Essential Guide to Essay Titles: Engage and Intrigue Your Readers

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May 6, 2024
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May 10, 2024
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People may read or not read your essay depending on how good the titles are. If you choose your essay titles carefully, they might catch the interest of someone who normally would not read about the subject. Learning how to title an essay can help you make a headline that gets people’s attention. A good title essay will also let people know what to expect from the piece. It is very important to learn how to come up with a title for an essay that will draw the reader in. So, experts at Do Write My Essay have written this article to help you compose good title for essays.

What Does a Good Essay Title Feel Like?

When writing an essay, it’s hard to say enough about how important a good title is for essay structure. That’s when you start to wonder, “What are some good essay headlines?”

What Does a Good Essay Title Feel Like

What Does a Good Essay Title Feel Like

  • An article title should be easy to remember. Something that really stands out is what you need to come up with to get people’s attention. Don’t forget that the title is the first thing people will see. An essay hook embedded in the title can serve as a powerful attention-grabber, compelling readers to delve into the content.
  • The name of your article needs to be almost perfectly correct. If you title your article like a clickbait, you might get people interested in reading it at first, but they might not want to finish it. Still, it might not make the impact you want it to.
  • A title in an essay should be written in clear language that the readers can easily understand. You may want to keep the words easy, but it should still show as much knowledge as the people who will be reading it would expect.
  • It should be simple to read the title of essay. The main point is that your essay title must give people a quick overview of what to assume. Make sure it is short and stands out, and use the active voice.

How to Title an Essay? 

Are you struggling with how to make a good title for an essay? Definitely, considering how difficult this process is. But first, let’s figure out how to title an essay.

All essay titles should have these things, including a clear indication of the essay’s central argument and its relevance to the essay outline:

  • What the essay is going to discuss. Be sure to incorporate your paper’s central argument into the title.
  • What the audience may find interesting about it. Show that your work is important to the people reading it.
  • What the issue is. An effective title tells you what the story is about and “when” and “where” it will take place.

Follow the steps below to write a great essay title. You can look at our title examples to see how well you can write a title. 

Complete Your Essay First. 

Finish your essay before you come up with a title for it. This way, you can read it again and get the whole idea for your title all at once.

You’ll also know how long an essay title should be when you’re done with the entire process. But remember: don’t make it too long or too wordy.

The title of the essay varies on the essay’s type:

  • Argumentative Essay

It should be clear from the title of your argumentative essays the argument you are going to make. For instance:

The Impact of Technology Dependency on Mental Health
  • Cause & Effect Essay

In this type of essays, the topic must be clear and must identify the issue’s background. So that the reader can immediately understand the problem, its causes and effects. Most of the time, writers use “because” or “due to” to emphasize the link between a cause and an impact. Here is an example of cause and effect essay title.

Due to Coronavirus, People are looking for new ways to work from home.
  • Descriptive Essay

In descriptive essay, the title does not have to explain the complete story. For the easy title, you can sum up your thesis statement in three to four words.  To better understand look at descriptive essay title examples:

  • Narrative Essay

The title of the narrative essay should not be too detailed or tell your position. A good essay title only gives a basic idea of your paper. For example:

The summer of Adventure: Memories under the Sun
  • Persuasive Essay

The persuasive essay must have an interesting title that makes people want to read it right away. The topic also needs to be important to the crowd. For instance, the below title could be interesting to students:

Sleep 7-8 hours a day: Not getting Enough Sleep can Affect Your Grades.

Sum Up Your Essay

Summarizing is the easiest way to make an essay title. Put the main idea of the paper in one line, leave out the rest, and use that sentence as the title.

You can do this by restating your essay thesis statement in a new way that is more creative. However, remember to ensure it sounds good and tells the person why they must read your essay.

For instance, you are composing an essay about artificial intelligence and the thesis statement of that essay looks like this 

This essay’s goal is to look at the good things about AI’s impact on society and the bad things that could happen.

You can make title like this on the basis of above thesis statement:

Artificial Intelligence: Embracing the Future with Confidence.

Find out Keywords

In every essay, you list the main ideas you talked about and the words you used to describe them. You should look for important words and sentences and use them in the titles of your essays. The buzzwords will draw the reader’s attention to your paper’s main idea.

As an example:

You are composing about how cutting down trees impacts the environment. These are your keywords because they’re the most important ones. In this case, the description would sound like this:

Such as:

Environmental Protection: Stop cutting down trees. 

Essay Title Formats

Colleges and universities ask students to format their papers in a certain way for each writing style. There are many different ways to cite sources, but most common ones include APA and MLA.

Additionally, there are various specific rules about how to title an essay. Let us have a look into these styles.

APA Format

In APA essay format, you need to start your research paper with a title page. This is where the readers meet the heading for the first time. The following should be on the paper’s title page:

  • The APA essay title should be positioned 3–4 lines below the top border, in the middle, bolded, and capitalized.
  • The name of the author (first name, middle name, and last name). Two lines below the title, in the middle and not bold.
  • What the person is affiliated with. Centered, not bold, right after the name.
  • Course number and name.
  • Name and job title of the teacher.
  • The date.
  • There is a page number in the upper right spot.

 MLA Format

There is no need for a separate MLA essay title page in MLA formatting style. Still, there are strict rules that must be followed when writing MLA format essay.

  • The MLA paper should begin flush left, one inch from the top of the page.
  • First write the name of the author, then the name of the teacher, the course number, and the date. Each thing needs to be on its own line with two spaces between them.
  • Put your paper’s title here. It needs to be centered and all capital letters.
  • Your MLA title shouldn’t be put in quote marks, underlined, italicized, or bold. Just center it and capitalize it.

Change Wording

Think about the overall tone of your essay before you decide on a title. What kind of tone does it have? Are you writing it for school or for your own blog?

Change the words in your title to make it sound better and more catchy. Or important and serious. Come up with a unique title for your essay to try something new.

As an example:

For school and your blog, you need to write a piece about why healthy eating is good for you. If you are writing an academic paper, your title should usually look like this:

Example: The key to a healthy body is a well-balanced diet. 

For a blog post, on the other hand, you should write something like this:

Example: Eat Healthy to Stay Fit: One Apple Every Day Keeps a Doctor Away.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Writing a Title for Essay

Sometimes, it can be challenging to write an interesting title for essay. Here are some tips for how to title an essay:

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Writing a Title for Essay

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Writing a Title for Essay

  • Try to avoid offensive, negative and controversial titles.
  • Your essay title must be professional.
  • Come up with concise titles.
  • Add keywords or phrases you used in your essay.
  • Don’t write long or complex titles.

Essay Title Examples

Also, are you still having trouble choosing a title for your paper? Check out these creative essay title examples! Get ideas, then use your mind to come up with your own title.

Titles for Argumentative Essays

Here are some argumentative essay title examples:

  • Intercultural Community at University: Happiness or Constant Meetings?
  • Leadership Nature: Something You Are Born With or Something You Learn?
  • Do energetic drinks help or hurt the living things?
  • Why should schools teach about sexuality?
  • Should you be punished for being mean?
  • Legalizing guns is not a safe way to protect yourself.

Titles for Narrative Essays

The narrative essay title examples include:

  • The character of Lady Macbeth is one of the scariest women in Shakespeare.
  • How to Deal with Failures Easily: The Art of Overcoming Them.
  • Steve Jobs went from being a poor student to a multibillionaire.
  • Most important person in my life.
  •  Three major events in my life that made me who I am today.
  • What does it mean to love your parents as a child?
  •  What does the word “family” mean to you?

Titles for Persuasive Essays

Here are a few persuasive essay title examples:

  • Don’t judge someone based on how their looks.
  • As a medical treatment, music should be used.
  • Paper books should win the fight between e-books and them.
  • Physical classes can’t be replaced by online learning.
  • Teenagers and young adults are at risk of becoming addicted to technology.
  • Killers should be given the death penalty.

Titles for Cause and Effect Essays

  • People learn new things when they travel around the world.
  • Countries lose their cultural identity when they let a lot of people come in.
  • Abuse at home can lead to depression and suicide.
  • Do you think drug addiction is a cause or an effect of mental illness?

How to Choose a Title for an Essay?

  • Understand your essay’s content and main message.
  • Brainstorm keywords as well as phrases related to your topic.
  • Consider the tone and style of your essay.
  • Be clear and specific in your title.
  • Use strong language that captures the essence of your essay.
  • Make your title catchy and memorable.
  • Ensure relevance to your essay’s content.
  • Keep the title concise and to the point.
  • Test potential titles with others for feedback.
  • Revise and refine until you’re satisfied.

Thanks for reading our piece. You now know how to title an essay. If you carefully follow all the above mentioned tips you can easily write a good title for an essay. Should you require further assistance in essay writing, feel free to explore our range of services and buy essay solutions tailored to your academic needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Why is it important to have a title?

Ans. In many cases, titles are the main reason why people choose to read a paper. You might even think of them as the real beginning of the piece. If you have a good essay heading, it will also briefly explain what the essay format will be like. More on what makes a good name is given in the body. If you need help coming up with a title, you can order an essay online.

Q2: Should an essay title be italicized?

Ans. No, your essay title should not be italicized. Use the same font, size, and style for your title as the rest of your work.

Q3: Can an essay title be a question?

Ans. Yes, the title of an essay can be a question! In fact, a question-title can interest the reader and get them thinking about the issue before they read the essay. A well-written question title can get people interested and set the tone for the conversation that follows.

Q4: How long should an essay title be?

Ans. There’s no set length for an essay title, but keep it brief and focused. Clear, descriptive, and engaging essay titles convey the article’s topic.

Try to keep titles to 10-12 words. This makes the title easy to read and memorable while delivering the essay’s major point. Avoid lengthy titles that may be hard to understand or recall.

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