?
  35. Parents and teachers need to take steps to stop kids from cheating on tests.
  36. How do you deal with students who are very bright but also act out, fight, and cause trouble?
  37. How can you help and support kids who are failing all of their tests, even terms?
  38. How can college and university staff stop kids who are shy or introverted from being teased, abused, or hurt?
  39. What should be done if a high school or college student gets pregnant?
  40. What should parents do to help their kids who are having trouble eating?
  41. In order to get more kids adopted, what needs to be done?
  42. What are the effects of plagiarism, and how can students make sure they don’t do it in their work?
  43. How can we prevent young people from leaving childcare without starting a family? 
  44. Is there anything a parent can do to speed up their child’s recovery from mental illness? 
  45. Are kids today more likely to lie? How can parents stop their kids from lying all the time?
  46. How can we better teach new drivers?
  47. What causes road rage, and what can be done to stop it?
  48. Traffic penalties and ways to stop them.
  49. Why do some people drive so badly?
  50. How can DUI and deaths from drunk driving be stopped?
  51. How can families help kids who are really depressed?
  52. Abortion by force? Should the situation be allowed to go on? Give ways to stop this bad behaviour as well.
  53. Medicare budget issues and ways to make things better.
  54. How can we stop sexual abuse in the movie business?
  55. Ways for Stopping children from being sexually abused.
  56. How can we cut down on absenteeism?
  57. The problem of parents who aren’t around and how it hurts kids
  58. How can we stop domestic violence?
  59. The problem of parental separation and how it hurts children
  60. How the problem of social and economic reality is like modern slavery
  61. The issue of the one-parent family and how it affects a kid’s behavior
  62. The widespread problem of racism against African Americans in jobs around the world
  63. Global warming and the bad things it does to the polar areas
  64. What is the problem with cutting down trees, and how can it be stopped?
  65. Is our world in grave danger because of global warming?
  66. What is the cost of illegal hunting, and how it affects the economy? Give ideas on how to stop this horrible crime.
  67. Cyberterrorism is real and faceless. 
  68. What’s the deal with legal bloating, and what harsh punishments should be given?
  69. What are the risks and ways to handle narcissists? 
  70. What’s wrong with laws that protect the environment?
  71. Polluted water and how to keep it from happening again.
  72. Negative effects of air pollution and what the government may do to stop them.
  73. How can the government cut down on harmful pollution that hurts the environment?
  74. Is using certain plant extracts to treat fat a good idea?
  75. Does fat fit the definition of a lifestyle disease?
  76. What is high blood pressure, and how does salt change it?
  77. What are the main signs and reasons for high blood pressure?
  78. Is atherosclerosis a disease caused by stress? How can it be stopped from happening?
  79. Could iron be a cause of atherosclerosis?
  80. What is constipation, and how can you get rid of it?
  81. Gastric sores and ways to figure out what’s wrong
  82. Issues with making weed legal
  83. How do you handle disagreements between groups at work?
  84. What can go wrong with online dating?
  85. The Problem with Kids Being Selfish- So what should parents do?
  86. What’s wrong with body bashing, and how can it be stopped?
  87. The wage gap between men and women and how to close it
  88. White-collar crimes and how to stop them
  89. What can be done to stop police brutality?
  90. What real estate scams are and how to stop it
  91. Why is inflation bad, and how can we stop it?
  92. What are the bad results of globalization, and how can it be stopped?
  93. How can the problem of consumer debt be fixed?
  94. The issue of shopping and possible ways to fix it.
  95. How do we stop inequality based on age?
  96. The risks of being in a violent relationship and how to get out of one
  97. How can I help kids who don’t have confidence build it?
  98. Raped spouses and ways to stop these horrible crimes.
  99. How can Technical Illiteracy be Fixed in India?
  100. Strategies to stop child labour
📕Reading suggestion: Persuasive essay topics

Types of Problem Solution Essay Structures

Just like a cause and effect essay there are two ways to make an outline for problem solution essay. 

Block Structure: stating all the problems one at a time in separate lines, then suggesting ways to fix those problems

Chain Structure: putting each problem on the list and then the answer in the same the passage. Changes can be made to the body stanza based on the number of problems and solutions given.

Chain Structure Block Structure
Introduction (with situation’s thesis statement) Introduction (with situation’s thesis statement)
1st problem along with its solution

2nd problem along with its solution (and so on)

1st problem

2nd problem

Transition stanza

Solution to 1st problem

Solution to 2nd problem (and so on)

Conclusion (problem summary, restate thesis statement, and then evaluation) Conclusion (problem summary, restate thesis statement, and then evaluation)

Problem and Solution Essay Examples

To better understand problem/solution essay let’s have a look at the problem solution essay example

Topic: Obesity and Poor Fitness

People of all ages are at a high risk of becoming obese. That is a significant portion of the issue at hand. People’s fitness level and energy have gone down because they eat too many processed and quick foods and depend too much on cars. In some countries, almost a third of the people are overweight or obese. (Situation) People who are overweight or obese tend to live unhealthy lives and have shorter life spans (Problem). Governments and health experts need to take a more active role in fighting this widespread issue and suggesting ways for people to become more fit. (The Answer)

(The last line of the introduction will be the thesis statement.)

As you can see, the stanza describes the problem, how it affects people, and why they need to make changes.

Obesity and not being fit are also the causes of many dangerous diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and dying too soon. Also, being overweight or not being fit makes bones weaker, changes their structure, and makes them more likely to break or fracture when they get hurt. But health experts say that regular exercise is the best way to lose weight and get in better shape. This lowers the risk of heart disease and strokes. (Problem)

Health professionals also say that eating healthier and being more active can make people live longer. Do not eat or drink prepared foods and drinks that are high in sugar and fat. 

Instead, people need to cook meals with fresh fish, meat, eggs, and other foods. To improve their nutrition, lose weight, and lower their risk of becoming obese, they need to eat a lot of fresh fruits and veggies. People must not only eat better, but also walk, jog, and run in their spare time. 

They don’t have to use their cars or motorcycles to get to work or run errands; they can ride their bikes instead. They don’t have to use the office or home elevator as often if they take the stairs. People can also stop drinking too much booze or drinks with added flavors. They can choose water, soda, green tea, or black coffee instead. People who make these important changes can definitely lose weight and get in better shape throughout their lives. (Solution)

The order of the stanzas must stay the same (Problem, then the answer to the problem). To give your essay more depth, add data, facts, and other types of proof that back it up.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: In which order should body paragraphs appear in a problem and solution essay?

Ans. Try to make things clear as well as simple to understand. First describe the problem, then list the people or things that it affected, and finally the solution of the given problem. There are three parts that can make up the essay. For this reason, the problem, the person or thing that is affected, and the answer should come first in a problem and solution essay.

Q2: What is the usual purpose of a problem-and-solution essay?

Ans. A problem solution essay analyzes a problem or issue and makes a case for a possible answer. It’s a lot like a persuasive essay in that the author is trying to persuade the reader of how bad the problem is and how good the answer is.

Q3: What are the two structures for a problem solution essay?

Ans. Two problem solution essay formats are:

  • Block structure
  • Chain structure

Q4: What is the problem-solution method?

Ans. Problem-solving means recognizing a problem, figuring out its cause or reasons, choosing the best way to fix it, and then putting that plan into action.

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